Vote WRP, forward to the socialist revolution!


PM Brown yesterday announced that the general election will be held on 6 May and told voters Labour will take the ‘big decisions’ that will secure the future of the British economy.

What he meant was that Labour will make all the big decisions that will be required to secure the future of the bankers and the bosses – and bring in policies that will force the working class and the middle class to pay the full bill for the capitalist crisis.

There is no doubt that the Brown government was an anti-working class government, it attacked and sacked up to 100,000 civil servants, its Industry Secretary, Lord Adonis, breathed a sigh of relief when the High Court declared the first BA workers ballot illegal, and Brown publicly supported the action of the same court when it declared the signal workers, Network Rail strike ballot to be illegal as well.

These are just some of the reasons why the NUT teachers union conference gave the leader of the PCS civil servants union a standing ovation after he declared that the Brown government was one of the most anti-working class governments ever, and that it carried privatisation and mass sackings even further than Thatcher.

Not only has it done the bidding of the bosses at home, it has also jumped to attention to fight their wars abroad.

Brown went out of his way to tell the Chilcot Inquiry that he was 100 per cent behind the Iraq war and that the talk that he was unhappy about it was bunk.

For good measure he has led the war in Afghanistan along with President Obama, and has not missed a single opportunity to lavish praise on the UK military machine.

There is not the slightest reason for thinking that if Labour wins the general election it will do anything else but carry on serving the bosses and the bankers with 100 per cent enthusiasm.

What worries the ruling class about the Brown government is that it is based on the trade unions and depends on them for its finances. It is worried that it will prove unable to go all the way in the battle against the working class and the middle class, in the way that it requires. In particular the ruling class wants all strikes in this period of capitalist crisis not only denounced as being against the national interest but banned by an extension of the anti-union laws.

The ruling class wants a Tory government at best, but will settle for a hung parliament, as long as it quickly moves forward to a coalition or national government of the most right-wing Labourites, the Tories and the Liberals on a programme of carrying out savage cuts.

The WRP considers that the struggle over which class is going to pay for the crisis of capitalism, has already begun with the resistance of the BA cabin crew and the signal workers to the attempts of the bosses to dictate what their terms and conditions of service will be.

Behind these sections of the workers are already mobilising the civil servants, the Corus steel workers and the various sections of the motor car industry who can see that their factories such as at GMM Luton are to be closed.

This is why the WRP is standing eight parliamentary candidates to fight for socialist policies and a socialist revolution to put an end to capitalism and its crisis.

It is an incontestable fact that modern crisis ridden capitalism cannot live side by side with the Welfare State, free state education and the NHS.

Capitalism can no longer afford these ‘concessions’ while the working class will not give them up.

This matter will be settled through the class struggle, not just by the working class taking power in the UK but by this revolution spreading throughout the EU and the rest of the capitalist world.

We therefore urge workers to vote WRP where we are standing and to join our party to build the revolutionary leadership for the working class. Where we are not standing vote Labour to keep the Tory party out of office.

This will be the best preparation for the enormous sharpening of the class struggle that will take place immediately the ballot papers are counted, and when the working class will be faced with removing its reformist Labour and trade union leaders and going forward to the socialist revolution.