We′re affiliated with the World Party of Socialist Revolution

We are part of the World Party of Socialist Revolution, the International Committee of the Fourth International, with sections around the world. We base ourselves on Marxist theory developed by Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky as a guide to the practice of building the Fourth International.

As part of the struggle for the victory of the world socialist revolution, we support all those in the struggle against imperialism.

Leon Trotsky analysed Stalinism as the most counter-revolutionary force in the working class and predicted that the Stalinist bureaucracy would seek to restore capitalism.We support the struggles of Russian and Chinese, workers to prevent the restoration of capitalism and we are for the political revolution to overthrow Stalinism as part of the world socialist revolution.

  • We give our fullest support to the Palestine Intifada and support the struggle of the Palestinians for their own state with Jerusalem as its capital.
  • We are completely opposed to all imperialist wars. The plan for imperialism to recolonise the world must be defeated by the revolutionary movement of the working class. Our position is the same as Lenin and Trotsky – that the enemy is at home.
  • We welcome the huge uprisings of youth and workers in Egypt, Tunisia and the Arab Spring that has brought down governments such as Mubarak. This is part of the permanent revolution against imperialism.
  • We are for the immediate removal of British and US troops out Afghanistan and for driving imperialism and Zionism out of the Middle East.

The crisis of capitalism is worldwide and deepening. We are for the mobilisation of the working class of Europe to overthrow the European Union and replace it with the Socialist United States of Europe. The United States can no longer police the world, it has more than enough trouble at home with mass unemployment and economic collapse. The world revolution will be completed by American workers taking the power and establishing Socialism. We urge workers of the world to build sections of the International Committee everywhere to carry forward the struggle for world revolution