All out this Saturday to kick the Tories out! Forward to a workers government & socialism!


EVERY WORKER AND YOUTH must take to the streets for this Saturday’s million strong: ‘Kick the Tories out march. Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has called for a million to join the march.

This march has been called to bring the Tories down. Otherwise we will have a minority Tory government kept in power through an opportunist deal with the DUP to carry on with permanent austerity. This would be an insult to millions of workers.

This Tory government cannot be allowed to stay for another year of austerity, with even more savage cuts planned and draconian anti-union laws on the books to enforce them. One of the strongest features of Saturday’s demonstration is that it is was called at the Bakers Union conference and is now supported by every major trade union including Unite, GMB, PCS, NUT, RMT, TSSA, FBU, CWU and Unison. Over 50 coaches have been filled from across the country to attend the demonstration. Only the TUC, which is desperate to live and let live with the Tories – despite the austerity onslaught – has refused to give support.

John McDonnell said yesterday: ‘The public have lost trust in Theresa May and the Conservatives. People are fed up with a pay freeze, poverty wages, a NHS in crisis, being shackled with lifelong debt and no secure home. The Tories had their chance and they have failed. It is up to every one of us to make sure they step aside so that we can have a government that cares for the many and not the few. Join me on the People’s Assembly demonstration this Saturday.’

The Tories are absolutely hated, not only for their cuts, closures and privatisation but for the new anti-strike laws that they have brought in. These have already been used against the working class. Only last week there was a big ‘YES’ vote for strike action planned at London Bridge, it was a legitimate RMT strike. However, it was a was ruled ‘illegal’ under new legislation because ‘not enough RMT members turned out to vote’.

Banning strikes is going to be the way that the Tories seek to impose a slave labour economy on Britain with casual labour, zero hours contracts, no holiday pay, no sick pay and no basic rights, a slave labour state where workers will be at the beck and call of companies like Uber.

In the UK today they are even bringing in Uber-style teachers. Officially qualified supply teachers are being elbowed out of the way to be replaced by agency teachers with no qualifications at all. The idea is that when a teacher is off sick the school rings up the agency who provides them with an ‘agency teacher’ who takes the class. However, the ‘teacher’ is not necessarily qualified and is only required to have a GCSE in Maths and English!

Saturday’s demonstration is not a protest, it must be the beginning of a revolution. From this demonstration the working class must drive forward to give the TUC an ultimatum to call an indefinite general strike to bring down this Tory government and bring in a workers government or face removal at an emergency TUC Congress.

If the TUC refuses this call, then the general council of the TUC, or the major trade unions must immediately recall the TUC Congress to sack the current leadership and take action to bring down the Tories. This is a matter of life and death. This Tory government is only being kept in power by kind permission of the DUP which has been bought for £1bn!

The only way to bring this government down is through an all out general strike, the first step to the working class taking control of the country through establishing a workers state. This is the only way, to put the Tory government where it deserves to be, in the dustbin of history. It is simply not enough to call for a Labour government that wants to reform capitalism, demanding that the capitalists pay a little more tax.

Everyone knows that there is a another world-wide banking crash just around the corner. The vast debt bubble is near to bursting! The only way to secure the future for workers is through a workers’ government nationalising the banks, the land, all services and industries and bringing in planned production to satisfy people’s needs. Saturday’s demonstration must drive this struggle forward. Make sure you are there and that you join the WRP!