Workers want the Tories out but don’t want Miliband and Balls back


THIS IS the message that is coming out of the Bradford West by-election where Respect candidate George Galloway was ‘unexpectedly’, out of the blue, elected by what he called the ‘Bradford Spring’ uprising of young workers and students.

This was a shocking result for all of the supporters of capitalism and all those who have been banking on the working class tamely moving behind Miliband in order to feel the slightly less severe bout of the lash that they will supposedly receive from a Labour administration.

In this vote the working class, led by its youth, voted not just against all of the cuts but all of the Tory-Labour imperialist wars from Iraq to Libya as well as the dirty imperialist intervention into Syria.

The entire UK is made up of Bradfords where the working class and the middle class are being ruined by inflation and the most savage cuts ever, where the NHS is under direct attack as well as all benefits and pensions, and where almost a third of the 16-24 year-old population has been scrapped and is permanently unemployed and judged to be only suitable for slave labour work-for-your-dole schemes.

The same process that produced the Bradford uprising is at work, perhaps even more so, in the rest of the country.

So, a week which began with the Tories stoking up the class war – by urging the panic buying of petrol and announcing that it was mobilising the military for strike breaking in order to defeat the Tory-produced spectre of a rabid Unite trade union leadership determined to bring the country to its knees no matter what – has ended with the Liberals losing their deposit, the Tories getting just over 2,000 votes and Labour losing one of its safest seats.

The working class is growing to hate the Tory/LibDem coalition and has a growing contempt for the Miliband/Balls-led Labour Party, as ‘small Tories’ incapable of satisfying the requirements of the working class in this situation of the greatest-ever capitalist collapse.

However, Galloway had no sooner delivered his blow than he was appealing to the stinking corpse of the Labour leadership to mend its ways and to carry out policies in line with the requirements of the working class.

This is like appealing to Osborne to consume a pasty a day! – a joke in bad taste.

Labour reformism is playing the role that it was created for, propping up capitalism by whatever means are necessary. This is why Balls and Miliband would not even pledge to restore the 50p rate of taxation of the rich.

The real essence of the situation is that the world crisis of capitalism is driving the working class and the youth of the world along the road of the socialist revolution.

We have seen the general strike in Greece, Spain and Portugal and even bigger explosions are on the way, including in the UK.

This is therefore the time to give up all hopes that life can be breathed back into the corpse of the Labour leadership. This is the time for the building up of the revolutionary leadership of the WRP and the Young Socialists in order to lead the British socialist revolution as part of the European and world socialist revolutions.

There is now a massive army of youth unemployed, both working class and middle class.

The young Socialists must be built up from these hundreds of thousands of youth and trained inside the WRP to be the leadership of the British socialist revolution.

Its task will be to organise the working class to take the power, and to put an end to the capitalist system with a socialist revolution that will bring a workers government and socialism.