US raid on the Yemen kills 57 as Trump prepares for war with Iran


US FORCES at dawn yesterday carried out a series of ground and air raids against a village in the Yemeni province of Bayda, killing a total of 57 people, among them many civilians. US paratroopers parachuted in Bayda’s Qifah district and raided the Yakla village there, with some 30 aircraft such as Apache helicopters and drones taking part in the operations.

‘The operation began at dawn when a drone bombed the home of Abdulraoof al-Dhahab and then helicopters flew up and unloaded paratroopers at his house and killed everyone inside,’ locals told the media.

This is Trump’s policy at work. He has just signed an order halting the entire US refugee programme and also instituting a 90-day travel ban for nationals from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. He did this while talking about learning the lessons from the 2001 Twin Towers attack.

In fact this attack was carried out by Saudi nationals. Saudi Arabia does not figure on his banned list – nor do any of the Gulf states that have been financing the ISIS and the anti-Assad war in Syria.

Trump is an imperialist plutocrat who has been able to take office by default, because the Clinton gang and Obama thought that they could continue abusing the working class for ever. There is no doubt that the US working class and the youth will overthrow Trump but not to return to Clinton, it will be forward to socialism! Trump is now preparing to tear up the nuclear treaty with Iran, and is ready for war to do it.

Politicians like PM May who have eventually been forced to oppose his restrictions on Muslims, have not offered to take them into the UK – they are essentially already following the Trump policy – in fact they beat him to it!

In fact the developing world crisis of the capitalist system – its death agony – has not just split the alliance of western imperialist states – it is splitting the ruling classes of the individual capitalist states, clearing the way for socialist revolutions.

Trump makes it crystal clear that he sees the EU as a rival that deserves to perish and NATO as an alliance that lacks the firepower to do the job. He wants to make a deal with Putin to allow him to tackle China on the South China Seas initially, and then Iran, to restore US supremacy over the planet.

This perspective, that breaks up the old order, has split the UK ruling class, and frightened the EU ruling classes who also face revolts at home. PM May was selected not elected. One serious mistake from her will see her removed in double quick time with nobody to replace her. She is walking on the thinnest of thin ice as she manoeuvres towards a free trade deal with the USA, to hand the NHS and UK agriculture over to the great US monopolies.

In the Labour Party thousands of careerists are up in arms at the loss of jobs in the Brussels bureaucracy that could make them millionaires. As they stew over this poisonous dish they vow ‘to hell with Brexit’ and to split the Labour Party in order to stay in the EU.

However, the ruling class itself is split about the way ahead. The source of the split in the ruling classes of the EU and the USA is the developing and deepening crisis of the world capitalist system that requires forcing the working class to accept a loss of its great gains, returning China and Russia to being semi-colonies and returning the working class to the standards of living of the early 20th Century.

With new banking collapses on the way the working class all over the world faces the greatest attacks ever from the ruling classes. The working class of the world is being called on to carry out its historic task, as outlined by Karl Marx, to place the capitalist system into its grave.

The crisis of the working class throughout the world remains the crisis of its leadership. A new and revolutionary leadership, that of the Fourth International, must be built up in every country to put an end to capitalism. In Britain this means building up the WRP through the organisation of a general strike that will bring in a workers’ government and socialism, and then play its part in replacing the EU with the Socialist United States of Europe.

In the USA the masses will break with the Democrats and build a Labour Party. They must also build a section of the Fourth International to guide millions of workers forward to the taking of power, and putting an end to world capitalism.