UK workers are not slaves – they have the right to defend their wages, jobs and rights against the UK ruling class!


WITH food banks running out of food, the poor are being condemned, not just to poverty but to a starvation existence, of begging on the streets for a crust for themselves and their families.

Organisations representing 169 food banks have told the Guardian newspaper that the poverty of the Victorian era is being returned and that the numbers of people seeking emergency help has grown ‘dramatically’, meaning that the food banks are predicting that there will be ‘bleak and disturbing weeks ahead when the poor will have to go hungry on the streets of the UK’s big cities’.

Figures published yesterday show that shop prices have risen by a record 5.1% in August as the war in the Ukraine continues, which the British government is supporting with enthusiasm, supplying the Ukrainian army with the most advanced weapons in order to kill as many Russians as possible.

This tactic of weakening Russia by all and any means has produced a gigantic food price inflation and a potential famine at home, where in persuance of its strategic aim of weakening Russia and toppling Putin, the British ruling class is quite willing to stand by and watch ‘its own’ people starving and going hungry.

Such a ruling class, that sacrifices its own people, in order to advance its class interests and make huge profits, deserves to perish, of this there is no doubt.

Even Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Jonathan Ashworth has had to issue a warning that: ‘When even food banks are warning that they may need to shut up shop this winter because they can’t meet the demand, we know that the country is heading for a catastrophe without action.’

Ashworth added: ‘Families and pensioners are beyond desperate for real help now.

‘Labour would free energy bills but instead we have both Boris Johnson on a vanity tour, the chancellor on a New Year jolly, and Liz Truss hiding from scrutiny because she has no answer to this crisis whatsoever.’

Meanwhile Goldman Sachs, the US investment bank, is predicting that inflation in the UK could exceed 22% in the next year, condemning millions to starvation.

The police force is enmeshed in its own crisis after the emergence of the many scandals – scandals that have shaken it to its foundations.

Yesterday, Ken Marsh, the chairman of the Metropolitan Police Association, made a call for the Notting Hill Carnival to be banned – it seems that it is already getting extremely worried about large crowds gathering and feeling the strength of their numbers – perhaps deciding to take their own fate into their own hands.

While most people experienced a very welcoming carnival after going for two years without, the capitalist press is painting a different picture.

It is that 31 police officers were hurt doing their duty and that four peope were stabbed with the front line police saying that ‘enough is enough’ and calling it and large crowds being allowed to gather a threat to public safety

Ken March said: ‘What other event would be allowed to carry on regardless!’

The state is getting worried about large crowds gathering in an atmosphere of hunger and deprivation. First to be banned will be the carnival and then it will be the football crowds and then of course the gatherings of large numbers of people with justified grievances, i.e. that they are starving and jobless!

In fact the massive inflationary crisis has shown that the ruling classes of the capitalist world have feet of clay. They and their system are no longer necessary, but deserve to perish, so that humanity can go forward to socialism.

The reality is that the capitalist system is in a desperate crisis and is seeking to make the masses at home and abroad pay for its historic crisis.

Capitalism has had its day and it needs to be put out of its misery with socialist revolutions.

Workers are not be prepared to stand by and watch the poor, the unemployed and the youth being ruined and going hungry because of galloping inflation.

The TUC Congress is meeting on Monday 12 September in Brighton.

The WRP and the Young Socialists are organising a mass lobby on that day at 8 am. We will be demanding that the TUC calls a general strike to bring down the Tories and bring in a Workers Government and Socialism as the only way out of the crisis. Join us in your thousands!