The Tory Party to evict pensioners and criminalise the disabled!


THE Tory crusade has begun to resolve the capitalist crisis by heaping the cost of it onto the poor, the disabled, the elderly, the low paid, and the working class as a whole, without showing any mercy.

These are the very people who are not responsible in any way for the world crisis of capitalism, which is a product of the contradictions of the capitalist system, and the bosses, bankers and politicians who preside over it.

The Tory hunt is on, in particular, for ‘social security scroungers’, and ‘housing criminals’, apparently mainly elderly people who have more rooms in their homes than they need, and should have the grace to evacuate, before the Tory party’s enforcers evict them, in order to save tens of billions of pounds.

We are not surprised that Duncan Smith and his friends have turned a blind eye to the social security scrounger in our midst, who pockets £7.5 million a year from the state, while she and her pensioner husband have a London home with hundreds of rooms, and similar homes all over the country, that could provide accommodation for tens of thousands, with enough land attached to build a million homes on.

This scrounger is, of course, the queen and her tribe of relatives who are being maintained by the state in the lap of luxury. This is at the same time as ordinary pensioners are being terrified by the threat that they are about to be evicted from their long-term homes, and deposited into a completely strange neighbourhood, amongst strangers, an experience that has been known to be fatal to the elderly.

Of course, on the question of scroungers, it is not just a question of the monarchy.

There is a ruling class made up of bankers and bosses plus the rural gentry, who often graduate to being their political flunkeys or fags.

They live in huge houses with many rooms. They retire at 50, if they work at all, on their million-plus pension pots. They are the type who can go yachting while their company fouls the whole of the US Gulf Coast, ruining the lives of millions.

These parasites live off of the working class, but they are untouchables as far as paying for the capitalist crisis is concerned.

These people, the ruling class and its servants are now cheering the Tories on, as they scare and intimidate the old, the sick, those on incapacity benefit, and, of course, the unemployed, who now live in fear that they are going to lose their council homes and families as the Tories force them to move to other areas of the country in search of work.

Once again, it is capitalism that is responsible for the crisis and it is the capitalist class and its servants who must pay the price for it.

They cannot be allowed to drag society backwards to the days of the early 1900s as depicted by Jack London in his book ‘The People of the Abyss’.

The ruling class has declared war through its Tory and Liberal coalition and its Labour collaborators such as Field and Hutton, and the working class must answer in like manner, but with more fire and determination.

First of all, Field and Hutton must be expelled from the Labour Party, and the TUC must be made to cancel its invitation to the Tory leader Cameron to attend this year’s TUC Congress as a guest.

All TUC leaders that want to collaborate with the Tories and sit on Hutton’s commission of inquiry into Public Sector pensions must be forced to resign.

The trade unions must decide that they will not allow a single pensioner to be evicted from their home or a single unemployed worker forced out of their home to look for work elsewhere.

The trade unions must declare publicly that they will defend the elderly, and the sick and the unemployed from the Tory-Lib Dem coalition.

The only way this will be done is through the trade unions calling a general strike to bring down the coalition and go forward to a workers government that will carry out socialist policies and bring in socialism. Only the WRP fights for this policy. Join it today.