Lobby TUC Sept 9 to demand break from EU now and for a general strike to bring in a workers government!


THE REMAINER MPs have been dealt a minor blow by the Scottish courts. A Scottish judge has refused to order an immediate halt to Tory PM Boris Johnson’s plan to prorogue Parliament.

The group of 75 Remainer MPs were unable to get an interim interdict. Instead, a full hearing will now be brought forward. On the same day that Parliament reconvenes, the Labourite Remainers are considering putting down a motion of ‘no confidence’ in the government, and the SNP is making a ‘humble address’, asking for the Queen to reconsider her position.

Regardless of the success or otherwise of these manoeuvres, the EU bureaucracy are now well aware that they have a sizeable force of collaborators willing to stop at nothing to block Brexit.

News Line’s position is crystal clear: We are in favour of breaking with the EU on October 31, and then going forward to bring down the Johnson Tory government to bring in a workers government that will complete the revolution that was started in 2016 by expropriating the bosses and the bankers and bringing in socialism.

The millions of trade union members must now force their leaders into line, before and at the forthcoming TUC Congress. Historically, the TUC opposed the EU but was brought into line when EU leaders explained to them that being in the EU would allow them to be ‘worker directors’ on big business boards, helping to run capitalism more smoothly.

This settled the issue and the TUC changed its line for more job opportunities for its leaders. The union leaders, with the honourable exception of the RMT and the Bakers Union, are Remainers through and through, and are screaming blue murder over breaking with the EU, despite the fact that Corbyn’s socialist programme would be declared illegal by the European Court of Justice, and rail renationalisation would be a dreadful crime.

The right-wing leaders are even discussing calling strikes to ‘Remain’ in the EU at this TUC Congress.

A recent joint statement from the leaders of the TUC, Unison, Unite, GMB, BMA, RCN, and RCM, signed by Frances O’Grady, Dave Prentis and the like, warns, ‘A no-deal Brexit could devastate the NHS and social care’. They are spreading panic stories wildly claiming ‘a no deal could cause significant disruption to the supply of medicine, lasting up to six months’. The union leaders have resorted to peddling the same sort of ‘sky is falling’ fantastic scaremongering that went on before the Referendum vote. In fact, it is the same type of propaganda that the bosses use to try and discredit any future socialist government – that instead of the promised plenty, it will bring famine!

This situation makes the News Line lobby of the TUC Congress on Monday September 9 tremendously important. The trade union membership must go to Brighton to hold their union leaders to account and if they refuse to change their position, unceremoniously boot them out!

These union leaders have betrayed their members. They openly throw their full weight behind the European Union. The EU rulers, the European Central Bank and the EU bosses, as everyone knows, for over a decade, since the 2007/8 banking collapse, have dumped the economic crisis onto the backs of the European working class, and will treat the plans of a British socialist government in the same way that it treated the Greek government and people.

Greece has been bankrupted by the EU, as have Spain, Italy, Portugal and Ireland. All were heavily indebted to the tune of tens of billions of euros to the European Central Bank and the IMF. When they could not pay the debt, the EU came for public services in country after country, forcing privatisation and reaping the spoils of their war against workers.

And of course Britain is no exception. British Rail, British Telecom and most recently Royal Mail, were all privatised with EU legislation stating that once a service is privatised, it is illegal to re-nationalise it.

TUC delegates have a responsibility to support Brexit by action on October 31, at a time when the 17.4 million who voted Leave are being despicably treated as either being ‘lunatics’ or ‘criminals’.

TUC delegates must support trade union action to take the UK out of the EU on October 31 and to bring down the Johnson government and bring in a workers government that the EU will detest and fear. There is not a minute to waste in carrying out this socialist programme!