Keep a guard on every train! – RMT leader Mick Cash tells News Line

RMT South Western Railway picket line at Waterloo Station yesterday morning

RMT members at Waterloo Station were picketing South Western Railway yesterday morning as part of their ongoing fight to keep a guard on every train.

Mick Cash, RMT General Secretary, spoke to News Line: ‘This is the 35th day of strike action over the issue of keeping a guard on every train.

‘SWR keeps messing about and does not come up with a proper offer that we can agree to.

‘Our members are getting good support and will stay out till Christmas if need be.

‘We are determined to get proper safety on the trains.’

Rickey Goodman, RMT branch secretary at Waterloo, said: ‘This is the first day of a four-day-strike and as you can see from the picket line, there is a lot of solidarity, and support from the public.’

Eve Turner, chair of the Ealing Trades Council was there to support the picket.

She said: ‘We are here in solidarity with the RMT. It is vital that there is safety on the trains, and that means having a guard.

‘The bosses expect drivers to operate the doors.

‘But disabled people will suffer, and women travelling alone will be at risk.

‘Not to mention things like fires and accidents. Guards are properly trained for these things.

‘These bosses are totally committed to profit, which is nothing to do with running a decent public rail system.’