Judiciary Now Leading The Charge Against 2016 Referendum!


WE ARE now reaching the moment of truth in the struggle to carry out the result of the 2016 referendum which instructed Parliament that the UK must leave the EU.

We have seen Labour’s right wing demanding that there must be a second referendum, and seen political spivs like Alastair Campbell being compared to Spartacus because they refused to vote Labour in the recent EU elections, and insisted on voting for Remain parties.

Yesterday, we heard the Tory Chancellor of the Exchequer, Hammond, saying that if a Tory government was to seek to leave the EU on October 31st, he would resign and bring it down.

Now Speaker Bercow has decided that he is not going to resign after all, and that he intends to remain the Speaker of the House of Commons so that he can organise a coalition of Tory-Labour-LibDems and the SNP to block any attempt to leave the EU, and to force through, either the abrogation of Article 50, or to organise a second referendum to ‘remain’ in the EU.

The gangs of renegades that are seeking to organise the destruction of the 2016 referendum result are determined to win such a second referendum. They see no point in moving hell and high water to have a second referendum if there is a chance of losing it. It is a must-win campaign!

There is no better way of doing this than to put the judiciary in charge of the process! So lo and behold, we now see a legal action in process that insists that Boris Johnson’s speeches and pledges made during the 2016 referendum campaign over the NHS, were untrue, and illegal, with the implication that therefore the result of the referendum itself was illegal.

If the action is successful, not only can Johnson face jail, but the precedent will have been established that a judge must clear the speeches of the participants in any second referendum, before they are made, so that in fact the judges will rule, and victory for the Remainers and the European Union will be assured.

In the 1640s the King of England, Charles I, lost his head when he insisted that the monarch ruled by divine right, and Parliament could only function if he called it.

Today, the allies of the EU are seeking to have the judiciary running any second referendum that is called, with all those who will not submit their speeches in advance to judges labelled as enemies of the people, and liable to be jailed as political prisoners of the EU.

What we have here is an attempt to knife the bourgeois democratic process in the UK in the back. The Remainers are planning to impose a police state where judges decide and not the people!

This is the essence of the current attempt to find Boris Johnson guilty of misconduct in public office in a private prosecution launched by campaigner Marcus Ball, who crowdfunded £200,000 for the case.

Johnson has correctly called the case a ‘politically motivated attempt to reverse Brexit’. The preliminary hearing will take place at Westminster Magistrates’ Court and the case will then be sent to the Crown Court for trial.

Ball’s lawyers lodged an application in February to summons Johnson, claiming that while an MP and Mayor of London, he deliberately misled the public during the first campaign, and repeated the statement during the second.

Lewis Power QC, who represents Ball, said Johnson’s conduct had been ‘both irresponsible and dishonest. Democracy demands responsible and honest leadership from those in public office,’ he said. In a return to the era of Charles I, the offence that Johnson is charged with can lead to life imprisonment.

The WRP urges workers in the trade unions to intervene in this criminal conspiracy against democracy. The trade unions must call a general strike to quash this attack on the 2016 referendum, to bring the government down, and to go forward to a workers’ government that will leave the EU at once, nationalise the banks and the major industries, and smash the capitalist state, including its judiciary, to go forward to socialism!