Deselect the right wing Blairite MPs who want to split the Labour Party


THE DECISIVE move of the working class to vote to leave the EU has not only upset the bankers and bosses of the EU, and smashed the Cameron premiership, it has moved Labour’s right wing into a frenzied action to split the Labour Party, with practically the entire shadow cabinet downing tools and walking out.

Last night there was expected to be a vote of no confidence in Corbyn at a meeting of Labour MPs and following the refusal of the leader to resign, a leadership election in which every Labour Party member will have a vote.

The stated reason for the challenge is that Corbyn did not fight energetically enough for the EU in the just-held referendum. The reality is that everything that could be done to get a ‘Remain’ vote, including the use of every possible threat of the direst consequences was used.

The problem was that the working class refused to be intimidated and no power on earth could have made it vote for ‘Remain’. The fact that Corbyn had a record of opposition to the EU and was the not the most vociferous ‘Remain’ campaigner is neither here nor there.

Everything that was humanly possible was done to get a ‘Remain’ vote but the working class was unmovable! So what are the right wing up to now?

In a period of capitalist crisis they know that this powerful movement of the working class and its determination to defend its jobs, wages and the NHS, in a period where the Tory Party is split, could put Corbyn into office, leading to the ‘danger’ that this could create the conditions for the revolutionary party to lead the working class to overthrow capitalism.

Being servants of the ruling order, the right wing is now consciously working to split the Labour Party, to aid the crisis-ridden Tory party hang onto office. The crisis is all the greater since the TUC, and the leaders of the Unite, GMB and Unison trade unions, made a block with Cameron to get the working class to vote ‘Remain’, in return for minor concessions on the anti-union laws.

Not only was Cameron defeated, so was the McCluskey, Prentis, O’Grady leadership of the TUC. This is why none of them will say that they support Corbyn and are completely opposed to the right wing Labour MPs’ rebellion. The working class voted them down as well as Cameron and Osborne, spelling out to these counter-revolutionary forces that a powerful revolutionary force was now rampaging through the land.

These defenders of the established order are now seeking to drive the working class back. This is why yesterday they refused to put out a public statement condemning the coup attempt and giving full support to Corbyn against the coupists. In fact one of their own, Tom Watson, went to see Corbyn to spell out to him that that he had allegedly lost all support in the parliamentary Labour Party.

After giving him this good news – that the struggle was hopeless and that he was onto a loser, Watson then left him to make his own mind up whether to fight on or not! Labour’s right wing are travelling on the path trailed by the Gang of Four who in March 26th 1981 broke with Labour and then joined with the Liberals. They then took four million votes off of Labour in 1983, leaving Thatcher in office, despite a fall of 700,000 in the Tory vote.

In a period of much greater crisis they want to split and destroy the Labour Party in order that their Tory chums can continue to rule over society despite the enormous split in their ranks. Labour’s right wing, supports capitalism. They now see the working class that has voted them out of the EU as the enemy to be beaten back at all costs.

News Line urges all Labour Party members to reject the pro-Tory, pro-EU coupists and to send them packing by deselecting all of them as MPs. The working class is now on the march. It intends to defend the NHS and all pensions and all jobs from the bosses and bankers who intend to teach them a lesson for daring to vote to ‘Leave’ the EU.

The only real response to this is to smash the coupists, to bring down the Tories and to join the WRP and the Young Socialists to build the revolutionary leadership. This will mobilise the working class to carry out the British socialist revolution and then to spread it throughout Europe!