Coalition plan to beat the poorest to aid the richest


SO FAR trillions of pounds have been spent by the state, using taxpayers’ money, to rescue, prop up and save bankrupt banks and bankers, and the big bosses.

The ruling class propaganda about individuals standing up, showing their independence and making good through hard work is just pap, to try and deceive the poor.

When it comes to the rich, to the monarchy, the banking class and the biggest bosses, the public purse is there to be legally looted, to see that they continue to live in luxury, which they feel is their due, while the masses suffer because the capitalist system of the bosses and bankers is in its greatest crisis ever.

Any doctor confronted with such a patient as desperately ill as the capitalist system would tell the world that for the good of all the patient should be put out of it’s misery and given a decent burial.

With the capitalist system in its death agony, the opposite is the case.

The ruling classes and their politicians have decided that despite its terminal crisis, the system is their system, that they will fall with it, and that there will have to be millions of humans sacrificed to save it.

So, the jobs, the wages, the benefits, and the basic rights of the working class and the middle class, along with the education and future of their children, are to be sacrificed and destroyed to allow the ruling class to continue ruling their bankrupt system.

In Britain, the message from Tory, Liberal, and Labour is that there is no alternative to this policy. Balls espouses the Tory slogan that jobs and not wages are the issue, while Miliband says that capitalism is the only possible system and he is trying to make it a little better – through supporting massive cuts including wage cuts and opposing strikes.

These forces are now busily creating a hell for the working class, on the basis that this is the only way that capitalism can survive.

Retirement at 60 or 65 is a dream from the recent past, as are earnings related pensions – unless you are a banker! Now you can look forward to working untill you’re 70, or till you drop.

The NHS is being privatised with scores of District General Hospitals closing or being handed over to big business to make profits.

All benefits are to come under the banner of ‘universal credit’ which will have to be applied for on a monthly basis on the internet.

This means that millions who are not on the internet and have no access will be deprived of benefit, as will large numbers of elderly people who will not be able to cope with the process. This is well known by the coalition.

Meanwhile claimants will be refused ‘credit’ on the basis that they are not making enough effort to get part-time work, and if they work part-time not making enough effort to work additional hours.

Once they have been cut off, it is in the interests of the government to keep them cut off, and throw them to the wolves.

Now we learn that the coalition is going to actively intervene to cut the amount that people will receive for their universal credit by freezing it for two years, and then only allowing annual increases in line with increases in the average wage – at a time when millions of workers are having their wages frozen!

The poor are to be thrown to the wolves to keep the banking class and the bosses in the luxury to which they are accustomed. We will be living in the kind of country that disgusted Charles Dickens.

That the masses will not accept this is obvious.

Our message is join the WRP, and build the revolutionary leadership to lead the British socialist revolution. The masses will rise. Make sure that they have a leadership that is up to the historic task.