Heathrow workers back Gate Gourmet conference


BRITISH Airways Terminal 4 workers yesterday gave great support to locked out Gate Gourmet workers campaigning at Heathrow for their conference on Sunday January 29.

BA baggage handler and TGWU member, Andy Gregory, said: ‘Management are trying to cut the workforce and change terms and conditions.

‘(TGWU General Secretary) Tony Woodley has accepted compulsory redundancies at Gate Gourmet and he will accept them with BA. So Woodley has to go.

‘We are already feeling the consequences of the union leadership trying to betray the members and help the company at Gate Gourmet.

‘When we came out on strike to support the Gate Gourmet members we were sent back inside by the union leaders before the situation was sorted out. Now two of our reps have been sacked.

‘I will support the Gate Gourmet conference.’

John Cole bought his conference credentials for £3 and said: ‘I came out on strike to support the Gate Gourmet workers. Now two of our reps have been sacked.

‘We need action from our union.’

TGWU member Maurice Blythe told the locked out Gate Gourmet workers: ‘It’s not on, what happened to you. I will speak to people and hopefully bring a big crowd to your conference.’

BA loader Inderjit Kundhal said: ‘I’m coming to the conference. I used to work at Gate Gourmet, for eight years.

‘Everyone should be angry about what happened. The union must fight for its members. What else is the union for?’

Back on the picket line at Heathrow Airport, the locked out workers’ branch secretary, Jarnail Singh, said: ‘The conference is very important for all workers in the country.

‘While the bosses get more and more money, they chop workers’ wages. Bus fares, train fares, everything is going up. It is £3.50 now for a one-day bus pass.

‘All unions should take action together. The TUC has to take up its responsibilities.’

Sandesh said: ‘People supported us today. They said what happens to us could happen to them in six months’ time.’

Raj said: ‘We want all workers to come to our conference, but especially airport workers.’