US stealing Syria’s oil!

A US military oil tanker stealing oil in Syria

IN HASAKA earlier this week, the US occupation forces brought out a convoy loaded with stolen Syrian oil via the illegitimate al-Walid border crossing from Syrian territory to north Iraq.

Local sources from al-Yaroubiya countryside in Hasaka northeastern countryside told a SANA reporter the convoy ‘consisted of 25 tanks affiliated to the US occupation forces, loaded with stolen oil from the Syrian al-Jazaara, headed towards Iraqi territories.’
The sources added that the convoy was accompanied by a number of four-wheel drive vehicles equipped with various kinds of machine guns related to the US occupation-backed QSD militia.
The US occupation brought out hundreds of trucks loaded with stolen Syrian oil and wealth over the last few months to Iraqi territory, in coordination with the QSD militia.
Meanwhile, three civilians were injured in a terrorist shelling attack by terrorist organisations deployed in Idlib, on Jurin town in Hama northwestern countryside.
A Hama Police Command source told SANA that a rocket shell from terrorist organisations in Idlib northwestern countryside had fallen on Wednesday in Jurin town in al-Ghab area in the countryside, injuring three civilians and causing material damage to properties.
Terrorist organisations, most of which are affiliated to the al-Nusra Front terrorist organisation, and positioned in Idlib countryside, continue their attacks on the villages in the surrounding areas.
In Damascus meanwhile, SANA reported, ‘the epidemiological curve of recorded infections with the coronavirus is at its lowest, as the number of infections recorded by the hospital reached two proven cases daily during the last month – in contrast to what had happened in the third peak of the virus during last March and April, when the hospital was receiving 70 cases daily during those months, according to Director General of al-Mouwasat Hospital Dr Issam Zakarya al-Ameen.
In a statement to SANA, Dr al-Ameen said that the total of the positive cases infected with the virus currently and admitted to the hospital reached 14 cases, distributed between isolation and intensive care rooms.
The epidemiological curve of the virus is currently being monitored as it manifested a flattening since the beginning of last May – and as it continued to decline gradually till today in terms of suspected cases or the number of those admitted to the isolation and intensive care rooms in the hospital, Dr al-Ameen added.
He dismissed any indications of the outbreak of a fourth peak of the epidemic, asserting that in case of an outbreak, the hospital will return to the adopted exceptional procedures.
Dr al-Ameen pointed out that 2,200 of the health cadres in the hospital and other university hospitals, mainly al-Bairuni, Obstetrics, Heart Surgery and Children, had been vaccinated, in addition to the students of the Faculty of Medicine at Damascus University who wanted to be.
According to the latest Ministry of Health statistics, the total number of coronavirus infections recorded in Syria reached up till now 26,044 – of which 22,019 cases have recovered and 1,919 passed away.

  • Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Bassam Sabbagh, affirmed the necessity of correcting the track of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and returning it to its normal role as a main, unbiased pillar in the Non-Proliferation System.

Sabbagh added at a session for the Security Council on Wednesday that politicising the work of OPCW distanced it from its technical feature which has now eclipsed a large part of its credibility, turning it into a tool at the hands of well-known states in order to target a member state at the Chemical Weapon Convention (CWC ).
‘Politicising OPCW made it lose a large part of its credibility, and instead of being an honest guard to carry out the Chemical Weapons Convention, it has turned into a tool at the hands of some countries to target a state party in the Convention,’ Sabbagh said.
‘Those states continue to ignore the cooperation over the past years between Syria and OPCW, and the close consultations with the Technical Secretariat that achieved a significant progress – which is clear evidence that Syria fulfilled its commitments according to the convention,’ Sabbagh clarified.
Sabbagh added that the facts are still revealing day by day – in terms of what was included in the report of the OPCW about the alleged Douma incident – which clearly points to what the senior officials had done (by way) of falsifying the facts in a way to line up with the bid of the US, the French and Britain to find a pretext for tripartite aggression committed against the Syrian territories.
He went on to say that Syria rejects ‘the questioning campaigns’ launched by well-known countries about its cooperation with the Organisation of the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and their false accusations related to the ‘initial declaration’ and disapproves ‘its jumping to incorrect conclusions’.
Sabbagh clarified that terrorist groups continue their attacks on civilians and Syrian Arab Army forces in the countryside of Homs, Hama, Lattakia and Idlib with rocket and artillery shells and drones.
‘The insistence of the Director of the OPCW on ignoring many facts and essential scientific observations of prominent figures is not the right way to affirm the professionalism of the work of the organisational teams,’ Sabbagh added.

  • Speaker of the Syrian People’s Assembly, Hammoudah Sabbagh, heading a parliamentary delegation, arrived in Tehran on Tuesday to take part in the oath-taking ceremony of Iranian President Ebrahim Raiesi and extend congratulations in the name of President Bashar al-Assad and on behalf of the Syrian people, government and the Assembly.

Upon arrival, representatives of (the) Iranian presidency, Islamic Shura council and the Foreign Ministry received the Syrian delegation.
In a press statement, Sabbagh described as historic and deeply-rooted the relations between the Syrian Arab Republic and the Islamic Republic of Iran, affirming the unity of the path and destiny that the two brotherly countries share.
The inauguration ceremony of the Iranian President  began earlier today in the Iranian capital, Tehran, in the presence of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Sayyed Ali Khamenei.
The ceremony was limited to senior Iranian officials in the light of the preventive measures taken against the coronavirus epidemic.
President Raiesi, 60-years- old, will take the constitutional oath on Thursday before the Iranian Shura Council.
Raiesi won the presidential elections in Iran held on June 18th, with 61.95% of the votes.