Workers Of The World Unite – Is Still The Slogan Of The Hour!


NET migration to the UK is at an all-time high, reaching 330,000 in the year to March 2015, that is 94,000 more than in the year to March 2014 the Office for National Statistics has said.

The Net Migration figure – the difference between the number entering the country and those leaving – is more than three times higher than the government’s target. Migration Minister James Brokenshire said of the new figures that they were ‘deeply disappointing’. The Conservatives pledged before the 2010 election to reduce numbers to less than 100,000, a target they acknowledge they have failed, but are determined, to meet by any means necessary.

The Tories are to bring in measures that will see migrants working in the UK illegally, fined, jailed, and then deported, with employers who employ ‘illegals’ also subject to fines and jailings, plus possible loss of their licences to trade.

Cameron, threatened by UKIP to his right, has vowed that he will cut the number of migrants arriving during a year to 100,000, using whatever methods prove to be successful. Even the Institute of Directors has been taken aback by this Tory frenzy, and the harm that such ‘Little Englandism’ will do to business in the UK. The IoD said of the Tory measure: ‘Net migration target “bizarre and unachievable”.’

For the year 2014, the figure for net migration was 318,000, with 641,000 people moving to the UK while 323,000 decided to move away from this ‘island paradise’ to much greener pastures. In 2014, 13% of people in the UK had been born abroad, taking the foreign-born population to 8.3m. But of course a big chunk of the migrants are here legally from the EU. Net migration of EU citizens was 183,000, up 53,000 from the year ending March 2014. To achieve his target Cameron will have to get out of the EU for a start!

The number of those arriving from countries outside the EU was still larger, with net migration measured at 196,000, up 39,000 from the year ending March 2014. So all of the hullaballoo is about 39,000 extra migrants from outside the EU! Other interesting figures show that India is the most common non-UK country of birth in the UK population – 793,000 UK residents were born in India. However, they have been beaten by Poland! Polish is the most common non-British nationality, with 853,000 residents. Again, EU membership will have to go if the Little England paradise is to be achieved!

In fact, the Tories are up in arms against the modern world that Capitalism created. It has built a world market, a whole whose furthest part can be reached in hours and where capital and commodity production know no nationality. The bourgeoisie stands for the free movement of capital.

The working class stands for the free movement of labour, out of whose surplus value capital is created.

The reality is that mass migration has erupted as a result of the latest attempts by the imperialist powers to redivide the world, through bombing countries like Iraq, Syria and Libya back into the Middle Ages, unleashing a mass flow of migrants, fleeing for their lives. The News Line calls on workers to welcome all of the migrants, and unite with them to create a better world through carrying out the world socialist revolution.

We have already seen two worldwide mass slaughters, from 1914-1918 and then 1939-45 when the imperialists set out to resolve their problems through a re-division of the planet. The events in the Middle East and the millions of refugees are the semblances of a new worldwide conflict that the bosses and bankers are seeking to ignite.

The only way out for the working people of the world is to unite and to build revolutionary parties of the 4th International in every country, that will blow up the capitalist dam – that is seeking to hold back world history – with socialist revolutions. This is the way forward. As Marx said: ‘Workers of the world unite. You have a world to win and nothing to lose but your chains!’