‘We’re the insurgents now,’ declares Tony Blair!


EX-LABOUR Premier Blair has summoned the anti-Brexit camp, that is the bosses, the bankers, the majority of Tory and Labour MPs and the majority of the TUC General Council, all fanatical supporters of the EU to arms.

‘We are the insurgents now,’ he has declared. Earlier this month, Blair told Esquire magazine he was considering whether there was a ‘role’ for him in UK politics. Any such role will be a continuation of the role that he played in his three Labour governments.

During these the banks were deregulated and allowed to run riot in the crash of 2008. Clause Four of the Labour Party constitution was dumped as the premise for the formation of his ‘businesman’s government’. The marketisation of the NHS was begun, and then the Labour Party militarist Blair waged five wars, amongst them the assault and destruction of the Yugoslav deformed workers state, complete with the nightly bombings of Belgrade, and then the Iraq war, which he advocated as soon as Bush gave the nod in 2002.

To further the interests of imperialism he sacrificed countless lives including hundreds of thousands of Iraqis in a war based on the crudest lies. Being a hero of imperialism he escaped the Hague Court, while Saddam was sent to the gallows by Iraq’s new leaders!

Now, in his first major intervention on Brexit since the referendum campaign, Blair has called for an insurgency against leaving the EU, declaring: ‘We have to build the capability to mobilise and to organise.’

Blair also told BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme: ‘If it becomes clear that this is either a deal that doesn’t make it worth our while leaving, or a deal that is so serious in its implications that people may decide they don’t want to go, there’s got to be some way, either through parliament, through an election, possibly through a referendum, in which people express their view.’

He added: ‘My view simply is this, if you end up in a situation where the political choice is between a hard Brexit Tory Party and a hard-left Labour Party, there are millions of people who feel politically homeless.’

Blair wants a new party, and in this he is following in the footsteps of the late Oswald Mosley, who formed a new party in the 1930s in disgust at the massive unemployment, with many people considering that it would be a left party.

Blair’s new party made up of the pro-EU Tory and Labour MPs, and no doubt financed by the banks will emerge as the insurgency emerges in the streets to get the House of Commons to declare an end to EU negotiations and then call a new referendum, pitting parliament against the people.

The issue will not be decided by the House of Commons but will be decided by the revolutionary action of the working class. Lenin in his book Left Wing Communism quotes a speech by Lloyd George with approval.

The Liberal PM said that: ‘It is one of the things that I have constantly in mind when I think of the dangers of the future here. In France the population is agricultural and you have a solid body of opinion which does not move very rapidly, and which is not very easily excited by revolutionary movements. That is not the case here. This country is more top heavy than any country in the world, and if it begins to rock, the crash here, for that reason, will be greater than in any land.’

Later on Lenin remarks about the British bourgeoisie: ‘How muddled even the most intelligent members of the bourgeoisie have become and how they cannot help commit irreparable blunders. That, in fact, is what will bring about the downfall of the bourgeois.’

Calling and then losing the Brexit referendum was such an irreparable blunder that gave the masses the opportunity to defeat and humiliate all of the different sections of the ruling order and their servants in the Labour movement. Now the arrogant Blair and many other reactionaries will be throwing as much oil as they can on the flames, with their ‘insurgency’.

It will only to serve to bring the millions of the working class out onto the streets where they will mobilise to carry out the British socialist revolution. This is what lies ahead and what we must get ready for!