Vote Leave – bring down the Tories. For a workers government to defend jobs, wages, pensions and NHS!


THE UK Prime Minister, Cameron, has delivered a thinly disguised deadly threat to the UK working class.

This is that if it has the audacity to vote to quit the EU, then the Tories will scrap all of their election pledges relating to jobs, wages, pensions and the NHS and impose third world living standards onto the UK working class.

Cameron made the comments in an exclusive interview with the Observer just 12 days before the referendum vote on whether to remain in the EU as well as on the Andrew Marr BBC show.

He alleged that Brexit would negatively affect the so-called ‘triple lock’ which guarantees annual increases in state pensions, spending on the National Health Service (NHS), free TV licences and bus passes for pensioners, as well as the military budget.

Cameron said: ‘You would have to start cutting things that people really value, whether it is the money going to the NHS or whether it is support for our pension system, and that could mean reviewing the triple lock.’

He tried to assure that he really intended to honour a commitment to raise NHS spending by £10 billion by 2020, but noted: ‘If we leave, independent and respected experts like the IFS and National Institute for Economic and Social Research say that by 2020 we will face a black hole in our public finances of up to £40 billion.’

This meant according to Cameron: ‘In those circumstances, future funding for the NHS could be at risk. Our ability to ringfence and protect spending on health could be at risk, too.’

On the BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show, Cameron said forecasts from the Institute for Fiscal Studies suggested Brexit could lead to a shortfall in the public finances of between £20bn and £40bn which would need to be ‘filled’ – either by tax rises or spending cuts.

While pensioner benefits were a ‘policy priority’, the PM said £90bn was spent on these every year and they were among many existing commitments that would have to be re-examined in a post-Brexit climate.

Cameron indicated that such is the odium that he and his inner circle led by Chancellor Osborne are held in by the UK public that leading Labour figures such as Labour leader Corbyn, Alan Johnson, London Mayor, Sadiq Khan and Gordon Brown would be handed the baton to lead the pro-EU campaign in the final weeks. He is calling in the Labour lieutenants of capitalism.

The Tory leader stressed that the June 23rd referendum was ‘more important than a general election’. He added: ‘They are voting for a generation, for a lifetime. It is about their children, and grandchildren. What I would say is, look at the scale, look at the range behind Stronger In. You have got the trade unions, Greens, the Lib Dems, Labour, a Conservative government. It is a very, very big coalition.’

Yes it is a very big coalition – but this coalition is now on its knees, with the stand of unions like the RMT, the Bakers and Aslef of opposition to the EU being vindicated by the massive support of the working class for this position.

Now is the time for the working class to make its big push forward, to begin the end of the EU, by voting ‘Leave’ on June 23. Such a course will be cheered by workers all over Europe. This however will just be the start of the action.

Cameron has already announced that he intends to remain the PM when he loses the referendum vote. There is no doubt that he will seek to form a national government with the pro-EU sections of the Labour Party to defy-ignore the referendum result.

Both in Ireland and Denmark this tactic has already been employed. This is why the working class must march forward, after winning the referendum, to bring down the Tory government and bring in a workers government and socialism.

This will nationalise the banks and major industries under workers control to guarantee workers wages, pensions, jobs, homes and the NHS for all time. As well it will create the conditions for the workers of the EU to follow the UK example and overthrow the EU of the bosses and the bankers and replace it with the Socialist United States of Europe which will bring in a European planned economy that will be able to satisfy all of the needs of the working class.