TUC must call a general strike to stop US-UK war criminals


THE UK ruling class, alongside its US masters, is getting ready to attack Syria in a matter of hours.

It is to be struck with hundreds of Cruise missiles, which may well be the signal for the Turkish armed forces to enter the war, bearing in mind that the Turkish leadership said yesterday that it will support the Anglo-American strike.

It is a known fact that the majority of the British people are opposed to this imperialist military adventure which will touch off wars and revolutions throughout the Middle East.

Not only is Turkey expected to attack Syria on the ground, Israel is expected to follow through with a major assault on the Lebanon to make yet another attempt to smash the Hezbollah national liberation movement.

The working class and the middle class are opposed to this war. As well, a large number of MPs and some parliamentary leaders have declared their opposition to the UK joining a US air war on Syria.

This is to be debated and voted upon by the House of Commons tomorrow. Cameron will be looking to Miliband and Balls to deliver the votes of Labour MPs for the widening of the imperialist slaughter.

The Tory coalition case is that unless they carry out the wishes of their US imperialist masters, the special relationship with the US ruling class will be ripped up and the UK capitalists will be on their own in a very uncertain and crisis-ridden planet, a dreadful prospect for the likes of Cameron and Miliband.

In fact, the war is illegal even as far as bourgeois law is concerned.

The US has made the issue crystal clear. It says a chemical attack took place, further investigation is unnecessary, and the American selected culprit, the Syrian government, will be attacked and punished.

Meanwhile, the US-UK allies of the Al Nusra Front continue to drive the Kurds out of north eastern Syria, and the Islamists carry on slaughtering and killing ordinary Syrians, in order to provide the US and UK with alleged evidence that the Syrian government has been using chemical weaponry.

The kiss of death for the whole operation has been provided by Tony Blair, the ‘Butcher of Iraq’, the man who went to war in Iraq based on the lies that it had wmds and was prepared to use them against British troops in Cyprus. He has given his blessing for the Syrian slaughter to be stepped up by US-UK mass bombing. This will only convince more people to oppose the war.

Today David Cameron is chairing a session of the National Security Council, attended by military and intelligence chiefs and senior ministers.

It follows intense consultations and agreement between London and Washington on the timing of the strike.

US vessels already have about 400 Cruise missiles onboard, while a Royal Navy submarine in the region can also carry Cruise missiles to begin the assault, which will be the signal for the Turkish and Israeli armed forces to go into action.

Russia, Syria and Iran have all issued strong warnings against any Western military action.

The response of the US has been to cancel an arranged meeting between Russia’s Lavrov and the US’ Kerry in Geneva to discuss the situation and the peace talks that are due to take place in Geneva.

The imperialist powers do not want peace and are prepared to gamble that Iran will not intervene in support of Syria, and Russia will not intervene to provide Syria with advanced weapons. If this happens they will then threaten Iran and Russia with war.

This illegal war must be stopped, and the imperialists must be defeated. For the working class, the enemy is at home since it is the workers that will be paying for the war through the further decimation of the NHS and the Welfare State.

The TUC is meeting in Bournemouth shortly. It must be made to call a general strike to bring down the coalition and stop the war, saving tens of thousands and even millions of lives.

The Young Socialists are calling a mass lobby of the TUC for September 8th. Make sure that you are there.