To End The Covid-19 Crisis The Trade Unions Must Bring Down The Tories And Bring In A Workers’ Government!


TORY HEALTH SECRETARY Hancock yesterday said of the Covid-19 crisis that Britain was facing a ‘tipping point’ and ‘we have a choice’. It turns out that the choice was for everybody to become a police nark and inform on their neighbours!

Covid restrictions in England will get tougher if the rules are not followed, he warned, as the government introduces £10,000 fines for people who fail to self-isolate.

The prime minister is understood to be considering a ban on households mixing, and slashing opening hours for pubs and cafes. Asked if England could face another national lockdown, Hancock said: ‘I don’t rule it out, I don’t want to see it.’

The move under consideration is a two-week mini lockdown in England – being referred to as a ‘circuit breaker’ – to stem a recent surge in cases which saw a further 4,422 new Covid-19 cases and 27 deaths reported in the UK.

Workers are to be penalised for the failure of the Tory regime. The measures include: ‘People in England who refuse an order to self-isolate could be fined up to £10,000 from 28th September. He urged on the potential ‘Stasi’ saying he would call the police on his neighbour if they were breaking the rules.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer told Sky News he supported the new fines, saying ‘a small number of people are breaking the rules and something has to be done about that’. Police will also check compliance in Covid-19 hotspots and among groups considered to be ‘high-risk’ as well as following up reports from narks that people who have tested positive are not self-isolating.

The BMA yesterday stated: ‘Covid-19 infections will continue to spiral, and the death rate will rise, without more restrictions and enforced social distancing measures.’ (see page 3)

Following the prime minister’s admission that the UK is experiencing a ‘second wave’, the BMA is calling for a ‘near elimination’ strategy for the control of Covid-19. ‘The association says that unless people stick rigorously to the social distancing and infection control measures in place, or there is better enforcement, infection rates will soar and the NHS will once again be crippled as it tries to cope with the number of patients with Covid-19.’

It reiterated that: ‘The BMA is therefore calling on the government in England to bring in stronger measures in the short term to help prevent a longer lockdown in the future. The association wants the government to provide better guidance, monitoring and enforcement of the practical steps people need to take in public settings and in workplaces to halt the spread of the infection.’

The BMA is basically supporting the Johnson government’s measures and urging that it should stick with the enforcement of them. However, it is not the growingly rebellious population that is the problem. The problem that the BMA ignores is of course the role that the Tories and the Johnson government have played in the development of this crisis.

In 2016 the May Tory government ignored the Cygnus Report that showed that the UK would not be able to handle a pandemic and that the NHS would face collapse. This report was ignored by the May government which instead wasted a year fighting a vicious battle with the junior doctors seeking to impose a new inferior contract on them, of which the BMA is well aware.

When the pandemic struck the Tories were shattered and improvised by shifting the elderly out of the hospitals into care homes where they infected many elderly people, thousands of whom died.

Then there was the extreme lack of preparation when there was no PPE equipment available and doctors and nurses had to improvise using plastic rubbish bags in some cases, with many doctors and nurses of Asian and African background especially paying with their lives.

The government’s main concern was trying to save crisis-ridden British capitalism as its industries sank after the crisis ripped through Europe.

To assist the bosses they ordered an end to lockdown and a return to work, then a return to school, and then a reopening of the pubs and cafes, with the Chancellor giving people a cash incentive to flock to cafes and pubs, to keep the economy going.

They were warned that with no tracing system working that there would be a new wave of the crisis.

Now it is back to lockdown, with those who have enjoyed a limited amount of freedom told to pack it in or face police spies and £10,000 fines.

The lesson is that the Tories’ number-one concern is the bosses’ profits. They come first every time! To defeat the pandemic, the trade unions must bring down the Tories and nationalise the banks and major industries, so that health comes before profit!