Starmer Pledges A ‘Blairite On Steroids Government’ To Smash The Unions For The Bosses


FORMER State Prosecutor Starmer, who has worked tirelessly to keep whistleblower Julian Assange in jail, has given advance warning of just what he intends to do to the working class when he forms his projected Lib-Lab government with a mission – that of saving British capitalism from the raging capitalist banking crisis.

His plan is not to get rid of crisis-ridden capitalism but to force the working class and the middle class to pay the full bill for its crisis.

Tony Blair won infamy for the wars that he was determined to involve the UK in, in 100% support of the US ruling class, whatever it cost the UK working class and the working class of the world.

Blair bombed Yugoslavia and Iraq, and has hundreds of thousands of corpses to his credit.

Using the claim that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, a blatant lie, he pursued a war policy alongside the US ruling class that saw hundreds of thousands of Iraqi workers and youth slaughtered.

Blair has never apologised or even considered handing himself over to the authorities for the lies that he peddled, that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that Iraq was only 45 minutes away from a weapons of mass destruction attack on UK territory that could kill millions.

This is the leader that Starmer has identified as his inspiration.

Starmer is already known as the man who kept Assange in prison for the US ruling class. He is well known as a ‘Labour leader’ who hates strikes, is opposed to picket lines and sacks Labour Party figures who engage in such practices.

It was Blair who got rid of Clause Four of the Labour Party that pledged to nationalise the means of production to bring in a socialist society.

Now, Starmer states about ‘his government’: ‘That’s why I say that this project goes further and deeper than New Labour’s rewriting of Clause IV … This is about rolling our sleeves up, changing our entire culture – our DNA. This is Clause Four on steroids.’

In fact, Starmer plans to use the new anti-union laws to smash and destroy the trade unions, to drive the working class back more than 50 years, in a desperate effort to try and save the bankrupted and out-of-date capitalist system.

No doubt, he admires Blair’s imperialist attacks on Syria, Iraq and Serbia that slaughtered hundreds of thousands of workers and the poor, with the reason for the assault the absurd lie that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and could begin the destruction of the UK in just 24 hours.

He plans to try to use the monarchy to keep the middle class close, while he sets out to destroy the trade unions by letting loose the capitalist state to attack the trade unions and return the working class to straight forward wage slavery with his ‘Clause Four on Steroids’ class war tactics.

Now is the time for the working class and the youth to rise up and build a mass Young Socialists movement and the Workers Revolutionary Party to mobilise the millions of workers in the trade unions for a general strike to bring down the weak and desperate Tory government and bring in a Workers Government and Socialism.

The working class has the strength to do the job, and now is the time to build the WRP and the Young Socialists to provide the leadership to carry out the British Socialist Revolution. This means building a new leadership in the trade unions and organising Councils of Action in every area to mobilise the masses of workers and youth to carry out the British socialist revolution.

The real situation is that capitalism is in its death agony and must be put out of its misery with a socialist revolution in the UK and the other capitalist states.

Starmer has made it clear that he is planning a civil war against the working class and the trade unions to maintain capitalism by starving out the working class and the youth.

Now is the time to join and build up the WRP and the Young Socialists into the real leadership of the developing British socialist revolution.

Capitalism cannot offer workers and youth any sort of future.

It must be replaced by the working class taking power in a socialist revolution and introducing a planned socialist economy whose motto will be: ‘From each according to their ability, to each according to their need.’

Join the WRP and the YS today, to organise the British Socialist Revolution!