Shut down the House of Lords and purge the House of Commons! Leave the EU now!


THE MAY government avoided a House of Commons defeat for the Brexit Withdrawal Bill last Tuesday by making promises to the leading Tory Remainer, Dominic Grieve, who is a Privy Councillor and ex-Attorney General, which it then reneged on, a tactic that was described by Grieve as ‘a slap in the face’.

He said ministers changed the wording of an amendment drawn up after talks with him, at the last minute. The anti-Brexit war will be openly stepped up this week when the Bill returns from the House of Lords re-amended to include the Grieve amendment, for a ‘meaningful’ House of Commons vote, to block leaving the EU.

Grieve says that the problem is that if the UK reaches ‘the really apocalyptic moment’ where no Brexit deal has been done by early February 2019, Parliament is not being offered the role to say what should happen next – it may only note the position.

Grieve and Co. want to be in a position where the various bands of Remainers, both Tory and Labour, are able to go back to the Supreme Court with a view to that court deciding that the anti-Brexit House of Commons must do the decision-making, not the government, and that the Brexit referendum result is not binding on the House of Commons.

Such a decision will be a real coup against the British people since Parliament freely decided in 2016, without any pressure on it, that the British people would decide to ‘Remain’ or ‘Leave’ the European Union. They decided on the latter course.

In fact, the British ruling class is deeply split over the issue, with the biggest banks and bosses desperate to remain in the EU at any cost, while the bourgeois media is divided with the Financial Times referring to the Grieve-led gang as ‘heroes’, while the Daily Telegraph has described the same Grieve-led gang as ‘Brexit Mutineers’.

As zero hour approaches. The struggle is about to take to the streets! This Saturday, tens of thousands of Remain supporters will take to the streets of London for what is being billed by the Soros-backed gangs as the ‘biggest ever pro-EU protest march’. With no expense spared it will be demanding a ‘people’s vote’ on the final Brexit deal, that is a second referendum, to overturn the result of the first referendum, and keep the working class in the EU against its will, for the benefit of the biggest bosses and bankers.

This growing attempt at building a counter-revolution must be countered by a mobilisation of the working class. The RMT, Aslef and the Bakers unions oppose the EU and called on workers to reject it in the referendum, a call that was supported by the mass of the working class. Now they must call a massive demonstration of workers and youth to demand that the referendum result is carried out at once, and that the UK withdraws from the EU NOW!

Since the unelected House of Lords is leading the fight to smash Brexit, workers must demand that it be shut down and that the House of Commons be purged. The Brexit referendum result saw the British working class rise up to deal a massive blow at the bankers, bosses and Labour traitors. Now it must mobilise for a socialist revolution.

It must fight for a workers government that will nationalise the banks and the major industries, renationalise the railways, properly finance the NHS and build millions of homes.

The working class must remain internationalists. The EU is in a massive crisis. From Greece to France, Germany, Italy and Spain, workers are rising up against the EU’s bankrupt bosses and bankers.

A British workers government will reach out to the workers of Europe, and ally with them to bring down the bosses and bankers of the EU and replace them with the Socialist United States of Europe.

This is the only way forward – so that the enormous wealth, and the industrial and technical capacity of Europe, is used to benefit its people and not to further enrich billionaire bankers and bosses!

EU capitalism must be consigned to the ‘dustbin of