Millions Are Marching For Palestine – The TUC Must Call A General Strike To Free Palestine Now!


HUNDREDS of thousands of workers and youth marched for Palestine in mass rallies that erupted throughout the UK on Saturday, and were more than matched by pro-Palestinian marches in the USA, France, Germany, Ireland, Greece and throughout Asia.

Even the Metropolitan Police estimated that there were 30,000 in central London alone. In fact, there were demonstrations all over the country, and there will be a really massive demonstration of hundreds and thousands of workers and youth next Saturday, November 11th (see ad page 1) with a march to the US embassy.

On Saturday, 300,000 workers and youth marched and rallied in Washington DC in support of the Palestinian people, demanding an immediate ceasefire.

Their march, titled the ‘National March on Washington for Free Palestine’ saw 300,000 demonstrators march beyond Freedom Plaza in front of the White House. From the stage, speakers led the crowd in chants of ‘Free, free Palestine! Free, free Palestine!’ and ‘Ceasefire now!’

Brian Becker, director of the ‘Answer coalition’, addressed the crowd saying that US public support for the Palestinian people had ‘entered a new era unlike any that had come before it’.

Becker continued: ‘The change comes from us … We’re sending a strong message, a very strong message to Joe Biden: If you stand with genocide, we hold you guilty of genocide,’ he said.

Meanwhile, the corpses continue to pile up! The Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza says Israeli air strikes have killed more than 9,500 people.

Israeli occupation forces continued on Saturday night their mass detention campaign in the West Bank, detaining at least 46 Palestinians in a series of raids into Palestinian cities, towns, villages and refugee camps across the occupied territory.

In Hebron, south of the territory, at least 14 Palestinians were reportedly arrested by the forces, including 10 displaced workers from the Gaza Strip who were seeking refuge in the town of Nuba.

At least nine Palestinians were also arrested by the Israeli occupation forces in Jenin, north of the West Bank, while four others were arrested in the Nablus province.

Arrests were also reported in the provinces of Tulkarm, Bethlehem, Tubas, and Jerusalem. These arrests are part of an ongoing Israeli mass detention campaign in the occupied West Bank coinciding with the bloody Israeli aggression on Gaza.

Minister of Health, Mai Alkaila, has issued a grim warning about an impending disaster in Gaza, saying many wounded individuals are at imminent risk of death due to the severe shortage of medical supplies and fuel necessary to keep hospitals operating.

In a press statement, Alkaila stated that Israeli attacks on the healthcare sector in Gaza have resulted in the deaths of over 150 medical personnel. Additionally, 27 ambulance vehicles have been destroyed, and 16 hospitals and 32 primary healthcare centres are no longer operational.

She pointed out that the ongoing Israeli bombardment around hospitals in Gaza especially in the northern areas aims to force medical personnel to abandon their patients and leave the hospitals to their fate.

‘This represents a complex massacre inflicted upon the wounded and patients, whereby Israel is trying to block their treatment inside Gaza’s very hospitals and is obstructing their transfer to Egypt for treatment by targeting and bombing medical convoys,’ said Alkaila.

The Health Minister appealed to the international community to urgently supply hospitals in Gaza with the fuel needed to save as many innocent lives as possible

In Gaza, 9,488 Palestinians have been killed, by the Zionist murder machine with over 25,000 sustaining injuries. In the West Bank, the death toll has reached 147 since October 7th, with over 2,200 injured. Alarmingly, more than two-thirds of the wounded are children, women, and the elderly.

This Saturday’s march to the US embassy will be the biggest yet and will be determined not only not to allow the Zionist gangsters to impose a fascist regime over the workers of Palestine, but will be equally determined to force the TUC to call a general strike to bring down the Tories and bring in a workers government and socialism in the UK.

Millions of workers throughout the world are watching events closely, and will be determined to play a decisive role in creating a socialist future and smashing imperialism.

We must rapidly build up the WRP in the UK and build sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International in every country in order to organise the victory of the worldwide socialist revolution!