Corbyn must stand fast, remain LP leader and demand a general election NOW!


ON June 23, the masses of the working class rose up and crushed the Cameron leadership of the Tory party by voting to leave the EU.

The Tory leader Cameron has quit as an acting Prime Minister. He is now a caretaker, while the arrogant Osborne is now resigned to losing his post as Chancellor of the Exchequer. In this situation, the civil servants are running the country. The state is in full command.

Meanwhile, the election of a new Tory leadership will not be completed till August. This means that the ruling class is extremely vulnerable should the crisis of capitalism erupt and require major cuts and a new austerity round. As well, the Tories have conceded that for a new Tory government to have a mandate, it will have to go to the country in a general election, and risk the continuing wrath of the masses.

This risky course has a double risk in that a reliable ‘second eleven’ is not ready, willing and able to take the place of the Tories if the need should arise. The Tory nightmare is that an eruption of the crisis could see them forced into a general election, where the masses would once again deal them a terrible blow, resulting in a Corbyn-led left government.

Such a Tory election defeat would see the eruption of June 23 look like a tame torrent since tens of millions would demand the return of everything that they had lost since the 2008 crash. Such a situation would see the masses driving forward creating the conditions for the overthrow of British capitalism and the establishment of a Socialist Republic.

It is this fear that was behind Cameron’s outburst in the House of Commons yesterday when he demanded that Corbyn resign as Labour Party leader so as to allow some Blairite bootlicker to take his place.That the Labour Party right wing needs a broken Tory PM to make that demand on Corbyn on their behalf is a barometer of the desperate situation of the right wing that they need such support.

That the Tories are so concerned that Corbyn, a left centrist, must go, to allow the right wing to get back control of the Labour Party, testifies to the intrinsic weakness of the Tory party and of capitalism. Cameron called out to Corbyn: ‘For heaven’s sake man, go’ declaring publicly his united front with Labour’s would-be Blairite leaders, who did not reject his support.

Corbyn must stand fast. He has the support of the vast majority of the Labour Party membership, who want him not just to stay but to demand a general election to kick the Tories out and bring in a Labour government with a socialist programme.

If the right wing drum up the courage to openly stand for the leadership, the Labour Party membership will see to it that they are defeated. Then the agitation must begin for a general election. After all, Corbyn publicly stated when he committed himself to support the Remain campaign in his speech on Thursday June 2nd, ‘A vote to “Leave” means a Conservative government would then be in charge of negotiating Britain’s exit.

‘Everything they have done as a government so far means we could not rely on them to protect the workplace rights that millions rely on. A Tory Brexit negotiation would be a disaster for the majority of people in Britain.’ This is why seeing off the Blairites is vital.

Once done, the Labour Party must demand a general election so that the interests of the working class and its gains are defended and the bosses are defeated. The truth is that the working class has had enough of austerity, more austerity and yet more austerity, and will continue to show its power in the period ahead to defend the NHS and the Welfare State and to battle for socialism.

The right wing of the Labour Party are terrified of the masses. This is why, if they are allowed to smash Corbyn, the next step will be a gigantic Labour Party purge to drive out all of the new members! The Labour Party must not be driven backwards it must move forwards.

Also, the period ahead demands a massive building of the WRP and the YS to organise the successful British socialist revolution. This is what is on hand.