Cameron’s ‘One Nation’ excludes the working class, youth and poor!


THE Queen yesterday outlined that her government ‘will legislate in the interests of everyone in our country. It will adopt a one nation approach’.

This ‘one nation’ turns out to have massive exceptions, starting with its seven million trade unionists, plus its millions of youth, its rent paying tenants, and the many millions that use the NHS on a regular basis, and the over one million that work in it.

She said, echoing UKIP, that ‘measures will be introduced to control immigration’. One Nation definitely does not include migrants! This is despite Britain’s role in colonising the planet!

The Queen added: ‘My government will bring forward legislation to reform trade unions and to protect essential public services against strikes.’ She was referring to the notorious legislation to be brought in by Cameron to make legal strikes virtually impossible and to ban them in the public sector.

Even reformist trade union leaders have said that these measures will have to be defied, or its back to the Combination Acts, when the working class was definitely not included in the nation!

The Queen continued: ‘To give new opportunities to the most disadvantaged, my government will expand the Troubled Families Programme and continue to reform welfare, with legislation encouraging employment by capping benefits and requiring young people to earn or learn.’

Families’ troubles stem from the fact that many are now so poor that they depend on food banks, and their children go to school hungry. Youth are troubled because they face further increases in tuition fees, and being forced by benefit cuts onto cheap labour ‘apprenticeships’ to supply the bosses with endless cheap labour.

She added that ‘Legislation will be brought forward to improve schools and give every child the best start in life, with new powers to take over failing and coasting schools and create more academies.’

A ‘coasting’ or ‘average’ school now faces closure with pupils and teachers forced into big business sponsored academies, and up to 500 free schools where unqualified teachers are preferred and the teachers’ trade unions and national pay and conditions of service are no longer tolerated. The Tory war against the teaching trade unions and school youth is to be stepped up.

Turning to the NHS, the Queen said: ‘In England, my government will secure the future of the National Health Service by implementing the National Health Service’s own five year plan, by increasing the health budget, integrating healthcare and social care, and ensuring the National Health Service works on a seven-day basis.’

The government has already been warned by the NHS trade unions, including the RCN and the RCM, that have been forced to take strike action for the first time in their history, that this programme and integrating hospital care with care in the community by way of seven day working, will cause more strike actions! As well the Queen’s Speech pledged the right to buy the remaining stock of council and social housing to completely drive working people out of London – hardly a one nation tactic!

The rest of the speech was dedicated to encouraging regionalism and nationalism with English MPs voting for English laws and cities taking control of their jobs and services, and the devolving of wide-ranging powers to Scotland and Wales – proving in fact that a dissolution of the UK is the only way that the bosses can hang onto power.

The package was completed with new laws to fight ‘Extremism’ that will no doubt be used far and wide against opponents of the Tory extremist austerity cuts that Osborne will be unveiling in his second budget on July 8th.

Then the massive cost of keeping bankrupt British capitalism going will be unveiled. This burden is to be carried not by the ‘one nation bourgeoisie’, safe in their clubs and counting houses, but by the working class, the youth and the vast army of the poor.

There is only one answer to this Tory declaration of war and that is the organisation of the British socialist revolution to replace bankrupt British capitalism with a socialist planned economy, producing not for the super-profits of the few, but to satisfy the needs of the masses.