Call for Labour to ‘shake off the unions’


THE election of a Tory government has seen the class war sharpened to explosion point.

Already new anti-union laws have been announced that will make legal strike actions impossible, and there have been immediate attacks on the teaching unions, with the declaration of plans to change the law, so as to be able to rush in hundreds more academy schools.

Education Secretary Morgan has announced that she is planning immediate intervention to shut down ‘failing schools’ saying that it was unacceptable that they should be able to continue for a day after they had been declared unfit.

She intends to send in the ‘hit squads’, and speed up plans to turn hundreds more schools into academies as well as opening 500 more ‘Free Schools’.

These measures, along with the anti-union laws, massive welfare cuts, as well as an onslaught on free speech, are to be unveiled in the May 27th Queen’s Speech.

A ‘special’ budget is to be delivered on July 8th. This will further reveal just where the multi-billion Tory cuts are to be directed to crush the working class and the poor.

That this will be provocation on a massive scale is obvious, even to the out and out supporters of the Tory Party, who are now engaged in a supporting action to preserve a Blairite Labour Party leadership.

The Sunday Telegraph has insisted in its editorial that the new leaders of the Labour Party ‘must admit the mistakes of the past, appeal to the middle class and accept the realities of the free market. The Labour Party has to consign its socialist dinosaurs to the past.’ By socialist dinosaurs it means trade unions which it urges that ‘A modern Labour Party must shake off. . . ’

The Tories know the furious response that will greet the July Budget and want to have their Blairites in charge of a completely neutered Labour Party well before then.

In fact they display a great sympathy for the leader of Scottish Labour, Murphy, who presided over losing all but one Labour seat in Scotland.

They declare: ‘Having only been in charge since December, Mr Murphy was a dedicated moderniser who faced the almost impossible task of halting the Scottish Nationalist Party’s momentum.

Their worry increases: ‘The chaos that has suddenly engulfed Scottish Labour is building in the wider Labour movement, too. It can be found in the campaign to replace Ed Miliband – another struggle between vested interests and more moderate candidates.’ It fears that the chaos will spread to England!

The vested interests are of course the trade unions, and their millions of members who created the Labour Party and have sustained it since 1906, and now face the most vicious attacks since the 1984-1985 miners strike.

The Sunday Telegraph continues: ‘It is vital that British democracy has a competent Opposition that can represent its voters in Parliament.’

They are desperately seeking to preserve Blairism in case the Tories get into big trouble and need the help of Labour to head off a workers’ revolt.

In fact it was under the Blair-Brown leadership that Scotland was lost to Labour because Labour refused to carry out socialist policies!

Balls and Miliband are part of that leadership and continued its tradition of rescuing the banks, by supporting ‘austerity’, this time Labour austerity with a supposedly ‘human face’. This stance cost Labour millions of votes in England and drove it out of Scotland.

The trade unions must use all of their power, political and financial, to return Labour to being a socialist party, pledged to nationalise the banks and the major industries under workers control, and to bring in socialism in place of the current support for vicious austerity measures and capitalism.

However, McCluskey and Co in the TUC are just as much to blame for the Labour defeat as Miliband and Balls, since they supported Labour austerity 100%.

The trade unions face a huge challenge. Their leaders must be ready to call a general strike after the Special Budget, to bring down the Tories and bring in a workers government and socialism. If they will not they must be made to resign and be replaced by new leaders.

This is the way forward! Join the WRP today!