Vote Today On UK Joining Air Strikes On Iraq

Mass demonstration in August last year leading to the defeat of the government’s vote to authorise air strikes on Syria
Mass demonstration in August last year leading to the defeat of the government’s vote to authorise air strikes on Syria

PARLIAMENT has been recalled from its summer break today especially to vote on whether the UK will join the US-led air strikes against ISIL in Iraq.

It seems that currently the Labour Party is opposed to bombing Syria without the agreement of the Syrian government and is saying that the matter has to go before the UN Security Council.

Hundreds of anti-war campaigners protested outside Downing Street yesterday evening ahead of the Commons vote on joining in the bombing of Iraq.

Campaigners insisted ‘While we all reject the politics and methods of ISIS, we have to recognise that it is in part a product of the last disastrous intervention, which helped foster sectarianism and regional division.

‘It has also been funded and aided by some of the West’s allies, especially Saudi Arabia.’

They handed a letter in to Downing Street signed by MPs urging the government to ‘rule out any further military action in Iraq or Syria’.

Tory Prime Minister David Cameron said the UK is ready to ‘play its part’ in fighting Islamic State, which he called an ‘evil against which the whole world must unite’.

Speaking at the UN in New York, the prime minister said ‘past mistakes’ must not be an ‘excuse’ for inaction.

He spoke as US and Arab jets continued bombing Islamic State (IS) targets in Syria, after attacks began on Tuesday.

News Line editor Paddy O’Regan said: ‘The WRP is completely opposed to the imperialist bombing of Iraq and to the current US air raids supported by the reactionary Gulf States on Syria.

‘This crisis has arisen as the Blair-Bush legacy from their war to smash Iraq which was fuelled by lies and deceptions about Saddam Hussein’s supposed WMD threat.

‘They smashed Iraq, destabilised the whole region and laid the basis for the rise of ISIS.

‘In fact many of the ISIS personnel are British and were encouraged to go to Syria to smash Assad.

‘They were unable to do this and their attention has now been diverted to establishing a separate state.

‘US military chiefs are making it very clear that after they have restrained ISIS they will proceed to overthrow president Assad.

‘British workers must demand that the imperialists get out of the Middle East.

‘We call for the Syrian and Iraqi workers to unite to drive the imperialists out of the region and to crush ISIS by forming revolutionary socialist governments.’