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BROWN’S ‘NEW POLITICS’ – as Blair goes missing

WITH Prime Minister Blair organising his post premiership job, Chancellor Brown stepped forward yesterday to promote the latest New Labour ‘vision’ of a ‘patriotic...
Avatar therapy trial has shown a ‘significant advance’ in treating hallucinations

Avatar Therapy ‘Positive Results!’

A REVOLUTIONARY new therapy in which patients suffering from schizophrenia create an ‘avatar’ of their other self and confront it, has had positive results...

UN ratchets up war against Russia – accusing Russia of ‘war crimes’

‘RUSSIA is outraged that its request for an extraordinary meeting has been denied,’ Vasily Nebenzya the permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the...
Postal workers marching in Wolverhampton against Royal Mail privatisation

ROYAL MAIL 20% JOB CUTS – ‘Conflict inevitable’ – CWU

The Communication Workers Union yesterday warned that planned job cuts by Royal Mail will threaten services and downgrade staff to a part-time workforce. Plans seen...

‘Impossible to avoid long strike’ at Delphi

UAW President Ron Gettelfinger and Vice President Richard Shoemaker have issued this statement on Delphi’s announcement that it will file Section 1113 and Section...
TGWU members from the closure-threatened HP Sauce factory in Birmingham lobbying the Heinz headquarters in Hayes, yesterday

57 Varieties Of Corporate Greed

Angry sack-threatened workers from the HP Sauce factory in Aston, Birmingham were yesterday stopped from protesting at the parent company Heinz headquarters in Hayes,...

‘SERIOUS DANGER TO PATIENT SAFETY’ –from Ambulance Service privatisation

Public service union, Unison has warned of the serious dangers to patient safety if the Ambulance Services are privatised. This comes after the East of...
The picket line at East London Mail Centre during this month’s unofficial strike over Royal Mail’s imposition of new starting times

REJECT CWU SELL-OUT – call angry CWU members

THE CWU (Communications Workers Union) yesterday accepted the Royal Mail offer on pay along with plans to modernise the company and reform the...
Students demonstrate last year against tuition fees

‘STUDENT COMMUTERS’ Poorer students forced to live at home and commute

STUDENTS from poorer backgrounds are being forced to become ‘student commuters’, living in their home town and then commuting back and forth on a...
West Hendon tenants fighting for council housing – the government is now planning mass evictions of council tenants

Plan to evict council tenants

THE government is planning to end the right of council tenants to stay in their homes for life. An amendment to the Housing Bill,...
Thousands marched through Ealing on April 24 2013 to stop the closure of the Hospital

Occupy to stop Ealing closure

EALING Hospital workers, patients and visitors yesterday called for an occupation by the trade unions to stop the closure of the hospital’s...

Sparks halt St Paul’s traffic

HUNDREDS of angry electricians halted the traffic for 20 minutes outside St Paul’s Cathedral in central London yesterday morning, during their latest demonstration against...
Adam’s mother (holding banner on left) during a United Families and Friends march to Downing Street

RICKWOOD INQUEST TO OPEN –youngest child ever to die in penal custody

THE inquest into the death of 14-year-old Adam Rickwood in Hassockfield Secure Training Centre on 8th August 2004 will open on Monday 10 January...

Wmd Lies Being Used Against Syria

USING the Bush-Blair WMD tactic, manufactured for use as the cause of war with Iraq, the imperialist powers and Israel were yesterday insisting that...
London Region FBU banner on the picket line outside Ealing Hospital yesterday morning. Most workers agreed that hospital and fire station closures should be stopped with occupations and a general strike

Stop hospital closures with occupations and a general strike!

THE London Fire Brigades Union banner will be on today’s mass march to stop the closure of Lewisham Hospital. Yesterday it was outside Ealing...
Nurses marching against NHS cuts in Nottingham on September 23

NHS Referrals Scandal

The British Medical Association (BMA) yesterday expressed its concerns over Primary Care Trusts diverting patient referrals to private...
A very lively election campaign – Scott Dore (second from right) and supporters outside Morrison’s in Acton

Big Response For Wrp’s Scott Dore

A LARGE Vote WRP, Vote Scott Dore campaign was out in Ealing Central and Acton yesterday. Many local people joined the WRP and promised...


GPs FROM across the UK yesterday resoundingly rejected calls to introduce a charge for access to general practice. The proposal was debated and voted...

School nurses and health visitors – County Durham swings axe!

THE THREAT to cut health visitor and community nurse jobs in County Durham, while Covid-19 is still widespread, was branded as ‘incomprehensible’ by the...

UK’s Shrinking Economy!

THE UK economy shrank by 0.2% in the last three months of last year, according to figures released by the Office of National Statistics...

LIBYAN DIPLOMATS EXPELLED – by terrorist government that’s bombing Tripoli

THE British government took petty revenge after its client ‘revolutionaries’ were driven out of Ras Lanuf and Bin Jawad by the Libyan armed forces...

LONDON FACES STANDSTILL! – as thousands of Metroline busworkers vote to strike

LONDON is set to be brought to a standstill after thousands of bus workers employed by the privateer Metroline have voted overwhelmingly for strike...
Marchers are taking place all over the country to defend the NHS!

STOP MATERNITY CLOSURE! – say Save Eastbourne Hospital Campaign

Campaigners in Sussex yesterday said they will continue their fight to keep fully functioning district general hospitals in both Eastbourne and Hastings. This followed the...
35 Years Since Orgreave

35 years since Orgreave – June 15th, 2019

March & Rally 12 noon, Saturday June 15th 2019 Orgreave Lane, Sheffield S13 9NE Remember those who were attacked and who lost their lives in the miners...

DON’T PRIVATISE ROYAL MAIL – CWU tells Labour Party conference

Hundreds of angry postal workers are lobbying the Labour Party conference in Brighton today against government plans to privatise Royal Mail. Communication Workers’ Union (CWU)...

NURSES DRIVEN OUT – Low pay & axing bursary has caused 37,821 vacancies

THERE are now 37,821 nurse vacancies in the NHS, NHS England confirmed yesterday, releasing the latest data. This is a rise of 1,738 from the...

‘Hospitals don’t have the capacity to cope’ says BMA

HOSPITALS ‘do not have the capacity to cope’ said the British Medical Association (BMA) in response to Emergency Medicine Journal findings about longer waits...

RCN: No fees! Restore bursaries! Cancel debt!

‘FORCING student nurses to pay tuition fees has been a disaster,’ the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) said yesterday, demanding that all student nurses’...
WRP candidate JONTY LEFF and his team are getting a great response on the Pembury Estate in Lower Clapton


AMINATA Sellu, Workers Revolutionary Party candidate for Camberwell and Peckham, received a warm reception and enthusiastic applause when she spoke at a hustings meeting...
Protesters demanding troops out of Afghanistan picketing Downing Street yesterday

Rice-Brown War Talks

Prime Minister Brown had war talks with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at Downing Street yesterday afternoon. The pair discussed tensions within NATO over...

University staff step up struggle

MORE WORKERS at 74 universities across the country joined the strike yesterday as students also came out onto the picket lines to support their...

BRITAIN CAVES IN TO SAUDIS – powerful capitalists are ‘above the law’

Britain was yesterday accused of ‘caving in to the Saudis’ after the House of Lords overturned the High Court’s ruling that the government broke...
Yesterday was a brilliant campaigning day for Jonty Leff and his team, shown above at Hackney Community College


STUDENTS enthusiastically joined the campaign to elect Jonty Leff as WRP candidate for Hackney South and Shoreditch yesterday. They campaigned hard, giving out leaflets, speaking...

New Expenses Crisis!

THE Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, Sir John Lyons, has opened an inquiry into expense claims by the Culture Secretary Maria Miller. This follows a complaint...

Brown Attacks The Public Sector

Prime Minister Brown yesterday outlined plans to slash government employees’ jobs and pay. He said public sector workers earning an ‘over-generous’ salary would be ‘named...

Coulson detained and Cable reveals ‘threats’

Prime Minister Cameron’s former director of communications Andy Coulson was detained by police investigating allegations of perjury yesterday. Coulson was detained at his home...

‘Dictator’ Hunt!

THE BMA yesterday responded angrily to health secretary Jeremy Hunt’s ‘wholesale attack’ on doctors and the threat to impose seven-day working for consultants...

Milan cladding blaze on scale of Grenfell!

A BLAZE on the scale of the Grenfell Tower Fire broke out around 5:30pm local time on Sunday at the Torre dei Moro building...
RMT Tube workers fighting London Underground’s plans to sack 800 workers are threatened by Tory coalition plans to provide free labour for employers

Forced Labour For The Unemployed

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith yesterday revealed plans to force unemployed benefit claimants into slave labour. TUC senior policy officer Richard Exell said...

George Floyd murder trial begins ‘Whole world is watching’

‘GEORGE Floyd was living, breathing, walking and talking just fine until the police put him face down in handcuffs and put a knee on...

Tube Strike On!

Strikes by 10,000 Tube workers will begin on Monday after talks at conciliation service ACAS broke up yesterday. This followed a failure on the part...
Crowds of supporters celebrate the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Party leader at the Refugees Welcome march in September 2015


‘I HAVE just chaired a meeting of the cabinet, where we agreed that the government should call a general election, to be held on...

Corbyn Pledges Another 1945

Jeremy Corbyn, speaking at a children’s centre in Corby, Northamptonshire yesterday, announced that ‘we will do everything necessary’ to stop a No Deal Brexit...

Grenfell – survivors and firefighters under attack

‘WE HAVE been appalled about the way in which the numbers of those who have died have been publicised all the way along,’ Yvette...

Palestinian PM Shtayyeh calls for international action now! – Hunger striker Hisham Abu Hawwash...

PALESTINIAN Premier Mohammad Shtayyeh yesterday called for international intervention to secure the release of a dying hunger-striking prisoner. He told the weekly cabinet session in...