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Greek Concentration Camps For Illegal Immigrants

THE Greek Assistant Minister for Public Order M Othonas said on Wednesday morning that the first concentration camp for alleged ‘illegal immigrants’ could be...
Thousands took to the streets the last time the Tories tried to take Britain to war against Syria in 2013 – then ex-PM Cameron was defeated in Parliament. PM May however recalled her Cabinet in an attempt to join the US war effort without a parliamentary

Tory Cabinet in crisis over war

THE TORY Cabinet was in an emergency session yesterday evening with PM May meeting resistance from fellow Tory cabinet members over joining France...

‘PROSECUTE BOSSES’–TUC – who pay apprentices less than the legal minimum

EIGHTEEN per cent of young people on slave labour apprenticeship schemes are illegally being paid less than the minimum wage, according to the government’s...

Don’t Expel Indian Doctors

THE Royal College of Physicians, the BMA and all the leading medical organisations yesterday demanded the immediate withdrawal of a sudden, and ‘blatantly...

Angry Iraqis March For Saddam

Hundreds of angry supporters of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, many of them armed, protested yesterday against his execution and blamed leading Iraqi politicians for...
Greek riot police on Sunday night attacked protesters, who fought back with petrol bombs in scenes which resembled a war zone. Photo credit: MARIOS LOLOS

Police attack Greek pension cuts protest

FIERCE battles took place outside the Greek parliament building (the Vouli) on Sunday night as riot police attacked the 30,000 youth, workers and poor...
Demonstrators outside yesterday’s hearings where MPs questioned the Murdochs and sacked police chiefs, demanding that Cameron and Murdoch go

Out with Cameron! – nationalise Murdoch empire under workers control

RUPERT and James Murdoch yesterday sought to stonewall MPs questioning them about phone-hacking at the ‘News of the World’, denying any responsibility or knowledge...
Picturehouse cinema workers striking for the ‘Living Wage’ – they have had enough of austerity

Workers Demand ‘End Austerity!’

SURVATION – who accurately predicted the hung parliament – also now shows Labour storming to a 7 per cent lead over the Conservatives. ...

Unemployment set to soar

UK bosses yesterday warned that the deepening UK slump will see unemployment soar further to 2.9 million next year. The manufacturing sector turned in its...
Refugees demonstrate on Thursday evening in Athens against police raids Photo credit: NASEEM LOMANI/KIRIAKI KROK

Armed Greek riot police raid refugee centres

GREEK armed riot police squads raided in the early morning of last Wednesday three buildings in the northern city of Thessaloniki where refugees were...

Fresh Tory council cuts – Vital services axed

THE NEW financial year has kicked in, and with every council budget being cut to the bone the future of leisure centres, council run...
Waltham Forest UNISON members brought their banner to show their support for strikers in Leytonstone yesterday

DEFEND JOBS AND SAFETY say striking RMT, TSSA members

RAIL union RMT said yesterday’s strike for tube safety and safe staffing levels on London Underground was ‘rock solid’, and demanded that the rail...

Pm May Sticks To Backstop!

TORY PM Theresa May pledged in a speech to business leaders in Belfast yesterday to confirm her commitment ‘to deliver a Brexit which ensures...


Business Secretary John Hutton yesterday ruled out a rethink on the decision to scrap the lowest tax band, amid claims that the Brown government...

2.8% Rail Fares Rise – ‘A Kick In The Teeth For Passengers’ – RMT

THERE is to be a 2.8% rail fares rise for 2020. The increase will be based on the Retail Prices Index (RPI) inflation measure of...

‘Big Four’ supermarkets pay back £1.7bn in Covid funds

SUPERMARKET giants Tesco and Morrisons have claimed almost £1bn worth of emergency finances between them – finances that were made available for shops that...
Health workers demonstrating against cuts outside Kingston Hospital in March this year

£1bn NHS underspend

Public sector union UNISON yesterday called for a ‘fresh start’ in response to a forecasted £983m surplus in the NHS. Mike Jackson, Senior National Officer...

BBC unions to ‘trawl for volunteers’ for the sack

‘The BBC unions agreed ‘a trawl for voluntary redundancies’ during last Wednesday’s four-hour meeting with BBC Director General Mark Thompson. Thompson would give no guarantee...

Benefits Cap Hits Poorest

THE Benefits Cap came into force nationally yesterday, setting poor families and the unemployed as its main target, capping the total amount of benefits...
Section of the rally in central Athens during the recent public sector national strike

MAY DAY MANIFESTO – ‘Permanent state of Revolution!’ says Greek dockers’ leader

THE Editorial Board of the News Line sends its revolutionary greetings to the workers of the world at a time of the greatest ever...

260 DEAD IN KENYAN FIGHTING – after Presidential election rigged

As the death toll rose to 260, EU monitors yesterday cast doubts on the results of Kenya’s disputed presidential vote. This stepped up the pressure...

Action Is Needed To Defend Royal Mail Jobs And Pensions

CWU members working in Royal Mail are facing the greatest threats to their jobs and conditions in the entire history of the postal service. With...

MPs must vote to recognise Palestine!

LEADING figures in the British and Israeli Labour parties are working together to defeat the resolution to recognise Palestine, that is to...

Venture Capitalists Are Targeting Sainsbury!

Venture capitalists Texas Pacific and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts are this week expected to bid for the supermarket group, J Sainsbury. Their take-over will mean sackings,...

Hunt Accused Of ‘lying’

CULTURE Secretary Hunt was accused of ‘lying to Parliament’ in the House of Commons yesterday, during the debate demanding that Hunt’s conduct over the...

Brutal Racism In Paris

WORKERS groups in France are considering legal action, after a shocking video emerged of black women and children being brutally dispersed by police in...
Workers listening to a classical music concert at the ERT grounds last Friday night

Occupiers won’t quit ERT

‘COME and get it if you dare!’ was the defiant reply of the ERT (Greek state TV and Radio network) workers’ union POSPERT to...
Students gathered in their thousands in Trafalgar Square at midday yesterday and many took up their positions on Nelson’s Column

25,000 YOUTH IN WHITEHALL – as LibDem Cable buckles

Students demonstrated and marched in towns and cities across Britain yesterday in the third day of protests against tuition fees, university cuts and the...

Hold police to account over deaths – demand relatives to IPCC report

RELATIVES of people who died in police custody yesterday insisted that reforms pledged by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) be implemented without delay...

Ventilator Rationing!

VENTILATORS are to be rationed, using tactics employed on the battlefield, where army medics choose who to treat and who to leave to bleed...

Publish 7-day NHS plan – BMA challenges Cameron

THE BMA yesterday called on David Cameron to set out the detail of his plans for more seven-day NHS services. The BMA said:...

KIDNAP & TORTURE – British government knew say judges

Foreign Secretary David Miliband yesterday lost an Appeal Court bid to stop the disclosure of secret information relating to the torture of UK resident...
Determined striking lecturers on their picket line outside Tower Hamlets College yesterday

Tower Hamlets Day Of Action Called

Striking lecturers at Tower Hamlets College in East London yesterday called on other trade unions and colleges to join their Day of Action next...
Sacked Greek cleaners struggle with riot police – Ukrainian workers know that once the economic agreement is signed with the EU they will face similar struggles

KERRY THREATENS RUSSIA says ‘you must disarm Separatists’

US Secretary of State John Kerry has called on Russia to show ‘within hours’ that it is ‘working to disarm separatist militants’ in eastern...

SCHOOLCHILDREN WALK OUT! – against Edinburgh closures

Children at two Edinburgh schools yesterday staged a walkout of classes as part of a campaign against the planned closure of 22 schools and...

Failed Labour leaders quit!

APOLOGISING to his party, Labour leader Miliband resigned yesterday mid-day following his party’s wipe-out in Scotland compounded by losses in England. He told supporters: ‘Earlier...

Unite-Gmb Appeal To Tories To Save Workers’ Jobs!

THE UNITE and GMB trade unions have appealed to the government to announce a bespoke financial package to save the beleaguered aviation industry. The two...
Workers marching on 10 Downing Street to condemn the savage cuts policy of Cameron, Osborne and Clegg

GMB defies ‘lock-out’ notices

THE GMB trade union has reiterated its stance of refusing to enter talks at Rhondda Cynon Taff in response to the issuance of a...
Unison members demand ‘No NHS cuts or privatisation’ on the TUC 500,000-strong demonstration in London last October

Bring down the Coalition! – the only way to defend the NHS

Health Secretary Hunt’s attempt to turn the report on the ‘breakdown in healthcare’ at Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust into an attack on the NHS...

DEVASTATING! – GMB slams Corus closure shock

Tata Corus’s shock decision to mothball Teesside Cast Products (TCP) is a ‘premature decision that will have disastrous consequences for Teesside and the UK...

33% Fewer Hospital Beds!

‘WE ARE concerned that the implementation of the Health & Social Care Act risks the fragmentation of patient care highlighted in this report,’ Paul...

JOBS AND PENSIONS UNDER THREAT – as Tata moves to take over Corus...

THE Transport and General Workers Union has reacted with caution to the news that Indian conglomerate Tata has bought steelmaker Corus, formerly British Steel,...
Over 500 workers and youth marched through Athens on Thursday night against the Syriza betrayal demanding ‘Cancel the debt’

Germany signs austerity ‘deal’ – as Greek workers riot

THE GERMAN parliament voted yesterday to extend the ‘bailout package’ to Greece by another four months, while in Greece workers erupted on the streets...