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Lecturers during a strike at Lambeth College – they are among sixteen colleges on strike next week

UCU members to strike next week at 16 colleges

STRIKING staff at Abingdon and Witney College will be on picket lines outside both the Abingdon and Witney campuses from 8am on Tuesday...
Thousands of parents on May 3rd took their children out of school to boycott the SATs – over 10,000 call for Education Secretary Morgan to quit

MORGAN MUST GO! – Demand 10,000-strong petition & NUT

TORY Education Secretary ‘Nicky Morgan has failed and must resign!’ teachers union NUT demanded yesterday. Teachers, parents and school students are furious at the chaos...

Send Hospital ship to Gaza – 70,000 sign petition

SEVENTY thousand people have signed a petition calling for the UK government to send the hospital casualty ship RFA Argus, currently based in Falmouth,...

British Gas to sack its entire workforce

BRITISH Gas is to sack its entire 10,000-strong workforce today, in a vicious attack which has been met with strike action over months by...

Barclays Sacking 1145!

UNITE has expressed its alarm at the announcement yesterday that Barclays bank is closing a major processing centre in Leeds with nearly 800 jobs...

RCN Demands A 5% Above Inflation Pay Rise

FOLLOWING the ONS (Office of National Statistics) announcement yesterday that inflation in the 12 months to May soared to 11.7%, the RCN (Royal College...
WRP candidate Arjinder Thiara and a group of his supporters are determined to defend the NHS and keep Ealing Hospital open

Mobilise unions to save Ealing Hospital – says WRP’s Arjinder Thiara

THE VOTE Arjinder Thiara Workers Revolutionary Party for Ealing Southall campaign team got great support from Ealing Hospital workers and patients yesterday morning, following...
A section of July’s 5,000-strong march to parliament to oppose the coalition’s Health Bill, organised by the health union Unite

Defend Our Hospitals!

PUBLIC sector union Unison yesterday condemned former NHS Chief Executive from 2000-2006, Nigel Crisp’s call to close or merge hospitals. Now Lord Crisp, he told...
Midwives on the picket line at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital on November 24 – they will be joining other health unions striking on January 29th

NHS A&E Crisis

HEALTH unions responded angrily to figures released yesterday showing the worst NHS waiting times in decades. This unprecedented crisis, the unions said, is a result of...

Powerful demo to stop ticket office closures

A POWERFUL demonstration against mass railway ticket office hours cuts and total closures was held outside London’s Kings Cross Station early yesterday morning, with...

The Great Care Home Massacre!

A series of ‘shockingly irresponsible’ government decisions put tens of thousands of older people’s lives at risk and led to multiple violations of care...

Dozens injured as Israelis storm Al-Aqsa

Dozens of Palestinians were injured as Israeli forces entered East Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque compound following Friday prayers yesterday, firing tear gas, rubber-coated bullets and...

Murder in Syria was for ‘self-defence of Iraq’–claims ambassador

FOLLOWING the uproar questioning the legality of the UK drone assassination of a British citizen in Syria, a letter to the UN casts doubt...
Tens of thousands have marched through London determined to fight for a Palestinian victory

Israel demands Hamas disarm! – in attempt to undermine the ceasefire

EGYPTIAN officials said yesterday that Israel was demanding that the Gaza Strip be ‘demilitarised’, and Hamas be disarmed, creating uncertainty over whether the...

Series of 48 hour postal strikes

POSTAL workers have announced a series of 48-hour strikes to fall on Black Friday and after Tech Monday, as workers will also hold a...

END OCCUPATION – demands the Palestinian Prime Minister Shtayyeh

PALESTINIAN Prime Minister Mohammad Shtay-yeh yesterday called for a serious track to end the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and establish the Palestinian...

ANOTHER LOCKDOWN IS POSSIBLE! – says Professor Peter Horby

IN A statement to Parliament today Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce a new three-tier lockdown system where each region in...

Labour Misses Targeted Councils

LABOUR failed to take targeted councils from the Tories in Thursday’s elections, including Wandsworth, Kensington & Chelsea, Swindon and Westminster. However it won back...
GPs taking part in a demonstration of junior doctors

‘End 7-Day Open Obsession’

‘FOUR months ago in this very hall the profession declared that General Practice is in a state of emergency,’ BMA GPs Committee (GPC) Chair...

Parents going hungry! – to help feed their children

THE parents of Britain’s poorest children are going hungry so that their children have some food on the table. Both parents and children are...
Firefighters marching through Aylesbury demanding the reinstatement of sacked colleague Ricky Matthews – after Maude’s statement they know that the biggest battle is directly ahead to stop the privatisation of the fire service and all public services

Privatise Fire Service & NHS plus wage & job cuts – Tory plan for...

HOSPITALS and fire services will be run ‘outside the public sector’ Francis Maude, Tory Cabinet Office minister revealed yesterday, speaking to the Daily Telegraph. Firefighters...

Banfield urges Tories –‘No more excuses – make credible offer!’

WORKERS blame the government for the 7.7m-long waiting lists in England, finds a survey. As doctors in England begin the longest period of combined industrial...

Tory-Lib Dem Underfunding Has Created ‘Extreme Risks’ To NHS

LABOUR IS pledging a relentless focus on the NHS in its first 100 days in government as new research reveals hundreds of ‘extreme’ risks...

‘We need a general strike’ – the Tories have to go!

‘WE NEED collective action and a general strike. This Tory government has to go. It’s spent the last ten years looking after the bosses...

May Beaten – Corbyn Calls For Election!

PM MAY lost her latest high-stakes gamble in the House of Commons when her EU Withdrawal Bill was defeated by 344-286 MPs despite a...


THOUSANDS of revolutionary youth and workers defied tear gas, bullets and Sri Lankan armed forces as they stormed the office of Prime Minister Ranil...
Two of the protesters outside the embassy of Ecuador who have ideas about making big changes in the UK

Bradley Manning must be released says Assange

THE head of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, yesterday afternoon thanked supporters for ‘turning out in the middle of the night’ when ‘police were storming up...
Health unions have warned that next year’s wage increase must match inflation

Food & Fuel Prices Soaring!

HUGE petrol and food price increases have pushed up the UK cost of living, cutting workers’ wages and living standards. The Office of National Statistics...

Airlines ‘Staring Bankruptcy In The Face’ – Balpa

BALPA the pilots trade union yesterday called on the government to rescue the air industry with the ‘same approach that kept the banks afloat’....

Rbs Thumbs Nose At Jobless!

The Royal Bank of Scotland, which received a £20bn bail-out with taxpayers’ money, is to proceed with a £1bn payout in annual bonuses. This is...
Thousands marched through Stafford to demand their A&E is open 24 hours seven days a week

‘REINSTATE OUR FULL A&E!’ demand Support Stafford Hospital campaigners

‘IT IS absolutely outrageous! We demand that they reinstate our full A&E, not only the children’s, to 24-hour A&E,’ Julian Porter told News Line...
Firefighters lobbing the Fire authority last month demanding ‘No cuts’

London FBU Walk Out

London’s 5,600 firefighters go on strike at 10am this morning, and will stay out until 6pm, after the London Fire Brigade sent them all...
Medical secretaries demonstrate outside Crawley Hospital yesterday against outsourcing

Crawley Medical Secretaries Protest

MEDICAL secretaries mounted a lively lunch-time demonstration outside Crawley Hospital in West Sussex yesterday against Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust’s decision to outsource...

The nail in ‘coffin UK!’ – Manufacturing output and Sterling falls

UK manufacturing output fell by 1.5% in January indicating that the UK is heading for a ‘triple-dip recession’. Yesterday’s announcement led to an immediate fall...

Hostile Environment – Youth targeted & charged £2,033 every 30 months

THE TORIES’ Hostile Environment is alive and kicking with a new extortionate fee of £2,033 charged every 30 months, targeting people whose immigration status...

‘Unite has aided mass sackings!’ – BA workers demand recall Unite conference to sack...

BRITISH Airways workers yesterday accused their union leaders of ‘aiding and abetting’ BA in its mass sackings and contract-busting plans, and demanded the Unite...
Striking firefighters at Holloway Fire Station, Hornsey Road on the picket line yesterday mid-day

Government is provoking firefighters strikes!

FIREFIGHTERS taking strike action this weekend are angry that a leaked letter reveals that the government consciously provoked the action rather than negotiate...
Demonstrators outside the Israeli embassy were confident that the Palestinan masses would stand fast and force the arrogant Israeli aggressors back

‘Victory for defiance in face of death!’

GAZA prime minister Ismail Haniya has hailed the Egyptian-brokered truce agreement between the Palestinian resistance and Israel as a triumph for the Palestinian people. He...
Disabled claimants protesting in Norwich in February – new claimants now face a £30 a week cut to their benefit

Tories step up war on poor

THE TORY government has launched an all-out assault on the poorest and most vulnerable sections of society, slashing disabled people’s money, cutting child tax...

Australian doctors demand ‘humane stance’

IN THE British Medical Journal today, a leading doctor is calling on the Australian government to stop constraining doctors in the care of asylum...

‘time For Apologies Over’ – Barclays Bank Boss Tells Mps

THE Tory-LibDem coalition has given the banks an assurance that they are at liberty to continue to pay unlimited bonuses, with no government regulation. The...
The marchers got a tremendous response from the Stafford Hospital occupiers who gave them huge support

Great weekend for YS March for Jobs!

THE YS March for Jobs had a great weekend as it won massive support in Stafford and Stoke on Trent. ‘Whose hospital, our hospital!’ rang...
Nurses marching in Nottingham last month demanding no cuts to the NHS

AN ‘OUTRAGEOUS PAY CUT’! – UNISON & RCN reject pay board threats

Trade unions representing nurses, midwives and health workers covered by the ‘independent’ Pay Review Body (PRB), yesterday reacted angrily to a government-proposed huge ‘pay...

TORIES BREAKING APART! – Gove suspected of an anti-Johnson plot

SENIOR Tories sought to deny that the Tory government is breaking apart yesterday, with former Brexit Secretary David Davis congratulating PM Boris Johnson for...
Supporters of the Gate Gourmet sacked workers picketing the venture capitalist summit in Frankfurt on Tuesday which was attended by the Texas Pacific boss

Gmb Members Picket ‘Vulture Capitalists’

GMB members yesterday went to Germany to demonstrate outside a gathering of the European Venture Capitalists Association (EVCA), at the same time as Prime...