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Protesters outside Downing Street on July 11 condemned Israeli war crimes against Lebanon – Amnesty International has said Israel bombed  civilians deliberately

Israel in crisis over failed war

Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert is under pressure to authorise an independent commission of inquiry into the conduct of the recently failed war in...

Job Centre Strike!

Thousands of Jobcentre Plus (JCP) call centre staff will strike on April 18 after bosses refused to improve working conditions and customer service, the...
Marchers on a TUC demonstration against austerity demand jail for the bankers

Bank admits undercover EU exit probe

THE Bank of England was yesterday exposed as planning to deceive the public over research it is carrying out into the financial risks of...

‘All asbestos must be removed from schools!’

Education unions in the UK have reaffirmed the urgent need to protect students and education workers from asbestos in schools, demanding that ‘all asbestos...
On July 1st 300,000 marched on Parliament after McDonnell urged them to do so – since then Labour has refused to call for the Tories to go

Banks ‘racing to the bottom!’ – says Labour’s John McDonnell

THE BANK of England has revealed that banks extended new mortgage commitments to borrowers worth £69.6bn in the three months to the end of...

RBS BANK CRASHES! – from £5bn pfofit down to £802m loss

The Royal Bank of Scotland yesterday revealed a half-year net loss of £802 million, the second biggest in British banking history. This was after...

May forced to accept all amendments

THE TORY government confirmed that it will accept all four amendments put by the Tory pro-Brexit MPs to the Chequers sell-out White Paper. Prime Minister...
Lambeth College strikers at their lunchtime rally yesterday

‘LET’S CONTINUE!’ say Lambeth College strikers

LAMBETH College UCU began an indefinite strike yesterday in their escalating struggle against the imposition of new contracts. The new contracts would take away both...

Manufacturing Orders Decline

UK manufacturing growth fell to its lowest rate for 21 months in June as new orders declined, the latest Markit/Cips survey says. The groups’ manufacturing...

Welsh NHS Cuts!

‘We are very concerned for our members and our communities,’ Wales UNISON head of health Dave Gallaghan told News Line yesterday. He was responding to...
Visteon workers on the Enfield picket line yesterday stand together but the company is making different redundancy offers

Anger At Visteon Settlement!

‘WE’VE been shafted,’ ex-Visteon Enfield Unite branch chairman Steve Parenti told News Line yesterday. He explained that sacked workers on Ford Mirror Contracts, which were...

2,018 babies taken into care

A HUGE rise has taken place in the number of babies taken by social services from ‘Troubled Families’. Figures compiled by the University of Lancaster...

MASSIVE CORRECTION – on the way says BIS bank

THE head of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) issued a chilling warning yesterday. . . that the world economic system is headed for...

Hamas, Fatah Gun Battles In Gaza

Palestinian resistance movement Hamas yesterday accused Palestinian National Authority President Mahmud Abbas of attempting a military coup after Fatah forces sealed off two Hamas-led...

Renegade Blair predicts a UK civil war!

THE Former and completely discredited prime minister Blair, who took the UK into a war with Iraq that was based on lies and brought...

94.5% yes for post strike – CWU leaders run away!

COMMUNICATION Workers Union (CWU) members in Royal Mail have beaten the anti-union laws for the third time in less than three years delivering a...

Publish 7-day NHS plan – BMA challenges Cameron

THE BMA yesterday called on David Cameron to set out the detail of his plans for more seven-day NHS services. The BMA said:...

SA miners continue with strike action! –ANC & Zuma are condemned

SOUTH African platinum miners were yesterday continuing their strike, and their wives are occupying the entrance to the British-owned Lonmin Marikana mine. Lonmin has given...

Half A Million More Rely On Housing Benefits

THE UK’s failure to build affordable homes has led to a soaring housing-benefit bill – with half a million more people now relying on...
West London Council of Action pickets looking forward to the march into the hospital next Wednesday

‘We must save Ealing Maternity’

‘I HAD both my babies here and I had the best possible care. I live in Southall, I know how important Ealing Maternity Unit...

Italy Vote Sends Shudders Through Markets

EUROPEAN stock markets fell sharply yesterday, with the election result in Italy producing no government, but marking a massive vote against austerity. Italy’s FTSE MIB...
Locked-out Vivergo workers from Hull marching in London last month for support for their struggle. One of their union officials has been arrested

GMB official arrested

A GMB National Officer was arrested at the protest against the lockout of 430 workers at BP Saltend, in Hull yesterday morning. GMB national officer...
Damel Carayol’s painting produced ‘out of pure anger’

GRENFELL INQUIRY: May forced to retreat!

‘WE ARE extremely pleased, we are relieved, but we are disappointed that we had to go through all of this to get the Prime...

Labour Calls For An Emergency Budget!

LABOUR is calling for an emergency budget to bring forward measures to tackle the cost of living crisis as inflation soars to a 30-year...

COVER-UP – Grieving families condemn Network Rail

PARENTS of two young girls killed on an Essex level crossing in 2005 accused Network Rail of a cover-up yesterday, after the rail privateer...

Blair Profiles Poor For Special Measures

PRIME Minister Blair yesterday revealed his plan to use the same profiling techniques that are being used to identify ‘terrorists’ to identify...
Greek hospital workers demanding free health care for all. Their banner declares ‘All together we will win!’

Greek workers march against cuts and privatisation!

THREE thousand hospital workers, Metro workers, primary school teachers and pensioners marched through Greece’s capital, Athens last Wednesday. The day of strike action was against...

Russia for negotiated ceasefire! – ‘There will be no joining NATO!’

THE RUSSIAN Ambassador to the United Nations, Vassily Nebenzia, held a press conference in New York yesterday during which he made it clear that...
Media workers demand indefinite general strike

Media workers demand indefinite general strike

GREEKjournalists, printers, technicians and media office workers staged a 100 per cent successful national strike on Monday against wage cuts and mass sackings, demanding...

VITAL SKILLED JOBS TO GO! – Government cuts aid to Sheffield Forgemasters

the Tory-led government announced the cancellation of 12 funding projects worth £2 billion yesterday, as well as the suspension of a further 12 projects...
PCS members on the picket line outside the National Gallery yesterday, determined to defend their pay and conditions

Mass Picket At The National Gallery

THE opening of the long-awaited Velázquez exhibition was disrupted yesterday, as 140 non-shift attendants walked out for the first one-day strike in the 200-year...

NAHT industrial action ballot after 90% reject pay offer!

THE NAHT school head teachers union executive has announced that it will move to a formal industrial action ballot after a 90% membership vote...

OCCUPY GM PLANTS – Nationalise motor car industry

‘THE news that General Motors is heading into bankruptcy means that the future of all GM plants is in the balance, especially the two...
Teachers and junior doctors united in struggle marched through central London last month demanding ‘No privatisation of the NHS, No privatisation of education!’

Tory Forced Academies Plan Ditched

THE TORY government has been forced to make a fundamental retreat: their plans to force all of England’s schools to become academies have been...

Bank of England votes 5-4 to keep interest rates at 5.25%

UK interest rates have been left unchanged after the Bank of England said price rises were slowing faster than expected. Interest rates were held at...
Scargill speaks to pickets at Orgreave. He told reporters later: ‘Ther have been scenes of almost unbeleivable brutality . . . reminiscent of a Latin American police state’

THE GREAT MINERS STRIKE 1984-85 – PART TWO: Mounted police and riot squads attack...

IN the last article we saw how the state had leapt into action from the outset of the strike to try and break it...

Unite-Rolls Royce jobs deal – includes a 10% pay delay for 1 year

THE UNITE union has agreed a package with engineering giant Rolls-Royce to financially protect the 20,000 UK workforce during the coronavirus emergency by delaying...


‘The strike is strong, the public are still behind us and members are strong and want to continue,’ striking RMT London Area Council Rep...

999 pilot–lethal consequences

A TORY pilot trial extending ambulance response time by two minutes has had lethal consequences, with many more patients suffering heart attacks not making...

‘Education needs more money NOW!’ – insists Courtney as 300,000 teachers strike today

HUNDREDS of thousands of members of the National Education Union (NEU) are on strike in 23,400 schools throughout England and Wales today and next...
Unison leader PRENTIS with delegates from the Unison Health Conference joined the picket line at the Brighton General Hospital yesterday

Massive doctors picket lines –answer the Cameron-Hunt threats

THE TUC must organise a national day of action in support of the junior doctors’ dispute and our NHS, the Public and Commercial Services...
Angry fishermen outside DEFRA (the Department of the Environment, Fisheries and Rural Affairs) yesterday

BLOCKADE THE PORTS – say fishermen after no progress in talks

‘BLOCKADE the Ports’ was the cry that went up from up to 300 fishermen, at the outcome of their meeting yesterday with Jonathan Shaw,...
Workers outside the law courts fighting the bedroom tax and condemning the situation where mothers were skipping meals to feed their children

‘FOOD POVERTY!’ A public health emergency says BMJ

FOOD poverty in the UK has now become a ‘public health emergency’, a group of health experts said yesterday. In a letter to...
Victimised firefighter RICKY MATTHEWS (left centre) with FBU general secretary MATT WRACK at yesterday’s march in Aylesbury

REINSTATE RICKY MATTHEWS! – 2,000 firefighters march through Aylesbury

‘REINSTATE Ricky Matthews!’ demanded 2,000 firefighters on a national FBU demonstration in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, yesterday. The march took place as firefighters throughout England took 24-hour...