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The North-East London Council of Action marching to keep Chase Farm Hospital open – Tory-LibDem coalition plans spell

RISKY AND DISASTROUS! – warn health union leaders

The scale and pace of the government’s planned NHS ‘reforms’, combined with £20bn cuts, is ‘extremely risky and potentially disastrous, warned the leaders of...

Crucial Tsipras-Merkel talks

GREEK Prime Minister Tsipras is meeting German Chancellor Merkel in Berlin today, with officials in Brussels, Berlin and the ECB now openly acknowledging the...

Tata To Sack 1500

Yesterday’s announcement of 1,500 job cuts by Tata Steel in mills in Scunthorpe, Teesside and Hartlepool, is a ‘devastating blow’, the GMB union said. Keith...
Junior doctors demanding training posts and calling for the defence of the NHS; many are very angry at the BMA for not defending them

BMA BOOSTS BROWN’S PLAN FOR ‘INDEPENDENT’ NHS – before BMA conference even discusses it

THE BMA yesterday, on the eve of its Annual Representative Meeting in Torquay, sought to impose Gordon Brown’s plan for an ‘independent board to...

BA WANTS A WAR! – says Tony Woodley

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has launched a back-stabbing attack on the British Airways workers and their union, demanding that their strike planned to...

Southall FBU Sending Delegation

LOCKED out Gate Gourmet workers have been getting tremendous support for their campaign for their march through Southall demanding the reinstatement of all the...
A section of the 100-strong vigil outside the Syrian embassy on Friday evening in memory of the over 70 killed in the latest bombing in Damascus

Syrians Support Assad

Around 100 Syrians and supporters held a vigil outside the Syrian embassy in London last Friday evening, to condemn last Thursday’s terrorist bombings in...

GAGGED! – ex-soldier who exposed Labour’s lies on rendition

‘As of 1940hrs 29/02/08 I have been placed under an injunction preventing me from speaking publicly and publishing material gained as a result of...
NUJ and BECTU members during strike action against cuts at the BBC in May, 2005

READY TO STRIKE! – after BBC Director General announces 2,800 redundancies

Broadcasting and journalism unions BECTU and the NUJ said yesterday they are bracing themselves for the launch of strike action to defend jobs and...
The Palestinian town of Jenin which was occupied by a large force of Israeli troops for 78 hours from the morning of December 29

Strike! To Reinstate BA Shop Stewards!

British Airways (BA) yesterday sacked a second Transport and General Workers Union (TGWU) shop steward ‘for his involvement’ in the unofficial strike last August...
The platform at yesterday’s press conference given by the family of Jean Charles de Menezes, including his cousins Patricia da Silva Armani (second from left) and VIvian Figueiredo (third from left)

Hold The Police To Account Demands de Menezes Family

THERE will always be doubts in the minds of Jean Charles de Menezes’ relatives about why there is no CCTV evidence of when armed...
Illegally striking workers and their supporters outside the Hellenic Steel plant in Aspropyrgos near Athens

Another Greek strike illegal

THE seven and a half month old strike at the Hellenic Steel plant in Aspropyrgos, just 20 km from Athens, has been declared by...

Beaten To Death

A leaked US Army Criminal Investigation Command report has revealed a catalogue of prisoner abuses, including two deaths, by the US military at Bagram...

Tube Strike Action Tonight

ON the eve of tonight’s tube strike action the RMT announced that it is calling for an immediate and indefinite suspension of the Mayor’s...

Israeli Forces Severely Beat Palestinian

ISRAELI forces transferred a Palestinian man to a hospital after severely beating him in his house in Abu Shkheidim village, northwest of Ramallah,...

Forty universities infected by Covid

AS MANY as 40 different universities around the UK have now reported corona cases as the virus sweeps through the education system. After the University...
Over 500 workers and youth marched through Athens on Thursday night against the Syriza betrayal demanding ‘Cancel the debt’

Germany signs austerity ‘deal’ – as Greek workers riot

THE GERMAN parliament voted yesterday to extend the ‘bailout package’ to Greece by another four months, while in Greece workers erupted on the streets...

BA PENSIONS CRISIS – work longer or pay more, workers told

BRITISH Airways workers are being threatened again that they will either have to work longer or pay more to maintain the value of their...

Wmd Lies Being Used Against Syria

USING the Bush-Blair WMD tactic, manufactured for use as the cause of war with Iraq, the imperialist powers and Israel were yesterday insisting that...

1,800 will spend Christmas in an immigration detention centre!

UK GOVERNMENT figures show that over 1,800 people in Britain will spend the Christmas holiday incarcerated in immigration detention centres, prompting calls to end...
Junior doctors marched in their thousands a week ago throuhh London and Glasgow, in opposition to the MTAS scheme, defending their jobs and the NHS

JUNIOR DOCTORS QUIT TALKS – scrap the Medical Training Application Service (MTAS)!

Junior doctors have withdrawn from the government established review body set up to try to resolve the failures of the flawed and...

Sylvester Killing – No Action Against Police

THE family of Roger Sylvester are disappointed but not surprised by the decision of the Independent Police Complaints Commission that the police officers involved...


‘We are heading for a serious conflict,’ UNISON head of health Karen Jennings told News Line yesterday. She was referring to statements by the new...

Assad Forces Go On The Offensive

SYRIAN government troops late on Sunday repulsed an attack by an armed gang on a police school in the northern city of Aleppo. This came...

Thousands join BBC unions to take strike action!

The BBC was gripped by the biggest strike in ten years yesterday, as over 11,000 journalists and technicians from all three BBC unions –...

US Orders Tories Stay In The Eu!

THE US has laid down the law to the Tory government that the UK must stay in the EU and keep its Trident...

‘What gives Israel rights to annex these lands?’ – Abbas addresses UNSC

‘WHAT GIVES you the right to annex these lands?’ Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas demanded, referring to Israel’s plan to seize even more of Palestine...

Yellow Vests marches all over France

ON SATURDAY Yellow Vest protesters marched in cities across France for the 25th straight week, with 18,900 protesters taking part. Dozens demonstrated at Paris’s Charles...

Parliament recalled: over war on Syria

PARLIAMENT is being recalled tomorrow with prime minister Cameron demanding Labour support for his ‘clear motion’ for military action against Syria. Downing Street released a...

ASDA takeover – 100,000 at risk

THE GMB union has demanded assurances from the new owners of Asda over the future of over 100,000 workers as the supermarket chain was...
Doctors at the British Medical Association Annual Representative Meeting in June voting to keep privateers out of the NHS


A privately-run NHS walk-in centre has been forced to launch a probe after complaints by a doctor about the safety of patients were...
Striking Cambridge postal workers said the mood is defiant as they look forward to the national strike

Post Strikers Determined To Win!

‘The mood is defiant,’ said striking postal workers in Cambridge yesterday. This came as the Communication Workers Union branded Royal Mail’s business approach ‘chaos management’. Thousands...


SPORTS Direct, the infamous zero-hours employer, is asking shareholders to approve £11m in back pay for Mike Ashley’s brother John. Unite assistant general secretary Steve...

HYPOCRISY! – No pay for snowbound tube workers

London Mayor Boris Johnson was yesterday accused of ‘gross hypocrisy’ by rail union TSSA after tube staff were told they will not be paid...
TUC Congress delegates voting for co-ordinated strike action to defend jobs and pensions on Monday

‘We Will Defeat The Health Bill!’

DELEGATES passed motion 51 on ‘Southern Cross and the Care Sector’ yesterday morning at the TUC. It called for ‘robust regulation’, ‘all care homes to...
Demonstration to defend the NHS marching from Bart’s Hospital on Thursday evening

NHS AT RISK! – warns Public Accounts Committee

MPs on the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) have warned that the disproportionate growth in spending on specialised services poses a risk to the financial...

Go Now! Workers Tell Greek Pm

FOLLOWING Greek Prime Minister Yiorghos Papandreou’s calling of a referendum on the EU austerity programme, angry workers have called for his immediate resignation and...
Chagossians angrily demonstrating outside the House of Lords that voted against their right to return

Chagossians Are Furious At Miliband Stab In The Back

‘IT’S UNACCEPTABLE. All they are doing is making their own decisions and taking away our rights,’ the chair of the Chagos Islands Community Association...

Parents support Northolt teachers

TEACHERS on a second day of strike action at the Alec Reed Academy in Northolt, west London yesterday, were joined in support outside the...
Students marched from the University of London Union to Parliament yesterday demanding free state education. In Parliament Square they tore down the fences and occupied

Parliament Square Occupied!

‘FREE Education Now!’ chanted over 10,000 students on a march through central London to Parliament yesterday. Demonstrators from all over Britain also shouted: ‘Workers and...

SECRET INQUESTS PLAN! – No juries! – to cover up deaths in state custody

Legal charity INQUEST yesterday condemned government proposals in the Counter-Terrorism Bill 2008 which ‘give unprecedented powers to the Secretary of State to intervene in...

Another mass picket at Gate Gourmet

THE mass picket of over 100 Gate Gourmet workers at Heathrow Airport yesterday were angry at capitalist press revelations that at least two of...
Young Socialists lobbying the TUC demanding the abolition of zero-hours contracts – Balls refused to deal with the issue in his speech to the Labour Party Conference

Balls to means-test pensioners!

LABOUR Shadow Home Secretary Ed Balls, yesterday made it crystal clear that if elected, Labour would continue Tory policy to to make pensioners, workers,...