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National Gallery staff rally outside the gallery at the start of their strike against privatisation in July last year

National Gallery staff battle privatisation

WORKERS at the National Gallery struck for five days from yesterday over plans to hand all visitor services to a private company, the Public...

Gchq Was Listening To Omagh Bombers

THE Cheltenham-based electronic spying agency, GCHQ, recorded mobile phone exchanges between the Omagh bombers on the day of the attack in 1998. The...

MILLIONS STRIKE IN SPAIN! – against wage cuts & sacking legislation

Spain was gripped by a 24-hour general strike by millions of workers yesterday. It was called in protest against a new law making it...

Labour Rescues Cameron Government

PM Cameron was rescued by Labour from a humiliating defeat in the House of Commons on Europe on Tuesday night after he faced his...

Go to work tomorrow! says Johnson – but don’t use public transport

‘WE SAID you should work from home if you can and if you can’t work from home not to work. We have now changed...
Kentish Town firefighters in their recent strike action – the battle against cuts and closures is taking place all over the country

Cuts Will Devastate Tyne And Weir Fire Service!

A PLANNED £5 million cuts will devastate Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, say local firefighters. The Fire Brigades Union has warned that proposed...
UNISON general secretary DAVE PRENTIS (centre)  at the NHS Together lobby of parliament on November 1st

STOP THIS CLOSURE! – Maidstone Hospital A&E threatened

A senior consultant at Maidstone Hospital in Kent last Saturday publicly announced that he has resigned his managerial post because of plans to close...
Part of the 400-strong lobby of Barnet council on Tuesday night against its savage cuts programme

Barnet Council Mass Lobby

Over 400 workers, youth, pensioners and local service users lobbied Barnet Council on Tuesday, furious at the massive cuts and privatisation imposed by the...
At their rally outside the House of Commons yesterday nurses made it very clear they they intended to smash the pay cap

‘SCRAP THE CAP!’ – ‘We deserve better’ say angry nurses

‘SCRAP the cap!’ shouted thousands of nurses from all over the UK rallying in Parliament Square yesterday. The rally was organised by the Royal College...

Super-exploitation in Covid-infected meat factories!

THE LINK between outbreaks of Covid-19 at meat processing plants and the sector’s widespread exploitation of migrant workers on low pay and insecure contracts...

UK Huge Wages Fall!

WAGES in the UK have seen one of the largest falls in the European Union since the coalition came to power, according to official...

Supreme Court rules proroguing ‘unlawful’

THE SUPREME Court yesterday openly sided with a Parliament full of Remainers condemning the proroguing of Parliament by Tory PM Boris Johnson as completely...

BMA condemns & rejects Primary Care specifications!

THE BMA’s England GP committee has voted not to accept a contract agreement with NHS England and condemned the recently-published draft service specifications outlining...

Hospitals running out of vital equipment!

HOSPITALS are ‘running out of vital equipment’ while at the same time GP surgeries are running out of flu vaccines, it emerged yesterday...
Thousands demonstrated yesterday opposite the entrance to the Israeli Embassy in London against the blitzkrieg on Gaza

FREE PALESTINE! – shout several thousand demonstrators

Demonstrators pushed through the police barricades shouting ‘Free, Free Palestine’, as several thousand people protested outside the entrance to the avenue leading to the...

Sunak Extends Furlough

TORY Chancellor Rishi Sunak has confirmed that he will extend the furlough scheme across the UK until the end of March. Sunak said the scheme...
Cleaners, security and catering staff at the Royal London Hospital took strike action against their employer Serco last year

Carillion crash hits NHS hospitals hard

THE LIQUIDATION of Carillion has created such a crisis in the NHS that 14 hospital Trusts have had to trigger their emergency ‘contingency...
Travel Safe strikers lobbying Transport for London head office yesterday

Travel Safe Action

‘TRANSPORT for London – do the right thing!’ shouted striking London Overground Travel Safe security workers lobbying TfL head office in Victoria yesterday. ‘What do...

Labour Misses Targeted Councils

LABOUR failed to take targeted councils from the Tories in Thursday’s elections, including Wandsworth, Kensington & Chelsea, Swindon and Westminster. However it won back...
Up to 100 members and supporters of the Pakistan Peoples Party gathered outside the Pakistan embassy yesterday afternoon. They told News Line that the Musharraf regime and its agents were responsible for the murder of Benazir Bhutto

‘WE WILL TAKE REVENGE ON RULERS!’ – Nawaz Sharif tells crowds

At least thirty people were killed as President Musharraf yesterday called out the army to restore order in the cities as violent protests spread...

NHS Being Cut To Aid Private Sector!

The British Medical Association (BMA) yesterday expressed concern over the cancellation by an Oxford hospital of a routine heart procedure because of lack of...
A group of the locked-out Gate Gourmet workers outside the Employment Tribunal in Reading

GATE GOURMET SACKINGS ‘PREMEDITATED’ – union pfficial confirms

APPEARING at the Gate Gourmet sacked workers employment tribunal yesterday was Brendan Gold, TGWU national secretary for civil aviation transport. He was also responsible at...
Lewisham BMA on the last big march on January 26 against the plans to close the hospital – their contracts are now under attack by the government

GP contract changes will harm patient care!

THE government’s proposed changes to the GP contract in England risk putting targets before patients and could seriously destabilise local patient services, GP leaders...
Marchers in Nottingham on September 23 determined to fight any cuts to the NHS

77 NHS TRUSTS FACE AXE! – GMB will oppose says Sharon Holder

Trade union leaders were meeting with health secretary Hewitt yesterday evening, on the day news emerged of a leaked ‘hit list’ of 77 NHS...

‘Boycott General Motors’ Demands Unifor’s Dias

UNIFOR National President Jerry Dias, speaking during a press conference, has asked for all Canadians and Americans to boycott all General Motors vehicles that...


‘All these centres should be closed down, there should be no immigration controls,’ Teresa Hayter of the Campaign to Close Campsfield told News Line...

Striking Bus Workers To Top Up Their Claim!

BUS workers are to increase their Olympic Games payment claim against the bus privateers and Transport for London (TfL), Unite declared yesterday. London buses will...

‘Stop state-sponsored racism!’ – Take ‘hate vans’ off the streets

DOREEN Lawrence, the mother of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence, has asserted that ‘racial profiling’ is being used in immigration police stop-and-check operations. She spoke out...
Some of the 300 demonstrators outside the Whittington Hospital yesterday lunchtime who are determined it will not be closed

Keep Whittington Open!

Over 300 people rallied outside the Whittington Hospital, north London, yesterday lunchtime, against the closure of the hospital’s A&E and maternity departments. Organisers ‘Defend the...
Metroline, now bankrupt with its RMT workforce demanding nationalisation

King Warns About Intensifying Crisis

In a paper submitted to the House of Commons Treasury Committee, Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England warned yesterday: ‘The recent turmoil...
CWU pickets at Hornsey Lane Delivery Office on Friday morning

‘This Is A Fight We Cannot Afford To Lose’

Postal workers yesterday called for public sector unions to come out on strike with them on the eve of the second of two 48-hour...
Journalist JOHN PILGER (centre) joins HENGRIDE PERMAL (left of centre) and OLIVIER BANCOULT (third from the right, front row) in a demonstration against the House of Lords ruling yesterday

HOUSE OF LORDS RULES FOR US IMPERIALISM! – Abolishes the right to return of...

‘WE WILL return to the Chagos Islands – it’s our right!’, ‘We will return to Diego Garcia – it’s our right!’ shouted more than...

Greek workers fighting while Russia & China queue up to buy!

THE Greek National Federation of Railworkers (POS) has expressed its ‘disappointment’ at the government’s intention to privatise TRAINOSE (Greek Railways). In a statement issued on...

All Out For Gate Gourmet Demonstration

‘WE want all trade unionists and everyone who supports the working class to come to our march next Saturday,’ Gate Gourmet locked-out worker Raksha...
Sacked Gate Gourmet workers marching through Southall. Fellow TGWU members who worked at BA who came out on strike in support of them were told to return to work by the TGWU leaders because their supporting action was illegal

‘COORDINATE STRIKE ACTION’ – says PCS leader Serwotka

‘WE are now about to move to ballot 270,000 members for industrial action, unless the government withdraws its threat of compulsory redundancies.’ This is what...

£2,000 A Year Price Rise For Meals-On-Wheels!

HARROW Unison local government branch has launched a campaign against Harrow Council’s plans to increase its charges for its Meals on Wheels service by...

Corona cases soar by 25% across UK!

CORONAVIRUS infections have risen by 25% across the UK, according to the latest data from the Office for National Statistics, to more than 35,200...

Nuj Demands Open Debate On Spooks

THE NUJ has voiced its concerns at the erosion of civil liberties and attacks on press freedom, in a motion to the TUC Congress...

MAY HAS UNDERMINED BREXIT says ex-Brexit Under Secretary Steve Baker

EX-BREXIT Under Secretary of State Steve Baker, who resigned along with Brexit Secretary David Davis, told The Sunday Telegraph that Prime Minister May had...
Teachers marching on the pensions strike in November 2011. This year the two largest teachers unions are to take joint strike action

Teachers Announce Joint Strike Action!

The two largest teacher unions, the NUT and NASUWT, representing nine out of 10 teachers in England and Wales, are to stage a series...

Tens of thousands strike in north of Ireland!

THE north of Ireland was yesterday gripped by a 24-hour general strike by health, education, transport and civil service workers protesting against job...
Unite members outside the High Court yesterday demonstrating for jobs and opposing the attempt to jail the leaders of the Enfield occupation

Unite Pledge To End Occupation

KEVIN Nolan and Piers Hood, the Unite convenor and deputy-convenor at the Visteon plant in Enfield, appeared in the High Court in the Strand...

Cleaners fight 23% wage cuts

ANGRY GMB members are demonstrating outside the CoNEL College in Tottenham this morning against an ‘utterly shameful’ attack on college cleaners which cuts their...

Legal Action Against French Police State Violence

THE family of a 73-year-old French woman injured in a police charge at a protest are taking legal action. Geneviève Legay fell and hit her...

Rees-Mogg prepares to eat his Brexit words for deal

LEADER of the House of Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg indicated yesterday that Tory PM Boris Johnson is preparing to bring back to Parliament this Saturday...