Heathrow workers support WRP’s Zulkifal

WRP election candidate for Ealing Southall, Hassan Zulkifal’s team yesterday, getting strong agreement from Heathrow workers

HEATHROW Airport workers signed up to support the campaign to elect Hassan Zulkifal, WRP Ealing Southall general election candidate, yesterday.

Unite member Ram Sheemar said: ‘I work for LSG Skychef and I’m voting for Hassan because he’s fighting for the working class. I want a general strike to defend the NHS and bring in a workers government.’
Bakul Patel, five years a Unite shop steward at Omni aircraft cleaners, said: ‘I’m backing Hassan because of his pledge to reopen Ealing Hospital maternity department, which is where my son was born. It must be restored now.’
Roop Lal, a Unite member at Alpha caterers at Heathrow, said: ‘Hassan is an educated young man from the working class who sympathises with the working class and understands their problems. You can trust him, he’s got a fighting spirit and his policies are for socialism.
‘We need a socialist system and a general strike and revolution to get it.’
Satnam Singh, a Southall resident and GMB member on Terminal 3, said: ‘They have closed our job centre, our police station and our seven-day GP surgery. We have to save our hospital. I’m voting for Hassan. We’ve had enough of Sharma (Ealing Southall Labour MP) We want him out.’
Candidate Hassan Zulkifal said: ‘Thousands of Southall residents work at Heathrow and they are a powerful force. I worked at Heathrow and there is huge exploitation there.
‘Heathrow workers are highly unionised. Thousands of them live in Southall.
‘They all agree with our programme and policies. We need to stop the privatisation of the NHS and we can only do that if we take the power.’

  • Outside St Charles Hospital in North Kensington Bilyana Stefanovic told WRP candidate Scott Dore campaigners ‘I am opposed to NHS privatisation. It is the number one issue.

‘All the other parties make promises and then break them.
‘Housing is a big issue, prices are crazy. I bought a flat in 2003 but had to sell it because I couldn’t afford the mortgage payments.
‘Governments have not put money where it is needed but spend it on stupid things like NATO which has destroyed upcoming nations.
‘NATO broke up my country, Yugoslavia and Blair was responsible for destroying Iraq.
‘The EU was involved in breaking up Yugoslavia we manufactured everything and exported many things, what Germany could not achieve through war it has done with the EU.’

  • Outside Peckham library young mother Helen Smith said, ‘I will vote WRP on Thursday because the poverty in this country is appalling and something has to change. The rich are getting richer. We have voted to leave the EU and we still haven’t left.

‘They don’t care about our vote otherwise they would have carried it out by now. They have built all these fancy new flats round here but not for us. We need social housing we can afford.’
Student David Unaduce said: ‘I think the NHS must be saved. Education must be free for all no matter what level you are. The working class must be looked after with decent pensions and a welfare system.’
Rachel Deacon, charity worker for Kids said: ‘As a Jewish person I support the Palestinians. The Jewish people have been persecuted from day one and they shouldn’t do it to others. I support a Palestinian state with Jews, Muslims and Christians living peacefully together. I work with disadvantaged children and families have 5p in the bank and no food for their children. We definitely need a revolution to sort this out.’