‘Gate Gourmet Can’t Get Away With This!’


Yesterday was the beginning of the third month since the more than 700 Gate Gourmet workers were locked out at Heathrow Airport.

Speaking on the picket line TGWU member Mojo said: ‘I would like to see Gate Gourmet close down because of the way they are treating workers.

‘They haven’t informed anyone as to where they stand. All the sacked Gate Gourmet workers should have had the letters last week. Where do we stand?

‘Are we one of the 144 sacked or one of the 395 “lucky ones” who are getting their jobs back.

‘Everyone should get their jobs back on their old terms and conditions. The union leaders are useless. They have sold us. We need new leaders and some of the shop stewards need replacing. The senior shop stewards are the worst.’

Mr A Singh said: ‘In the olden times workers were appreciated and we had good working conditions.

‘I have been working for the past 33 years and there have been a lot of changes. I’m getting the same wages as 15 years ago. Everything has gone up in price but our wages have stayed the same.

‘New Labour is the same as Conservative. We can’t let Gate Gourmet get away with this. We told the union at the beginning that they have to fight for every job.

‘We need to change the unions to make them like they used to be when they stood up for working people.’

Mr Hothi said: ‘We are waiting for letters from Gate Gourmet to find out whether we have a job or not.’

TGWU Branch Secretary Jarnail Singh said: ‘We are still waiting for the company letters. The letters should have arrived last Wednesday.

‘Today’s the start of the third month since we were locked out. Two weeks ago they said on the TV that the Gate Gourmet problem is solved. But it is worse because people don’t know where they stand. We are still waiting for a solution.’