‘They have crashed into a mountain of granite!’

Defiant Libyan students and workers in London condemn the NATO imperialists
Defiant Libyan students and workers in London condemn the NATO imperialists

THE Libyan leader has vowed not to surrender and to fight till the end. He urged the ‘masses’ to march on the rebel-held areas in order to ‘liberate them’. Addressing a march staged in his support in Al-Ujaylat town, southwest of Tripoli, Muammar al-Gadaffi said NATO and the European Union would be destroyed in Libya.

He particularly vented his anger at the French president and urged the French people to expel him to his country of origin, Hungary.

He urged ‘millions’ of Africans, Arabs and Muslims to join the battle in Libya in order to defeat NATO forces.

He accused the NATO leaders of war crimes and called for them to be apprehended and tried by the International Criminal Court.

He also referred to NATO leaders as ‘cowards’ for killing children and women. The speech was broadcast by Al-Jamahiriyah TV on July 14.

Gadaffi said: ‘This is a sea of people, huge waves of people! These are angry and defiant masses who will never surrender. NATO will be crushed. We are the brave, we are the mujahidin and we are the sons of the mujahidin.

‘We do not betray our ancestors and we do not betray our past which is decorated with pure blood. We will never forfeit our future, the future of our children and grandchildren.

‘The war was fought here in Al-Ujaylat. This is the triangle! It used to be called the triangle of children. Once again, Al-Ujaylat is more populated and more powerful than what it was in 1911 and after 1911, during the Italian invasion.

‘We are more powerful than in the past. We defeated them when we were small in number and weak. Now we are strong and there are millions of us. We also have with us millions. This is the response to all attempts of destruction and attempts by colonialism to subdue us. They want to destroy us, they want us to surrender, they want us to abandon the livelihood of our children, they want us to abandon our children, they want us to renounce our glory, they want us to waive our freedom and independence and they want us to abandon our land!

‘To hell! To hell one thousand times and to hell one thousand times! We will never forfeit our rights. Even if we all die we will not forfeit our dignity, our freedom and our pride.

‘So the dogs can bark as they wish and let them drop all the bombs they have! But we will survive! Either we will be exterminated or will live here against their will. We are ready for martyrdom! We are ready to die at any second. This is important to us.

‘They must understand this! They must understand that they have made a monumental and strategic mistake. They have been met by a solid rock. They crashed into a mountain of granite which is the Libyan people, the resistance of the Libyan people! How could they defy the Libyan people in their dignity and provoke the Libyan people in their sovereignty!

‘They speak about the independence of Libya and the transition period! Is Libya colonised for them to speak about a transitional period? It is them who need a transitional period to move to the jamahiri power of the masses system, which is implemented in Libya.

‘We will not forfeit the sovereignty of people. With the exception of the voice of God, no other voice is stronger than that of the Libyan people. So they have to listen to the voice of the Libyan people only.

‘These are the Libyan people. The only reason they cannot hear the voice of the Libyan people in Benghazi is because they were ruled by guns, slaughter, torture and mutilation of their bodies. Let the Libyan people in Benghazi be free so that you can hear their voices. What are they going to say? They will say the same thing which the masses are saying today in Al-Ujaylat. We are one people! The power is in the hands of the people and we are not going to renounce it till death. The NATO leaders are free to talk about any transition and then go and implement it in their countries. . .

‘Yes, I can see crowds from Al-Ujaylat. But we want such a meeting in a battlefield, in the battle to liberate the Al-Jabal al-Gharbi! O sons of Al-Ujaylat and sons of the western region! The enemies are defying you and the stupid traitors are defying you! They landed an aircraft waving the reactionary flag in Al-Jabal al-Gharbi!

‘You must march on Al-Jabal al-Gharbi to liberate it inch by inch! You must march on Al-Jabal al-Gharbi, women before men! This is the battle of home to home. You must liberate these towns, house by house.

‘We are now exhibiting the almighty power of the masses in Al-Ujaylat. But we are telling them that tomorrow, one day, these masses – men and women – will march on Al-Jabal al-Gharbi to liberate it. It is not for Al-Jabal al-Gharbi to remain transgressed and humiliated. It is not possible to allow the reactionary flag to fly in Al-Jabal al-Gharbi! It is the flag of the Al-Sanusiyah reactionary which betrayed Libya! It is the flag of Al-Sanusiyah which helped the Americans, the English and the Italians to occupy Libya inch by inch.

‘Libya was liberated by the revolution, by the green flag, by the great September 1st revolution. The whole of Libya was a colony. This is the flag of colonialism, the flag of reactionary, the flag of shame and the flag of submission. This is the flag of shame and disgrace! Anybody who waves this flag does not deserve dignity because he does not deserve to live in dignity! He does not deserve freedom because he is the enemy of freedom! He wants to be a slave of colonialists. Anybody who accepts this flag means he accepts disgrace and humiliation and accepts to forfeit Libya’s freedom and independence.

‘Yes, I thank you for these banners which say “we are your loyal soldiers” and “we sacrifice our lives for you!” I know it! I will also sacrifice my soul for you! It is not possible for me to abandon my loyal people! I will stay with my gun with my people till the last drop of my blood, and we will triumph against the unjust campaign, the campaign of colonialism, and the campaign of hatred! This is the campaign of tyrants. They imposed on us a war in our homes! They killed our children while they were asleep in our homes! They killed babies and women! They have no morals or faith. How do you allow the killing of babies and women! . . .

‘Yes, we are calling for millions of volunteers to come to Libya from Africa, from the Arab world and from the Muslim world. . .

‘Now they are hatching conspiracies in order to subjugate Yemen, Syria and Iran! This is very clear! It is a neo-colonial campaign. The end of the campaign, however, will be here in Libya! The end of NATO will be at the end of this battle!

‘It is Libya which is going to destroy NATO! The end of the European Union will be here, in this battle! The end of Schengen will be here, in this battle! The end of the euro will be in this battle! They are facing bankruptcy and economic crises as a result of the brazen capitalist system! . .

‘NATO needs to think again . . .

‘War criminals must be apprehended and referred to the International Criminal Court (ICC) because they have committed crimes. It is them who must go and leave the peoples of Europe. We want to develop relations with the peoples of Europe. We want to establish relations of friendship and cooperation with the peoples of Europe and with the European continent. We are speaking in the name of Africa, in the name of the African Union, in the name of the Arab nation and in the name of the Muslim nation…The war criminals must be apprehended because they are war criminals. They must be referred to the ICC. If there is an ICC it must apprehend and try NATO leaders. Is this ICC a court? Who recognises it! Go to hell!’