Statement by the Revolutionary Marxist League –Greek Section of the International Committee of the 4th International


• No to the destruction of collective agreements!

• Down with the EC-IMF austerity measures Accords!

• Withdraw from the EC and NATO!

• GSEE and ADEDY must call an indefinite general strike for the abolition of all anti-labour laws!

The historic devastating defeat in the May 6th election of the pro-Austerity Measures Block of the conservatives and of the social-democrats, is an expression of the resistance of workers and youth to wages and pensions cuts, to privatisations and mass sackings, to the destruction of social services.

This resistance has spread panic to Greece’s overlords the EC and the IMF and to their local lackeys, at a time when the Eurozone is collapsing under the impact of the world economic crisis of capitalism.

But what is sending tremors to Brussels, Berlin and Washington is not the reformist SYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left party), but the revolutionary nature of the resistance of the Greek working class and youth to the austerity measures Accords.

At the G8 summit, the great differences between the imperialist powers were revealed as to how they will confront the world economic crisis and the revolutionary situation in Greece. The so-called Eurobond – essentially the printing of money by the European Central Bank, as it is being done in the USA and Britain – cannot resolve the crisis.

This is not a ‘cyclical’ crisis of capitalism as emphasised by the Greek Communist Party (KKE) and by the ANTARSYA (a coalition of left-centrist parties); this is the system’s terminal crisis, the death agony of capitalism. By branding the crisis as ‘cyclical’, both the KKE and ANTARSYA accept a future for capitalism; thus in their criticisms against the ‘Left’ government proposed by SYRIZA, they refuse the call for the socialist revolution today.

In the June 17 general election, workers will wage an ever bigger defeat on the EC-IMF Accords counter-revolution. But a ‘Left’ coalition government, envisaged by the SYRIZA leaders, would not resolve the problems of workers and of society, since both the Eurozone and world capitalism are bankrupt.

In front of us are historic class battles as the working class will oppose a ‘Left’ capitalist government which spreads illusions but refuses to satisfy workers’ basic demands: the restoration of wages and pensions to 2009 levels plus inflation-rate rises, the reinstatement of all sacked workers, the abolition of anti-labour laws, and the proper funding of health, education and social security.

For all these to be achieved Greece must withdraw from the Eurozone and NATO, write off its debt, and nationalise all banks and big business without compensation and under workers’ control and management.

What is necessary is the independent, unified, class action of the working class and its allies, for the replacement of the treacherous leadership of the GSEE (Greek TUC) and ADEDY (public sector trades unions federation), and for the formation of a United Front of all workers and the establishment of mass Peoples’ Assemblies in all areas.

Now is the period to build the mass revolutionary party to lead workers to state power, to a socialist government of workers and small farmers, on the basis of the planned nationalised economy, in alliance with the all-powerful European working class and the Arab uprisings.



Athens, May 21, 2012