ELECTION MANIFESTO of Young Socialists – Workers Revolutionary Party


General Election – Thursday 7 May 2015

ALL over Europe the anti-austerity revolution is raging and on May 7 workers in the UK will deliver their own blow by bringing down the Tory-led coalition regime!

During the Tory-led coalition’s rule, despite the raging economic crisis, the bankers, bosses and the rich have all flourished and all got richer, having had billions of quantitative easing money stuffed into their banks and pockets, while workers wages have been slashed by over 10%, with rents now up to £500 a week for ordinary families!

Despite the illegal tax avoidance and other activities taking place at the HSBC bank, its boss, Stephen Green, was made a Tory trade minister, and under Tory rule, only one of the ultra rich tax avoiders has faced prosecution. HMRC tax inspectors failed to prosecute a wealthy tax cheat who did not submit returns or pay any tax for 24 years.

HM Revenue and Customs had concluded that Paul Bloomfield, a property investor involved in the redevelopment of Wembley Stadium, was a UK resident and liable for 20 years” tax. Bloomfield was on a list of HSBC clients with secret Swiss accounts.

All this was taking place while poor alleged ‘benefit cheats’ were being persecuted and prosecuted, to the point where under the latest Cameron scheme those who are deemed to be obese, and not doing enough to cure themselves, are to have their sickness benefit stopped!

While the rich have got richer, workers have had the ‘bedroom tax’ imposed on them, have had their housing benefit cut or for the under 35s completely removed.

Meanwhile tenants are facing a landlords’ offensive with their rents being driven up or facing mass evictions as the private landlords and developers seek to grab their homes, and redevelop entire areas in London to provide private apartments for the rich of the world. London is being cleansed of workers by a government that favours the rich and powerful.

Health and education workers are having their wages cut on an annual basis, while the NHS and state education are being ruthlessly privatised. The government has turned university education into a preserve of the rich with its £9,000 fees, and created a mass of students who after they get degrees are super exploited by business as unpaid interns, who make the bosses fabulous profits.

Almost a million youth are unemployed and have now been told that youth unemployment is to be abolished and that they will be drafted onto cheap labour schemes at under £3 an hour as ‘apprentices’ to make more superprofits for the rich! If they refuse they are to be deprived of all benefits.

Hundreds of thousands of workers are now being driven on to zero-hour contracts where they are a slave to the boss and only work when he or she says so, without any basic benefits such as sickness and holiday rights.

The Tories are creating a hell for the working class, the majority of the middle class and the youth, while the bankers who caused the 2008 banking crash, and have been supplied with over a £1trillion of government aid to survive the crisis are riding high knowing that they are ‘untouchables’.

The Tories now admit that another five year term with them at the helm will bring £50bn more cuts, as their capitalist crisis deepens and they bring in new anti-union laws that will make most strikes illegal, and make all strikes in the emergency services illegal.

As well, another Tory term will mean the end of the NHS, and see it being taken over by US private healthcare, with the proposed TTIP free trade agreement between the US and the EU making renationalisation illegal.

Hard won basic rights are also to be abolished. Legislation is now on the books that will allow UK citizens to be kept out of the UK after their passports have been seized at the point of entry, without any proof of wrongdoing. The legislation also allows UK citizens to be forcibly internally relocated, a form of internment last seen in Ireland under Thatcher.

This Tory regime has to be smashed on May 7!

The WRP/Young Socialists are standing seven candidates in this election because returning Labour as the government is not enough, and will not resolve the problems of the working class. Labour is based on the trade unions, and is not the same as the Tories. However it is not a socialist party and is pledged to carry out similar policies as the Tories, to balance the books of bankrupt capitalism, including the acceptance of Universal Credit which means Miliband and Balls will act as ruthlessly as this task requires.

We support voting Labour where a WRP/Young Socialists candidate is not standing, because its victory will see the workers advance in their millions to demand the restoration of everything that the Tories have stolen, and will create the conditions for a socialist revolution and a workers government.

We say vote WRP to build the revolutionary leadership in the massive way that will be required to overthrow British capitalism.

•WRP/YS candidates stand for the renationalisation of the railways, energy companies, BT, and the bus services, and to end all attempts to privatise the NHS. This will provide the quality services that people require and take the profit out of them.

We stand for the nationalisation of the land, the banks and the building industry and for a socialist plan to build millions of new homes for all, at a nominal council house rent. This will resolve the unemployment crisis and provide hundreds of thousands of proper apprenticeships for youth to learn skilled trades at trade union rates of pay!

•WRP/YS candidates are for the re-introduction of the EMA so that school youth can carry on with their studies and for the abolition of student loans and debt with the reintroduction of student grants and free state education.

•WRP/YS candidates are for the right to vote at 16!

•WRP/YS candidates stand for an end to all slave labour schemes and that every worker, young and old, will have proper trade union rates of pay, with holiday and sickness entitlement.

•WRP/YS candidates are for the abolition of all of the state spying laws that have been passed by the Tories, that make George Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’ look like an amateur. We are for the repeal of all anti-union laws.

•WRP/YS candidates are for a socialist foreign policy to end imperialist war and to create the basis for the unity of the Arab people with the working class of the EU and America. We stand for the UK to recognise the state of Palestine, and to immediately halt the arming of Israel.

We are for the withdrawal of all UK troops from the Middle East, the ending of the attempt to destroy the government and people of Syria, and the establishment of fraternal relations with the workers of Russia and China.

We are opposed to the imperialist war drive to reorder the world that will touch off another massive worldwide imperialist slaughter.

We are for the unity of the workers of the world, and in Europe we advocate that the EU be wound up and be replaced by the Socialist United States of Europe.