World Crisis Of Capitalism Requires World Revolution


CAPITALISM is a worldwide system dominating the whole planet, in which there is no national solution to the problems brought about by the latest and deepest ever world crisis of the capitalist system.

It is a world crisis that requires a world revolution to put an end to capitalism. This world revolution is now being driven forward by the class struggles that the world crisis is provoking.

British capitalism is locked into this world crisis, and is being deeply affected as the depths of its historical crisis are exposed.

Among these are that this was the first capitalist country, the inventor of capitalism, and then the great imperialist power, on whose empire the sun never set. It has gone from this to being a heap of rocks offshore of Europe, that is impotent in the face of the developing world crisis. It is no longer feared, but is fearful of the way that every eruption of the crisis will affect it.

As the Tory leader Cameron has explained, the destruction of the eurozone would be an economic catastrophe for the UK and its bosses and bankers. Yet, at the same time as he urges the EU to integrate towards a single state, he and the British bourgeoisie fear this outcome, and in particular that the ‘Banking Union’ will bring disaster and an end to what is left of the domination of the City of London.

This is why Cameron, at the current EU summit, is demanding that under the ‘Banking Union’ the City of London’s position must be guaranteed, something which the German and French bourgeoisie are determined not to agree to, at any cost.

Margaret Thatcher’s conception was that Britain did not need an industrial base, and that it would flourish as the world’s banker, with a trickle of the vast riches going down to the millions of the working poor in the service industries to keep them quiet.

With this in mind, she was happy to shut down the mining industry, since it would put an end to the power of the NUM, while Britain would always be able to purchase energy cheaply on the world market – so she thought.

She never answered the question as to what the UK would do when the banks crashed, leaving the deindustrialised UK to sink or swim, as the current phrase goes.

The banking crash exposed British capitalism as a state with a ruling class that is 100% parasitic – that can only survive if its banks and industries are put on permanent life support, using trillions from the public purse to support the banks and the various privatised rail and transport industries, as well as a nuclear power programme that is completely beyond private capital.

British capitalism has been transformed from the number one world power into the great parasite that cannot survive on its own two feet but must permanently rob the working class, the middle class and the poor to survive.

No longer is British capitalism an example of the survival of the fittest – it is now ruled by parasites who deserve to go down with their system.

The developing world crisis has seen the planet transformed through huge food price increases, vast banking and industrial crashes, bloody imperialist interventions and now the beginnings of civil wars in the main EU states. Everywhere the class struggle is erupting.

In Britain the big push of the ruling class to smash the NHS, the Welfare State and the benefit system has begun and there is no doubt that it will meet a massive and revolutionary response.

The issue of the hour is to build the WRP into the leadership of the working class in the UK to organise the working class to take the power from the parasitical ruling class, and to build the Fourth International worldwide so as to lead the developing world socialist revolution to its victory.