Workers of the UK and USA must send May, Trump and the EU packing with socialist revolutions!


US PRESIDENT Donald Trump, on arrival to the UK on Thursday, did an interview with the Sun newspaper in which he said that he thought Tory ex-foreign secretary Boris Johnson ‘would be a great prime minister’. Last Monday, Johnson resigned as foreign secretary in protest at the sell-out Chequers White Paper, pushed by PM May, which completely capitulated to the EU over Brexit.

Trump said of Johnson: ‘He is a very talented guy. I was very sad to see him out of government. I think that he would be a great representative of the UK. I think he has the right attitude, he would be a great prime minister.’ On the White Paper, Trump said: ‘If they do a deal like that, we would be dealing with the EU instead of dealing with the UK, so it will probably kill the deal,’ referring to a UK-US trade deal.

The Tory Party, like the British ruling class, is split from head to toe over the White Paper. One half wants to be a vassal to the US bosses while the other half is desperate to be the vassal of the EU bosses and bankers.

News Line and the WRP are clear. We do not support the EU and we do not support American imperialism. We do not support May and we do not support Trump. The European Union is an organisation of bankers and bosses that operates as a dictatorship, sucking in billions of pounds of UK workers’ money, and also loan-sharking money to countries like Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland, bankrupting them and then demanding its money back, with interest. When they cannot pay, it smashes them up, selling-off and privatising their public services, either exporting their youth as in Ireland, or subjecting them to massive unemployment as in Greece, France, and Italy!

We demand that the UK breaks from the EU NOW, not just to uphold the interests of the British working class, but to uphold the interests of the entire European working class. Such a break will spark revolution throughout the continent, bring down the EU and replace it with the Socialist United States of Europe. This is the only way that any worker in Europe is going to win a future.

We have the same principled approach to the workers of the USA. Like us, their enemy is at home. Trump has desperately turned on his allies to try to force them to accept the full impact of the developing crisis of capitalism, so as to avoid a socialist revolution at home. The ‘bully’ is terrified of the US working class! He has a truly desperate policy for the truly desperate state of world capitalism.

Our message is: ‘Workers of the World Unite! Your enemy is at home. It is not the workers of some other country. Resolve the crisis of capitalism through workers’ revolutions that pave the way for worldwide socialism.’ We urge US workers that their enemy is at home. They must rise up against Trump and the US plutocrats, not just to bring down Trump, but to bring down US capitalism and replace it with socialism.

Meanwhile, capitalist Britain is bankrupt. The ruling class has lost its world empire and lost its place in the world. The British rulers are split over which master to serve, to become the vassal slave of the EU, or provide the same service for the US ruling class.

Trump says that a ‘soft Brexit’ will kill a US trade deal. This poses the question: What exactly has Britain got to trade? The only thing that the UK has that is of any worth to the US, or the EU bosses, is the National Health Service, worth £122bn a year. The US health companies are smacking their lips at the thought of sinking their teeth into the NHS – there are, of course, massive profits to be made out of privatising the NHS.

Any trade deal between the UK and the US will mean irreversible privatisation of the NHS, in the guise of clauses that outlaw re-nationalisation. The same goes with the EU-Canada trade deal (CETA).

This is why the UK workers must take the Brexit revolution forward through a new leap, that breaks with the EU and encourages EU workers to bring down the EU and replace it with the Socialist United States of Europe. Such a development will prove to be contagious, and will drive forward the victory of the socialist revolution in the USA!