Baker Reveals That Brexit Committee Was A Front And That May Never Intended To Leave Eu!


PARLIAMENT OF ITS OWN FREE WILL handed over the decision as to whether the UK should remain in or leave the EU to the electorate, that is to the working class and the middle class of the United Kingdom.

The response was a massive shock to the ruling class when a majority, that is over 17 million, voted to leave the EU. The established Tory leaders, Cameron and Osborne, resigned and a new Tory leadership was not elected, but was appointed to prevent a ‘Leaver’ being PM.

The current PM was appointed by The 1922 Committee, the body that runs the Tory Party. May’s job was to prevent Brexit being carried out. We now have had it confirmed that her appointment was made to try to make sure that capitalist Britain remained in the EU.

On 9th July 2018, Tory MP Steve Baker resigned from his office as Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department for Exiting the European Union following the resignation of David Davis. Yesterday, he told The Sunday Telegraph that May had presided over a ‘cloak and dagger’ plot to undermine Brexit, a move that he said would ‘blow apart’ public trust in bourgeois democracy.

He added that he had resigned after discovering that for months an ‘establishment elite’ had secretly been pursuing a plan for a ‘soft Brexit’ sidelining the work of the then Brexit Secretary Davis and himself. That this is treason to the working class and the middle class majority that voted for Brexit is obvious. They have been taken for a ride by a Parliament that is made up of a majority of ‘Remainers’.

Baker says that this manoeuvre has deliberately placed the government in the pathetic position of on its knees ‘supplication’ to the EU. Baker closed his indictment by stating: ‘An establishment elite who never accepted the fundamental right of the public to choose democratically their institutions are working towards overturning them.’

May’s deception of the people has now spurred the most reactionary forces into action.

Tony Blair’s leading propagandist Peter Mandelson, a former EU Trade Commissioner and UK Business Secretary told The Observer of May’s plan: ‘It is the polar opposite of taking back control. Britain would be entrapped and the more you think through the implications the more the whole thing looks less like a soft Brexit than a national humiliation. . . ‘You are drawn to the conclusion that it would be better to be fully in the economic structures of the EU or out of them altogether, and if you are in them, better to stay in the EU itself as this provided a seat at the table where the rules are made.’

Mandelson wants a token ‘seat at the table’ to try to cover over the humiliation of being under the thumb of the bosses and bankers EU. Mandelson concludes that what is needed is ‘at the very least a people’s vote so that the nation can determine its future. . . rather than wait for the abject fate offered by the current plan’.

However, the fact is that the people have already voted, as requested by the House of Commons, and that vote was to leave the EU. The House of Commons has refused to carry out the result of the ‘People’s Vote’ and this is what has to be dealt with.

May considers that with Labour support she can ride out the storm next week and lead an unofficial ‘unity government’ propped up by the Labourites, into subjection by the EU. However, numbers of Labour MPs are listening to Mandelson and others and are prepared to vote down May to demand a second referendum to try to provide the likes of Mandelson with his token seat at the EU table.

Workers must not stand for this openly expressed contempt for their 17 million plus Leave vote in the referendum. The UK must leave the EU now! Workers must treat this treacherous Parliament in the way that Cromwell did in the 1640s when he purged the House of Commons on a number of occasions and abolished the House of Lords, to declare a republic.

The treachery of the Houses of Parliament must be answered with strike actions, massive demonstrations and a socialist revolution to expropriate the real rulers, the bosses and bankers, shut down the Houses of Parliament and impose rule through a system of workers soviets.