Well Done – The Syrian Delegation In Geneva!


ALL workers must support the stand of the Syrian delegation at the Geneva 2 Conference.

This stand was that there had to be a full discussion and agreement reached on fighting  foreign terrorists in Syria before the conference could proceed to discuss the issue of the government of Syria, and whether the conference had the right to impose a transitional regime onto Syria, with President Assad ruled out as a member of this new order, without reference to the wishes of the Syrian people – that is without the Syrian people being allowed to vote yea or nay.

The fact is that the US, the UK and the western powers wanted Geneva 2 to impose a transitional  regime onto the backs of the Syrian people, with the aid of the terrorists on the ground. They were not interested in
condemning terrorism. They certainly did not recognise the democratic rights of the Syrian people.

With this stance, the imperialist powers showed their absolute contempt for democracy, in Syria or anywhere else for that matter.

In fact, the resistance of the Syrian masses to the international imperialist effort to smash the Ba’athist  regime in Syria has created a huge crisis for the imperialist powers.

So discredited are their previous ‘democratic efforts’ when they smashed Iraq and then Libya, killing hundreds of thousands of people, that the working people of the USA and the UK were unwilling to support another open imperialist intervention and slaughter.

The British House of Commons voted down Cameron’s desire for military intervention in Syria out of fear of the reaction of the British workers to such a step, and this defeat for imperialism set the stage for Obama dumping his plans for an all-out Iraq-style

Since these two defeats at the hands of their own workers, nothing has gone right for the imperialist powers as far as their Syrian adventure is concerned, especially the exposure of the counter-revolutionary essence of their medieval Islamic mercenaries.

Part of the platform for the imperialist intervention was the export of tens of thousands of Jihadists to Syria from all over the planet, financed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which armed them to the teeth.

However, these mercenaries could not prevail against the Syrian people and their army, especially with the failure of the imperialist armies to intervene.

This has led to the complete exposure of the medieval Jihadists, and the UK and US governments that are still backing them and still refusing to have their terrorism discussed at Geneva 2.

It turns out that they have been organised into national brigades, and the British, like the others, have been told that they are in
training for action in their own countries when they return.

They want to turn the UK and other countries into something like the killing fields of Syria, and are laughing that the UK and other capitalist governments have helped them, got the Saudis to arm  them, and get them ready for action in the UK.

MI6 and co are now in an absolute panic at what they and their government have done, and already the police raids have got under way in the UK, as the panic grows about the returning Jihadists.

After the failure of Geneva 2, Obama and John Kerry say that they are re-examining all of their options and that armed intervention, and/or a further rearming of the jihadist gangs with more advanced weaponry are on the agenda.

The working class and the UK trade unions must say no to a deepening of the imperialist slaughter in Syria.

They must demand that the UK end its support for regime-change in Syria and end its lunatic support for the
jihadist militias who are murdering the Syrian people, especially its Christian, Druze, Kurdish and Alawite citizens.

The TUC must tell the government that if it does not end the imperialist adventure in Syria then the TUC will organise a campaign of industrial and political action to bring it down.

In fact, the right place for those who followed on from Blair and Brown’s Yugoslav, and Iraqi adventures – with the regime-change operations in Libya and now Syria, with the loss of hundreds of thousands  of lives – is in the dock of the International Criminal Court at The Hague.