Vote WRP on 4th July – Forward to socialism – not back to the 1930s!


THE General Election on July 4th will feature a shattered Tory Party that has already been wrecked by the developing capitalist crisis, and is now, more openly than ever before, pushing its reactionary programme to illegalise all trade union actions, send asylum seekers to Rwanda, return conscription to the armed forces for youth, and to maintain 100 per cent support for arming Israel so that it can continue murdering Palestinian Freedom Fighters.

The policy of Labour Party leader Starmer is to compete strongly with the Tories, on the grounds that his Labour Party will do a better job of defending the interests of British capitalism than the Tories could ever do.

To this end, he has been recruiting out-and-out Tories into the Labour Party and making desperate, but failed, attempts to keep Labour Party reformists like Diane Abbott from standing for Labour at the next general election on July 4.

Starmer has already failed to deny that his Labour Party will impose savage cuts to keep ailing British capitalism afloat, at the expense of the working class, as soon as this becomes politically necessary to save capitalism.

Questioned by reporters, Starmer has refused to rule out his government carrying out spending cuts.

His denial took place after an Institute of Fiscal Studies report warned that the next government would have to cut the scope of what the state provides or raise taxes to maintain levels of departmental funding.

Pressed to rule out spending cuts, Starmer responded: ‘We are not returning to austerity – we will grow our economy. That will start by stabilising towards cost control,’ – i.e. by keeping down wages and using the anti-union laws to do so.

However millions of trade unionists are already up in arms over Starmer’s policies, from allowing the UK to arm Israel, to his pledge to convert the UK to clean power five years before the Tories – a policy that would lead to power cuts on a massive scale.

There is more to come, including attacks on NHS expenditure and a huge increase in military spending so that the UK can play its role, alongside the USA, in developing the military capacity to openly intervene in the Ukraine, laying the basis for World War Three against Russia and China, and the interests of the working people of the world!

In fact, capitalism is weakening at a desperate pace. There will be no holds barred in the course of its death agony and its desperate struggle for survival.

Already the numbers of people currently looking for jobs is rising at the fastest pace since 2020. Unemployment has climbed in recent months while wage growth has slackened, increasing the chances that the Bank of England will cut interest rates this summer and let inflation rip.

The crisis of the capitalist system is developing rapidly, with Russia and China being depicted as the main enemies against which a Third World War is inevitable.

This is why the bosses have changed their tune over Ukraine and are demanding western military intervention to answer the ‘Russian threat’, and a massive military expenditure to do so, alongside bringing back conscription so as to mobilise the ‘cannon fodder’ for such a war.

The bosses’ media is now spelling out that a world war is inevitable, so the best way to peace is to support intervention into the Ukraine, and allow Ukraine to hit targets inside Russia. They know that Russia will hit back, but once they decide that such a war is inevitable, the best thing to do is prepare for it and start it first.

The truth of the situation is that capitalism is in its death agony, and the sooner that it is put an end to through the victory of the world socialist revolution the better off we shall be.

This is why the WRP is standing candidates in the forthcoming general election on July 4th, not just to warn the working class of the world as to what the bosses are preparing, but to mobilise the working class to carry out a socialist revolution in the UK, alongside the struggle being waged worldwide to prevent the imperialist powers smashing Palestine and taking over the Middle East.

We call upon workers to vote WRP where we are standing and to join our Party. We call upon workers to vote Labour where we are not standing to keep the Tories out, and to create the conditions for carrying out the British socialist revolution, consigning British capitalism to the graveyard of history.

Vote WRP on July 4th and join the WRP and the Young Socialists now!