Tuc Must Call General Strike In Support Of Palestine And To Crush The Anti-Union Laws!


LAST Saturday, a massive demonstration of over 300,000 workers and youth marched to Whitehall, close to 10 Downing Street, calling for the trade union leaders to pick up the gauntlet that has been thrown down to them by both the Israeli regime of child killers, and its major ally, the Tory government of the United Kingdom. The latter is currently bringing in draconian anti-union laws that will see British workers flung into prison, with the right to strike smashed, and the clock turned back by a century, in a real counter-revolution.

At the same time as the UK workers were marching, there was mayhem in Palestine with the Israeli ruling class seeking to crush the revolutionary uprising of the Palestinian masses and killing and maiming workers and youth, both in the Gaza Strip, and in the occupied Palestinian territories.

There were also workers demonstrations throughout the US and the EU both in support of Palestine and in opposition to the anti-working class policies of their governments. In fact, many sections of workers were also in action in support of Palestine throughout the EU and in many US cities and towns.

The truth is that the whole world has had enough of the Zionist gangsters and their protectors and advisors, the ruling classes of the capitalist West.

Another truth is that the crisis over the attacks of Zionist Israel on the Arab masses, and the growing class wars in the UK-EU and the USA are deepening rapidly.

There is only one way forward for the working people of the world and this is to smash capitalism worldwide so that the workers of the world can go forward to socialism.

With millions of workers now taking action over their jobs, wages and basic rights being breached, at the same time as the Palestinian workers have taken to the streets to fight for Palestine, against the Zionist gangsters, this is the time to mobilise the working people of the world to carry out the worldwide socialist revolution.

The TUC Congress is due to meet on December 9 to discuss the crisis that the new anti-union laws, brought in by the Tories, will bring when they make strike actions illegal. The TUC will never be able to defeat the government just by talking or by taking a few one-day actions.

Capitalism is going down and truly deserves to perish but it is capable of taking the working people of the world down with it.

This means that the TUC must be made to call action on December 9th, by naming the date for the commencement of the British general strike to bring down the government and bring in a workers government and socialism.

The British ruling class however, just the same as all of the others, will not go peacefully and will have to be put out of business by a workers revolution.

Now is the time when the TUC leaders must be forced to act decisively. First of all it must invite not just delegates to attend but representatives of the worldwide trade union movement to discuss how to deal with the world crisis of capitalism.

The TUC must provide leadership or be sacked, removed, and replaced at this forthcoming Congress. What is required is a leadership that will call a national indefinite general strike to bring down the Tories and bring in a Workers Government and a Socialist Planned Economy.

The TUC at its Special Congress must be forced to call an indefinite general strike and urge the working class of the world to support it with mass solidarity action. This call will unite the working class of Africa, the Middle East, the USA the EU and the Americas. The bell has tolled for capitalism and it must now be buried.

We urge the working class to lobby the Special Congress of the TUC in your thousands. There is no doubt that the masses of the workers and their trade unions have more than enough power to decide what should happen at this Special Congress.

There is not a moment to lose for launching the campaign for a general strike to bring down the Tories and bring in a workers government and socialism.

Now is the time to go forward to workers power and socialism, and to consign capitalism to a museum for backward societies.