Tories rushing into NHS privatisation, while Labour attacks them for delaying the privatisation project!


THE TORIES are planning to knife the NHS through a massive expansion of the private health sector.

The Labour turncoats are meanwhile critical of them for not proceeding with the project with the necessary urgency and speed, arguing that Labour would be much quicker with NHS privatisation.

PM Sunak is now planning the biggest expansion of the health privateers at the expense of the NHS, which has been starved of cash, and is being shut down.

Ministers are due to shortly announce their project to slash NHS waiting lists, using every tool at their disposal ahead of the next general election.

Private sector companies are now being asked to operate community diagnostic centres, starting with eight units carrying out more then 400,000 scans , checks and tests a year.

Private companies are being asked to identify all spare capacity in the private sector, so that NHS patients can be sent to them.

The plan is being seen as ideal and has the support of Labour’s right wing, since it is based on Sir Tony Blair’s NHS privatisation drive, when he was leading the Labour government.

Under his Labour government a network of 30 private clinics were established carrying out operations and tests for NHS patients between 2002 and 2010.

Labour supports such measures today – their argument is that the Tories are proceeding far too slowly. The Labourites are insisting that if the spare Independent private sector capacity had been used sooner, 230,000 more patients would have already been treated.

In fact PM Sunak has now ordered that the use of the private sector must be ‘turbo-charged’ to give patients the choice of private hospital treatment to bring down waiting times.

Sunak has now set up an Elective Recovery Task Force, while GPs are being told that they must insure that all patients being referred to hospital care get choices of five providers that must include the private sector.

Privately run sites will be operated by In Health while five new NHS sites will be created in Hornchurch, Skegness, Lincoln, Nottingham and Stoke on Trent to carry out more than 340,000 private extra tests.

The plan is not just to set up private centres to treat NHS patients, the plan is to provide much more work for the private sector so that supply and demand can be matched, while the NHS withers away to be replaced by the private sector.

This is the plan that is now about to be carried out to bring back private medicine and to smash the NHS, to enrich private medical practitioners, and return the working class to the dire situation that existed before the NHS was established by the Attlee and Bevan governments.

The TUC Congress is due to meet shortly and its major unions must organise to carry a resolution that the entire trade union movement takes general strike action to defend the NHS and to bring down the Tory regime before it can return the masses of the people to the degradation that they suffered before the Second War, in the 1930s, and which was relieved by the 1945 Labour government that brought in the Welfare State and the NHS.

The TUC must call a general strike to bring down the Tories and bring in a workers government that will nationalise the banks and the major industries and bring in a socialist planned economy that will provide proper jobs, housing and healthcare for the mass of the working class.

The plan to drive the UK back to private health care, where millions of workers will never see a doctor, must be smashed.

Instead, workers ownership of a nationalised economy must see to it that every modern medical method is used to create a socialist society where the masses will flourish and enjoy the product of their collective labour.

The TUC must show that there will be no return to the conditions of the 1930s by calling a general strike at the TUC Congress to bring down the Tories and and bring in a Workers Government and Socialism.

Join the WRP and the YS today. Forward to the victory of the British socialist revolution.