Tories Are Split, Divided And Fighting Each Other – Time To Force The TUC To Bring Them Down!


THE TORY PARTY and its leadership are thrashing around in their death agony.

The Tory crisis has reached the stage where Tory ministers have been threatening to ‘bring down’ a Boris Johnson-led government – should it prorogue parliament in order to carry out a completely legal ‘no deal’ Brexit on October 31st, to leave the EU, for which parliament and the EU itself has provided the legal basis.

Predicting Johnson will fail with any attempt at ‘no deal’, Rory Stewart, Tory Secretary of State for International Development said last week: ‘He won’t be able to. I guarantee if he were to try, I and every other MP will sit across the road in the Methodist Central Hall and we will hold our own session of parliament and we will bring him down …’

He continued: ‘Somebody who attempts to subvert our constitution, our liberties, our parliament, this place – who dared to stand as prime minister and claim they could lock the doors on parliament, would not deserve to be prime minister … And this parliament would meet, whether he locked the doors or not, and we would bring him down.’ So much for the vote of over 17 million people in 2016, called by parliament to decide whether the UK would leave the EU.

Tory MPs, disturbed by the spectacle of the Tory Party destroying itself, have revealed their complete bankruptcy by suggesting that the best way out of this crisis is for the Tory Party to have no leadership election at all, and that Johnson should be appointed by the 1922 Committee as was former PM May, when her ‘election’ was stopped and she was appointed with all of the disastrous consequences for the party.

Meanwhile, the crisis of the Tory Party deepens, as does the world crisis of capitalism, threatening workers in the UK and many other countries with the loss of millions of jobs and with a war in the Gulf and the Middle East to grab Iran’s oil.

It is more and more obvious that the split and divided Tory Party and government, embroiled in a civil war with itself, is continuing to stagger on only because the TUC does not use the power of the trade unions to remove it and replace it with a workers’ government.

Nevertheless, the working class in the UK with its jobs wages, and basic rights very much under attack, and with millions of people being driven into poverty, is on the march, and is determined to get rid of the Tories.

Unite members at Ford Bridgend have balloted with 83% voting for the union to fight the plant closure proposals that will see 1,700 jobs axed by the autumn of 2020.

Peter Hughes, Unite Wales Regional Secretary, commented: ‘Our members at Ford Bridgend have today clearly expressed their view that they are willing to take on Ford and fight hard to secure a future for their world-class plant.

‘The consultative ballot clearly demonstrates that the workforce are not prepared to lie down and quietly accept their fate. They are not prepared to let Ford deliver an act of unprecedented industrial sabotage, the ramifications of which would be devastation of the Bridgend area and the Welsh automotive supply chain.’

The Honda workers in Swindon, with their plant also threatened with closure, must follow the example of Bridgend and convene a mass meeting to vote for strike action and occupation, and a campaign for nationalisation!

They must be joined by the workers at British Steel who also face the dole queue at the hands of cynical and ruthless bosses and their government.

They must all be joined by the railworkers and their unions calling strike action to demand that the entire rail system be renationalised! All trade unions must demand that the plants be kept open and that wages must rise with every increase in the cost of living and inflation.

Such a movement will have the support of tens of millions of workers and youth who have been pauperised and humiliated by over a decade of austerity policies after which the rich are immeasurably richer while the poor are poorer and sleep in the streets or send their kids to school hungry.

The millions of the working class must in fact demand that their union leaders call a meeting of the TUC General Council to bring all the unions out. This would bring down the government in a matter of hours and bring in a workers’ government that will carry out socialist policies.

This will mean a complete break with the EU, and urging the workers of Europe to bring down the EU and replace it with the Socialist United States of Europe.

This will mean the nationalisation of the banks and major industries in the UK and the replacement of the capitalist rat-race by a socialist planned economy.

Take action now! Take advantage of the Tory crisis to bring them down. Resolve the crisis of British capitalism by abolishing it and replacing it with socialism, an example that will be followed all over the world.

This is the only way forward!