Remainer MPs attempt to block no deal! Workers must take strike action to drive through the break with EU on Oct 31!


Commons on Thursday to try to ensure that Parliament is able to block any attempt by the expected Johnson-led Tory government to shut Parliament down to ensure Brexit takes place on October 31.

A fierce showdown over Brexit is now underway! The only way to ensure that the UK leaves the EU on October 31st is for the working class to take mass action to shut Parliament down as the start of the British socialist revolution.

The majority of MPs are prepared to occupy Parliament and refuse to leave, and to go to the Supreme Court to get Brexit declared illegal.

They are, in fact, acting illegally by refusing to carry out the result of the 2016 Referendum in which Parliament charged the British people to decide whether the UK would stay in the EU or not and pledged to respect the result.

They expected a Remain victory and were shaken to their foundation when the opposite happened, and 17.4 million people, a big majority, voted to leave. Now they have opted to try to use the law courts and their parliamentary majority to tell the 17.4 million who voted to leave to go to hell!

Now the Tory-Labour-SNP ‘Remain alliance’ are preparing to take action to bring down the anticipated Johnson government if it keeps its word and sets out to leave on October 31, ‘do or die’ as Johnson has said.

The Remain minority, with its parliamentary majority, is prepared to wage a civil war to stay in the EU, and is relying on the TUC bureaucracy to support it, and prevent a general strike to force Brexit through which would begin the British socialist revolution.

Workers of Britain are becoming angrier and angrier at the way this parliamentary majority are prepared to quash the 2016 Referendum decision.

Their anger was intensified when on Thursday Remainer MPs hijacked a House of Lords motion on the Northern Ireland Executive, adding an amendment to it to completely change the nature of the motion.

With the amendment, they opportunistically turned the motion into a weapon to attempt to stop Brexit from happening by allowing the treacherous House of Commons to carry on meeting and avoid prorogation. MPs from the north of Ireland were livid!

Ian Paisley from the DUP interjected: ‘This is an outrage!’ adding: ‘This is supposed to be a debate on the Northern Ireland Executive. It has now been hijacked, and turned into something to do with Brexit.’

Labour MP Angela Eagle moved the motion along with Labour MP Hilary Benn and Tory MP and ex-minister Alistair Burt. Eagle responded: ‘I entirely accept that the honourable gentleman has a right to be somewhat miffed about what he calls a “hijack” but what I would call a “situation where needs must”.’

And the amendment passed! It was passed by a majority of 41, with 315 MPs voting for the amendment and 274 against. And it only passed because Tory Remainer MPs voted with the Liberals and Labour right-wingers. A Remainer coalition is forming to attempt to scupper Brexit ‘where needs must’!

Seventeen Tory MPs rebelled against the whip and voted for the amendment. On top of that, four cabinet ministers, the International Development Secretary Rory Stewart, Business Secretary Greg Clark and Justice Secretary David Gauke, as well as Chancellor Hammond abstained on the vote in order to let the amendment through.

Under the banner of ‘needs must’, this Remainer coalition is prepared to split the Labour Party, split the Tory party and form a rump to defy the majority of the working class who are determined to leave the European Union come what may.

The working class must adopt the ‘needs must’ attitude to take mass action to see Brexit through. Resolutions must go down for September’s TUC Congress for a general strike to be called on October 31 with a march on Parliament to see that not only does Parliament sit on that day but also that it carries out the Brexit referendum result and leaves the EU.

The Remainer MPs have thrown down the gauntlet and now the working class must pick it up with massive action to finish the job that was begun with the Referendum in 2016.