Pre-empt savage cuts with a general strike!


LIB DEM leader Nick Clegg has reiterated his original claim there will need to be ‘savage’ spending cuts.

Clegg put forward the same position on the opening day of his party’s annual conference in Bournemouth, saying: ‘I have said there will need to be cuts, cuts that are savage and bold.’

He continued that it was ‘right to be clear about the enormity of the problem’ and using ‘softer’ language would not make it go away.

The Lib Dem party’s Treasury spokesman, Vince Cable, has also laid out proposals to ‘reform’ public sector pensions and freeze public sector wages. Cable has said: ‘We must stop civil service bonuses and the culture of massively inflated salaries. A freeze in the total pay bill is better than cuts in services.’

Cable added that the next government will have to be prepared to be deeply unpopular.

Tory leader David Cameron is on record as saying that if the Tories take office they will tackle the budget deficit which is expected to reach £175bn by that time.

He has also called for the emergence of a national movement, and suggested that the differences between the Tories and Liberals were practically invisible to the naked eye.

Labour Education Secretary Balls has put forward his position that there must be a £2bn cut in education, sacking many teachers.

These are the ‘savages’. They are getting ready, in a situation of the greatest crisis in the history of capitalism, to force the working class and the middle class to pay for this crisis.

It is clear that the massacre of working class and middle class lives is too big a task for any one party.

The above politicians and their supporters are preparing to launch a national government after the next general election, to unite the whole ‘official’ nation, to savage the jobs, wages, pensions and homes of the real nation, its majority, the working class and the middle class.

If you are attacked by a savage, out of control dog, you either put it down or see that it is put down.

Those who are glorying in the savagery that they are about to display will not have any reason to complain when the working class and the middle class reply in like fashion, with a massive revolutionary movement on the streets.

There is therefore very serious political work to be done between now and the next general election, which can take place at any time in the next eight months.

This is to rid the movement of all those treacherous trade union leaders who are absolutely incapable of defending a single job, never mind defend the jobs, wages and basic gains of the workers against the ‘savages’.

In fact there is no need to hang about waiting for an election. Right away the postal workers must set out to form an alliance with all those trade unions and sections of workers who are under attack by the Labour government.

These are the firefighters, whose service is being destroyed, the civil servants and teachers who face the sack with their pensions destroyed, and the GM car workers and steelworkers whose plants are threatened with closure.

A trade union alliance must be built up to take action alongside the postal workers to defeat the government.

A general strike must be organised to bring down the Brown government and bring in a workers government that will expropriate the bourgeoisie and bring in socialism.

This is the only way to deal with the ‘savages’ and their plans to destroy the lives of millions of people.

If it is not done before a general election it will have to be done afterwards!

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