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A coachload of locked-out Gate Gourmet workers came to the TGWU’s London headquarters to speak with TGWU National Secretary Brendan Gold about his betrayal of the locked out workers

US workers need revolutionary leadership

A CRISIS, with the most revolutionary implications for the working class, is erupting in the US, with GM, the world’s biggest motorcar producer announcing...

Gourmet locked-out workers smash Woodley-Barber ‘compromise’ deal

THE Gate Gourmet catering company was forced to admit on Saturday that the ‘sweetheart’ deal, which the leaders of the TGWU and the ...
Locked-our Gate Gourmet pickets want official backing from the TGWU to win their jobs back

Blair convinces nobody with his education market

YESTERDAY saw the Prime Minister seeking to reinvent himself as the champion of the people and a supporter of ‘social justice’. Speaking in...

Disband The Police Death Squads!

THE fact that armed police used internationally banned dum dum bullets, seven of which splintered, expanded and exploded inside the head of Jean Charles...

Bush loses US Congress votes

THE Senate of the United States Congress, which has a Republican majority, fired a shot across the bows of President George Bush’s administration over...

Blair’s Guildhall speech proclaims ‘globalisation’ & war

LABOUR premier Tony Blair spoke about the fight against ‘global terrorism’ and called for free-trade ‘globalisation’ in his foreign policy speech at the City...

Trade Union Renegade Doing Blair’s Dirty Work

THE former CWU postal workers trade union leader, Alan Johnson, yesterday moved into action at the behest of the Prime Minister to urge that...
Locked-out Gate Gourmet workers yesterday on the picket line

Trade unions must strike to defend the NHS!

TOMORROW Central Surrey Health (CSH), a private company set up by nurses and therapists, will find out whether they have won the £22m contract...

Capitalist Crisis Is Driving Forward World Revolution

THIS Sunday’s 65th Anniversary rally of the assassination of Leon Trotsky by an agent of the Stalinist bureaucracy in 1940 is taking place at...

Blair the leader of the Party of Order

PRIME Minister Blair held a meeting of his Cabinet yesterday morning and, true to form, the Cabinet, filled with his lackeys, found that he...
Gate Gourmet workers lobbying the TUC Congress in Brighton on September 12 insisting on their reinstatement

Delphi Battle Looms For US Trade Unions

THE battle lines are being drawn up in the United States between the vanguard of the working class in the auto industry and the...

Government By Police Chiefs

AT his monthly press conference last Monday, the Prime Minister admitted that the source of his proposal, that the police should be allowed to...

French youth revolution will set Europe ablaze!

NEITHER the Gendarmerie, nor troops or even the fatwas of the ‘holy men’ can stop the French youth rebellion, which is the product of...

Blair stands by 90 days internment as Clarke negotiates its defeat

PRIME Minister Blair stands convinced that 90-days internment without charge is not just desirable but is absolutely indispensable for satisfying the Metropolitan Police’s minimum...

The army and police – a law unto themselves

The Surrey Police re-investigation into the deaths of four teenage recruits at the Deepcut army barracks has been called a ‘farce’ by Geoff Gray,...

Bring down Blair regime from the left

THE Blair government suffered two body-blows yesterday. Blair’s main cabinet ally, Blunkett, was forced to resign, and the government’s 66 majority was reduced to...

Blunkett quits against Blair’s wishes

YESTERDAY Prime Minister Blair made it clear to the House of Commons during Question Time, that he had urged his Cabinet colleague, Blunkett,...
The picket line yesterday morning at Gate Gourmet, Heathrow

General Council must support locked out Gate Gourmet workers

ON Monday September 12 the TUC Annual Congress was lobbied by 300 of the over 700 locked out Gate Gourmet workers. The Congress then passed...

Take Strike Action To Defend The NHS

THE Royal College of Nursing, the nurses trade union, yesterday announced that it is seeking a judicial review to force the Blair government to...

A Palestinian state – Not in our lifetime say Zionist leaders

MORE than 15 Israeli air strikes on Thursday, Friday and early Saturday destroyed Gaza Strip water, power and roads and killed seven Palestinians. Yesterday,...
Gate Gourmet locked-out workers lobbying the TUC Congress on September 12

Hands off Iran – Forward to the state of Palestine

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has voiced his ‘dismay’ over remarks by Iran’s president calling for Israel to be ‘wiped off the map’. Annan...

Israel calls for Iran to be expelled from the United Nations

THE Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has called for Israel to be ‘wiped off the map’. He also said that ‘a world without the...

Economic Crisis Set To Wreak Havoc To Jobs And Homes

THE bosses organisation, the CBI, yesterday warned that thousands of manufacturing jobs are about to be slashed by employers seeking to reduce their costs,...

At least three provinces reject the US’ Iraq constitution

IT IS remarkable that in a ‘constitutional referendum’ organised by a puppet government, in a country under occupation by the US and the UK,...

Blair Launches ‘Irreversible’ NHS-Education Market!

PRIME Minister Blair yesterday said that he was poised to make irreversible changes to primary and secondary education by bringing in an education market...

Army Leaks Anti-Iraq War Propaganda

THE leaking of a Ministry of Defence poll commissioned by senior British army officers has acted as an antidote to the fatuous pro-war propaganda...

Israel calls for the US to take action against Syria

SYRIA yesterday condemned the UN report into the assassination of the former Lebanese Premier, Hariri – a report which pointed the finger of blame...

Police killers escape prosecution – and are exonerated by the CPS

YESTERDAY the capitalist state looked after its own, and decided that the two armed police officers who shot dead an unarmed man, Harry Stanley,...
Gate Gourmet workers picket on the hill near the factory the day after the TUC Congress voted to give its full support for their struggle

Opportunist union leaders sell public sector workers’ future

OPPORTUNIST trade union leaders in the health, education and civil service sectors yesterday sold out the future of public sector workers by agreeing that...
TONY WOODLEY (centre) at the TUC Congress where he was forced to speak left by a massive lobby of locked-out Gate Gourmet workers

General Motors slashes workers’ healthcare

AMERICA’S largest manufacturing company, General Motors (GM), announced on Monday that its losses were $1.6bn in the three months to the end of September,...

US slaughters Iraqis during the referendum on a constitution

WHILE US President George W Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair and their quislings in Baghdad were pumping out propaganda about ‘freedom and democracy’,...
Locked-out Gate Gourmet workers at Heathrow yesterday morning – want their jobs back on their original terms and conditions

Unions must act NOW to reinstate Gate Gourmet workers!

TODAY scores of T&G members will be picketing the Gate Gourmet plant at Heathrow Airport, as they have every day since they were locked...

Big business to take over NHS funds

THE Labour government is speeding up the break-up, privatisation and destruction of the National Health Service, despite the vote at the Labour Party Conference...

Brown targets European workers’ rights and benefits

CHANCELLOR Gordon Brown published a pamphlet Global Europe-Full Employment and penned a special article in the Financial Times yesterday, lecturing the leaders of European...
Mass demonstration by locked out Gate Gourmet workers at Heathrow earlier in their struggle

TERRORISM BILL: Defeat Blair’s police-state measures!

THE Labour government’s new Terrorism Bill, published yesterday, will be debated by MPs in the House of Commons today. For the past few days, Prime...

Merkel’s ‘Grand Coalition’ – Germany’s crisis deepens!

ANGELA MERKEL, the leader of Germany’s right-wing Christian Democratic Union (CDU), announced on Monday: ‘We have the basis for coalition talks. The CDU will...
Locked-out Gate Gourmet workers determined to fight for reinstatement

Abbas – Sharon Summit Cancelled!

PRESIDENT Mahmud Abbas’ summit with the Israeli leader Ariel Sharon, which was due today, has been cancelled after Abbas said he was opposed to...

Terminal 5 – BA gets ready for its ‘Wapping’

THE buzz word in the financial media yesterday was ‘Wapping’. The media was referring to the union busting operation carried through by Rupert Murdoch in...

Judges attack ‘unlawful’ terror laws – police demand more repression

YESTERDAY the capitalist state was split over the Blair government’s police state attacks on democratic rights. Two Law Lords attacked Home Office plans,...

Blair’s Iraq adventure bites the dust

PRIME Minister Blair yesterday had a meeting with the long standing CIA agent and Kurdish leader Jalal Talabani, who is now posing as the...
Locked-out Gate Gourmet workers at Heathrow yesterday insist that theTGWU should refuse to accept compulsory redundancies

Iraqi puppets feel the noose tightening

IN the last few days the Iraqi puppet National Assembly, whose authority does not run outside of the Green Zone US fortress in central...
Locked-out Gate Gourmet workers picketing over the weekend are determined to be reinstated

Trade unions and the Labour government

AT the Labour Party conference, the trade unions and a large minority of Labour constituency parties defeated the Labour government on at least five...
Gate Gourmet workers still on the picket line after being locked out for over 8 weeks

Smash Privatisation – Renationalise!

THE privatisation of the railways has been a complete disaster and for the families of those killed in rail crashes it is a disaster...

Iraq and Afghanistan – imperialists coming under the hammer

US CASUALTIES are now mounting in both Afghanistan and Iraq, while at home the anti-war and anti-Bush movement is growing by leaps and bounds,...

BA getting ready for mass sackings

THE capitalist press yesterday was full of revelations that the new BA boss, Willie Walsh, recruited after making savage cuts at Aer Lingus, is...