With capitalism in crisis the BBC gives a hand up to the BNP


THE News Line is opposed to the BNP or any fascist party being given time to spread its propaganda in any of the media outlets in the UK or in any other outlet.

The fact that the state broadcasting medium is giving this fascist organisation encouragement and recognition says it all about the weakness of the ruling class, and its big fears about the huge crisis of its capitalist system, especially when it will have to slash the living standards of all of its citizens with the most ‘savage cuts’ ever to survive.

The ruling class is facing not just a war with the Afghan and Pakistani people, but a war with its own people, Margaret Thatcher’s celebrated ‘enemy within’, whose members will fight like tigers to defend their jobs, wages, basic rights and the future of their children.

The Labour Party cannot save the bosses and the bankers. It is completely discredited after betraying the working people over the last 12 years of three Labour governments.

The Tory Party has still not recovered from the Poll Tax defeat or the ERM collapse, and its leaders are both untried and distrusted.

Its military is already in a state of demoralisation over the pasting that it has been taking in Afghanistan, after being run out of Basra, and is in a state of near mutiny, with political generals emerging to challenge the politicians.

It is in this situation that the state has decided to give support to the BNP, to try to split and divide the working class, and win over the lower levels of the middle class who are being ruined and greatly disturbed by the crisis.

There is no doubt that there is going to be a need for a mass of strikebreakers and anti-working class thugs in the period ahead, to act in support of the state as it seeks to impose its ‘savage cuts’, and that the BNP is being given the chance to win the franchise, despite its very small membership.

Having a large number of anti-union laws of all kinds chaining up trade unions, and preventing trade unionists from using their power, is not good enough for the ruling class in this situation of crisis. This is why the political heirs of Adolf Hitler are being encouraged to engage in debate, with BBC liberals saying that they have their democratic rights.

This is after the rise of fascism in Italy, Germany and Spain, also in conditions of a major crisis of the capitalist system, resulted in trade unions and democratic bourgeois and socialist parties being declared illegal, with their leaders being lodged in the first concentration camps or murdered, all the better for the ruling classes to prepare the Second World War with its tens of millions of dead.

The News Line is opposed to free speech or free anything else for fascists.

We condemn the BBC for allowing them a national podium to speak from, in an attempt to legitimise them.

We also call for action to stop any rise of fascists and fascism by striking at the beast that gives birth to it – monopoly capitalism in its death agony.

We call on workers and youth to unite in opposing the racists, and also in supporting workers in struggle against the Brown government.

We urge all trade unions to take action in support of the CWU which is under attack from the Royal Mail and the Labour government.

A general strike must be organised in support of the CWU, and the Brown government must be brought down and replaced by a workers government that will expropriate the bosses and the bankers and bring in socialism.

This is the way to deal with not just the bosses and the bankers, but also with the fascists and racists who are making their attempt to take advantage of the situation.

Putting capitalism to the sword will end racism and fascism in the UK. This is the way forward.