Security Council Votes To Ban The Bomb – But Not Yet!


THE UN Security Council yesterday voted unanimously to oppose the spread of nuclear weapons, and that the nuclear powers on the Security Council must move towards disarming themselves of these, to make for a nuclear bomb-free world.

These powers are the US, UK, Russia, China and France.

The resolution moved by President Obama was directed against Iran – which is attempting to develop nuclear power for peaceful purposes – but not against Israel, US imperialism’s ally in the Middle East which has illegally acquired some 200 nuclear bombs, plus the means of delivery.

Would it not have been simpler to move a resolution just banning war?

Such a resolution would have been laughed out of court, since the major imperialist powers have not just got their war plans ready, to try to grab the world’s resources, they are already engaged in two such wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In fact, a motion for immediate nuclear disarmament would have got the same belly-laughs, since the major imperialist powers are only interested in regulating their nuclear armaments, to cut costs, they have no intention of ever giving up nuclear arms.

For example, Brown’s bankrupt Britain is still clinging onto its Trident nuclear submarine and missile programme, despite the fact that it will cost the bankrupts at least $50bn.

Pledges of nuclear disarmament, well into the future, remind one of the Catholic Church’s famous saints, who used to pray to the Lord to release them from the sins of the flesh – but not yet.

The object of Obama’s exercise is not to nuclear disarm Israel, or India, or Pakistan, but to prevent Iran developing a nuclear industry.

This is why he cancelled the US’s provocative plan to station missiles and radar tracking instruments in Poland and the Czech Republic, menacing Russia, because he wants Russia to support heavy sanctions on Iran to force it to adopt the US line, which will include US inspection and control over Iran’s programme for developing nuclear power for peaceful energy purposes.

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants talks between Iranian and US experts to try to show the world that despite the huge volume of imperialist propaganda there is nothing to fear from Iran having nuclear power, and being able to enrich uranium.

President Medvedev of Russia, now attempting to cozy up to President Obama, said yesterday that ‘Russia’s position is simple: sanctions are seldom productive but they are sometimes inevitable. It is a matter of choice.’

Obama in his speech to the UN sought to blame Iran for the problems that imperialism has created around the world.

He warned that ‘If the governments of Iran and North Korea choose to ignore international standards, if they put the pursuit of nuclear weapons ahead of regional stability and the security and opportunity of their own people. . . then they must be held accountable.

The same speech has not been made to the leaders of Israel, Pakistan and India.

News Line respects Iran’s position that it has no intention of acquiring nuclear weaponry.

However, we consider that if the imperialist powers and their allies like Israel can have nuclear weapons, with the threat that such possession signifies, then Iran, or any other anti-imperialist state, has the right to have such weapons.

The only way that nuclear weaponry can be abolished is through the victory of the world socialist revolution, overthrowing both capitalism and imperialism, the source of modern wars, and creating a new socialist world.