Rats Starting To Quit Sinking Ship!


PRIME MINISTER Brown was yesterday under full scale attack from the bourgeois media. He faced the humiliation of appearing on the Andrew Marr BBC show and having to insist before an audience of millions that he was not either going blind, or going mad, the latter being the result of allegedly taking quantities of mood altering anti-depressant drugs.

The media servants of the ruling class were clearly going for the jugular.

This is after the same Brown has spent the last year rescuing the bankers from self-organised bankruptcy by handing them £1.3 trillion of gifts, loans and guarantees.

The ruling class was once again giving a very valuable lesson to the working class on just how ruthless it is in protecting its interests. The ruling class reckon that Brown has done all that he can, and that because his party is still based on trade unions it will not be able to carry out the savage cuts that must now be imposed to save the pound.

If it is to be able to successfully defend its interests in the days ahead the working class will have to act at least as ruthlessly as the ruling class, or else go under.

However, it is not just to be out with Brown and in with Cameron.

Cameron and Osborne talk a good fight about 20 per cent cuts and making the working class and the middle class pay for the crisis, but if this becomes just a party issue, with the Labour Party opposing, then it will never be done.

It will run into a mass movement about a hundred times stronger than the anti-Poll Tax movement that undid Thatcher.

This is why imposing savage cuts is going to be made into a ‘national issue’, for those who want to serve their country, and do themselves a bit of good at the same time, of course.

One such fellow has just stepped forward to volunteer his services to the nation – Lord Mandelson!

Tory leader Cameron has already observed that there are hardly any political differences between the Tories and the Lib Dems. He will take heart that Mandelson has answered the national call and that a number of other Blairite and Brownite leaders are willing to follow his lead.

From the point of view of the ruling class, the next election is important to establish which party will take the leading role in establishing a national government. Its task will be to dump the whole of the crisis onto the backs of the working class and the middle class.

The Labour cabinet contains many ministers who are thinking the issue over.

They will follow the shameless Peter Mandelson. While Brown was vowing ‘I will not roll over’ he was already up on his hind legs begging for a leading role under the Tories.

He said yesterday that he would be willing to put his ‘experience at the disposal of the country’, if Labour lost power.

He added: ‘As I grow older, I can imagine more ways of serving my country than simply being a party politician.’ He continued: ‘If I was asked to do something for my country . . . of course, I would consider it.’

He is talking about doing the dirty work for the ruling class, in the same way that Ramsay MacDonald did in 1931, but on a much bigger and more devastating scale.

If the Unite leaders had any principles they would immediately bar Mandelson from speaking at their Labour Conference fringe meeting tonight!

The issue is clear. The Labourites are disintegrating and a national government is already being formed.

The trade unions must now act ruthlessly to defend the interests of the working class.

They must take action to bring down the Brown government and bring in a workers government, that will bar the road to a return of the Tories and carry out socialist policies.