No Sell-Out Deal With Eu! Forward To Socialism In The UK And To The Socialist United States Of Europe!


THE government of Boris Johnson has reached decision point over the EU. It is to be made under conditions of a growing and terrible worldwide crisis of capitalism, where even the fittest will not be able to survive.

The EU has made it clear through France’s President Macron, that the UK must lose control of its fishing seas for at least a decade and that any new decisions that the UK government takes must fall in line with EU requirements, otherwise trading will cease, and they will be prosecuted under EU law.

The UK ruling class is being urged to decide that it is too weak to challenge the EU economically and politically and must therefore bend the knee to it and give up its posturing.

Boris Johnson is now considering this prospect.

Macron and his party ‘En Marche’, which was created for him by the French bourgeoisie who had grown tired of democracy, as his personal vehicle to take him to power and then hold it, are determined that France will lead Europe’s capitalists, and that his primary task is to tackle and smash the French working class, before the EU dishes out the same treatment to the UK and other workers.

Macron’s Europe is currently being displayed on the streets of Paris and the major cities where after Macron passed a law making it illegal for anyone to take the pictures of policemen who had been terrorising black and Muslim workers, there are now daily and nightly clashes between tens of thousands of workers and youth and thousands of riot police who are using guns, rubber bullets, water cannon and armoured cars to ‘defend themselves’.

In a situation of capitalist crisis there is no reforming the EU. It has rapidly become under the leadership of the French and German bosses one of the major worldwide defenders of capitalism.

Macron and his policies are however, being opposed by millions of workers and youth, in clashes that are the fiercest since May and June 1968 when France was on the brink of a socialist revolution, and de Gaulle was forced to flee to Germany.

Macron wants French and German capital to run the EU and Europe, with the UK bosses having just a minor share in any profits, but a major share in the losses!

Johnson and the British bourgeoisie now have to make their choice and make their decision, either to become a minor power in the EU, or to defend UK bourgeois sovereignty.

The Labour Party cannot decide which master to serve – the British or EU bosses – and currently stands in the middle gripped by an intense fear about what the near future holds, in particular, what the British working class will do if they and Johnson betray the Brexit referendum result and stab it in the back.

There is no doubt, that the Brexit referendum result was a major victory for the UK workers, who rejected an EU dictatorship and instead voted to retain their independence.

If Johnson gives way to Macron and Co and the Labourites sit on their hands abstaining, both Tory and Labour will pay a huge price.

The working class will defend what it won and will put massive pressure on the trade unions to force them to fight any betrayal with a general strike to bring down Johnson and bring masses of new forces forward to form a workers’ government in the UK.

One of the first actions of such a revolutionary workers’ government will be to join hands with the French workers to form an unbreakable alliance to bring down the European Union, and replace it with the Socialist United States of Europe under which the banks and the major industries will be nationalised and put under workers’ management in a socialist planned economy that would function to satisfy the needs of the people.

The current crisis between the UK bosses and the EU is a matter for the working class to resolve with a massive socialist uprising. Brexit was the workers’ victory. Now they must defend it with a general strike and a socialist revolution.

Only the Workers Revolutionary Party fights for this perspective to unite the working class of Europe to bring down the EU and drive forward the world socialist revolution.

Join the WRP and the YS today to organise the British and European Socialist revolutions. There is not a moment to lose!