May Hits Out At Liberties And Rights While Meyer Calls For An Alliance With Assad


BRITISH Home Secretary May, driven by the desperate home and foreign policy crisis of British imperialism, is lashing out at basic rights in the UK, at the same time as a civil war has broken out in the Tory Party, and spreading into the army leadership, over whether the British ruling class should back Syria’s President Assad, and seek an alliance with President Rouhani of Iran, as Cameron has suggested, against the ISIS movement. This is a movement that has been built up and financed by Saudi Arabia, where chopping off heads and a Caliphate are still the norm.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, May announced that she will take away the passport of any Britsh citizen who wants to go to Syria or Iraq, if the state judges them to be going for terrorist purpsoses.

Those who are relieved of their passports are to be imprisoned in the UK, and deprived of their right to travel.

Those who were allowed to go to both Iraq and Syria in their hundreds face, if and when they return, having their British citizenship removed, if they have dual nationality, and being deported out of the country. If they do have British nationality alone, they will obviously have to be carefully watched – this is why MPs are calling for control measures, a code for internment.

The May measures are however not just intended for terrorists. She declares: ‘I am looking again at the case for new banning orders for extremist groups that fall short of the legal threshold for terrorist proscription, as well as for new civil powers to target extremists who seek to radicalise others.’

This is a very broad remit, well beyond fighting terrorism, unless she counts those who stand for getting rid of capitalism and its ruling classes and going forward to socialism as being terrorists.

The much diminished status of the British ruling class has been confirmed by the news that the FBI is to take charge of security at major British airports and will be able to have its own agents investigating ‘terrorist hot spots’ in the UK.

The UK ruling class is rapidly becoming the agent of a foreign power, in this case the USA!

This is again emphasised by the public row that has broken out over the complete failure of their policy to overthrow President Assad of Syria, and the fact that the youth that they encouraged to go to Syria are now the corps of ISIS and pledging to have the black flag flying over Buckingham Palace.

Some like the Foreign Secretary Hammond are saying that the UK must have nothing to do with Assad, and when asked how can the US and the UK bomb the Islamists in northern Syria if they are liable to be shot down by Syria’s excellent air defences just keep their silence.

Hammond’s supporters say that the lost House of Commons vote on Syria was an absolute disaster, and that Labour supporters and the Labour Party are responsible for voting down Cameron in the House of Commons, preventing the US bombing Syria back into the stone age.

Others, such as the ex-Ambassador to the USA, Christopher Meyer say: ‘We should thank our lucky stars that MPs voted the way that they did’, and write that ‘Our National Interest demands the mother of all U-turns’ and demands that ‘we have to stop working for the overthrow of President Assad and the Alawite ascendency in Damascus’.

It is being said that while the UK ruling class is slashing away at itself over the issue, the US has already decided and opened up its channels to Assad to allow it to bomb ISIS in the north of Syria without being shot down by the excellent anti-aircraft missile defence system that Syria possesses.

The British working class has to look at this crisis of the Tory Party and the British ruling class in the same way as the Irish nationalists looked at the problems of the British empire – that ‘England’s difficulties are Ireland’s opportunity’.

This means that the TUC Congress in Liverpool in a few weeks’ time has got to put an end to the crisis of the Tory Party and the UK ruling class by calling a general strike to bring down the coalition and bring in a workers government and socialism.