Knives Out Inside The Tory Party– Time For The Working Class To Bring Them Down To Go Forward To Socialism!


AS THE Tory party implodes, and the lynch mob search mounts for the author or authors of the ‘Dirty Dossier’ that named 40MPs and outlined their alleged sexual behaviour, Labour stands silent without a single call for the government to resign while the trade unions who have all the necessary strength to bring the government down do nothing at all.

he Tory party is agog with rumours that the ‘dirty dossier’ originated from the Tory whips office, from where the once unknown chief whip Williams has now made a miraculous great leap forward from obscurity to Defence Secretary, and is said to be May’s favourite to succeed her.

Andrea Leadsom, one of the leaders of Brexit, currently the Leader of the House of Commons, whom the ex-Defence Minister Fallon is said to have described as a ‘dud’ who should be sacked has managed to knife Fallon first, with sexual misbehaviour as the weapon of choice. In fact, Chancellor Hammond, if he makes a mess of the November 22nd budget, as he did with the last one, could shortly afterwards find himself out of a job making way for Leadsom.

The self-destruction of the Tory party is, however, only an expression of the fact that, as part of the growing world crisis, British capitalism and imperialism are on the rocks and have an impossible choice to make. It has to either bend the knee to Brussels and Berlin, or to Trump and the USA. Neither of these options can be tolerated by the working class which will fight both fiercely.

British capitalism not only cannot stand on its own, it cannot even navigate the waters to keep afloat. The proof for this is that Cameron and Osborne called the EU Referendum to defeat their right wing, and against all the predictions of their pundits were defeated by a massive movement of millions of workers, who are now being slandered as thick and unintelligent, by the same stupid ‘remainers’.

One would have thought that one major mistake would be enough. No! May, despite the fact that she was unelected as leader, halucinated that she could become Brexit dictator, and stupidly called a snap election, another suicidal step, and not only lost her majority, but condemned the Tory Party to civil war.

Lenin in ‘Left Wing Communism’ predicts that the British ruling class, for all its class consciousness, would make one great mistake that would cook its goose. The Tory Party has now made two, and is now busily destroying itself using the Harvey Weinstein scandal to provide it with their weapon of choice.

Doomed ruling classes all develop this kind of crisis of rule, that accelerates their downfall. This year is the centenary year of the 1917 October Revolution. In 1916, with Russia being destroyed in the great imperialist slaughter, a section of the autocracy led by the Tsarina turned to the mystic monk Rasputin for guidance and affection. He in turn took the female members of the Royal family under his control.

The rest of the autocracy fearing that they were going to be sold out to Germany brought forward Prince Felix Yusupov, the Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich, and the right-wing politician Vladimir Purishkevich who concocted a plan to kill Rasputin on December 30th 1916. He refused to die and had to be poisoned, shot and then drowned.

When push came to shove in October 1917 it proved to be easier for the Bolsheviks to take and hold the power than it was for the autocracy to murder the monk. The unity of the autocracy had been shattered and the Bolsheviks, who were described by the western powers as too weak to take the power took the power, held it and began the world socialist revolution.

Labour has reacted to the death agony of the Tories by doing nothing. The TUC has reacted by offering May a united front to smash Brexit and remain in the EU. There is only one way to react to the massive crisis of the Tory party. This is to mobilise the working class to bring the Tories down and bring in a workers government to nationalise the banks and the major industries, and to immediately break with the EU.